The Delta Wave Is America's Own Fault

Turning COVID into a Monopoly game means we get new variants every time we pass GO

Did I spend too long on this? Yes.

You can't say you weren't told. No one is safe until everyone is safe. A variant anywhere will spread everywhere. Instead of following the WHO, however, Joe Biden went America First. Going even further than Trump, he embargoed basic supplies to the rest of the world, including India. Then variants emerged and spread everywhere, as predicted. And so for years (and likely forever) no one is safe, including Americans. You fucking fools. You were told.

Pandemics happen, but letting it go this far was a choice. The western world chose to play dumb and then play Monopoly with public health. Unlike China, which handled their shit and has been exporting vaccines and technology at the same pace as their own vaccinations, America and the EU completely shat the bed and actively blocked the world from making enough vaccines. They have defended drug company monopolies and so we end up with headlines like this, instead of an end to the pandemic. This is from Reuters:

Reuters. The profits of drug companies would have been enough to vaccinate the world

You know the fun part? The Reuters Chairman is on the board of Pfizer. Reuters and western media are actively spreading anti-vax information about Chinese and Russian vaccines. Western governments enforce patent monopolies and the western media attacks 'competitors', all of which makes the pandemic worse. The pandemic is actually good for the oligarchic elites that have zombified these failed democracies. They've turned a virus into a cash cow.

It didn't have to be this way. It's not just that we were told, we had enough time for action, and the tools to take it. India and South Africa requested patent-free vaccines in October of last year. The US owns many relevant mRNA patents and could use their power as, you know, a government, to set up factories churning this stuff out all over the globe.

According to former CDC Director Tom Friedan, this could have been started with as little as $500 million. Instead, corrupt western governments have created 9 COVID billionaires. This is a rolling crime against humanity, when we should be united against the damn virus.

This is what China did. They completely eliminated their own epidemic (which the west refuses to learn from, because CHINA BAD) and exported not only vaccines but whole-ass factories across the world. And for this they and Russia get nothing but scorn in the western press. The US government actively pressured Brazil to not take Russian vaccines. Their media actively spreads vaccine hestitancy by saying these vaccines are bad. The world has COVID, but these people are sick.

This has all led to predictable results. The American population is too suicidal and obtuse to ever reach herd immunity, and now their selfish vaccination drive has hit a dead end. There are now days where Sri Lanka (population 21 million) vaccinates more people than the US (population 330 million). Delta, which brewed in the world they betrayed and abandoned, is now spreading in America and they cannot vaccinate their way out. Because their population won't take the vaccines they've hoarded.

So now forget COVID-19, we have COVID-Forever, which is what the rich people controlling these countries wanted. They're vaccinated, jetting off to space and building fucking tunnels for their cars, and they can sell booster shots for the rest of our lives. Forget the Delta Wave as well, we're going to run out of Greek alphabet, we're going to run out of Unicode. This shit is here to stay. And it didn't have to be this way. The west chose greed. They chose nationalism. They chose violence.

I'd say it's chickens coming home to roost, but goddamn it, we all live in the world. None of this western avarice stays contained. All the spread they've caused, all the vaccines they've hoarded, all the harm they've done, it all effects global public health. And of course it affects Americans themselves, just ask the nurses who are breaking down under this completely self-inflicted wave.

And all for what? To play Monopoly with public health? So billionaires could get yachts for their yachts? For this billions of people have to suffer and die? We can't do shit about this now because they've already let COVID spread out of control for profit. But innoculate yourself with this.

COVID-19 and even climate change are not just isolated things happening to us. These are choices. They're caused by a sick western hegemony that knows know no creed but greed. If we're going to fight any of these shared human threats, if we're going to survive, we can't just treat the symptoms. We must vaccinate ourselves against the cause. This corrupt western hegemony must be overthrown.

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