How America Is Spreading Anti-Vax Bullshit All Over The World

America is attacking perfectly good Chinese and Russian vaccines, and it's getting people killed

The US government proudly describing how they got Brazil to reject vaccines.

The US has been spreading anti-vax bullshit across the world for months now. While we should be getting shots in arms, they're using COVID to take potshots at their enemies. America (and their media) are well and truly sick.


Before we start, the basic truth about vaccines is that they're better than fucking COVID-19 and get one as soon as you can. This is not a new phone, you don't need to shop around. If a vaccine is safe (WHO approved) and available you should take it as soon as you can.

People shop around based on the efficacy rate (stopping infections), but they're all close to 100% at preventing death. Efficacy rates are really about ending the pandemic, but you need to worry about the pandemic ending you. Get your fucking shots, whatever you can get, whenever you can. A shot in the arm is worth two in the bush.

Anti-China Anti-Vax

This simple message of "take your fucking shots to save your life" has been torpedoed by the wicked west. They've decided to make this pandemic part of Cold War 2 and—like last time—they're happy to make the 'third world' a battleground.

Jealous that their enemies are practicing what they call 'vaccine diplomacy', the west is instead waging biological warfare on civilian populations. They and their media are spreading massive amounts of disinformation, leading to vaccine hesitancy where there was none.

Take this coverage in the New York Times:

If you just read the headlines (which is what most people do) you get the sense that something is wrong with Chinese vaccines, when in fact places with Pfizer have outbreaks, almost every vaccine is under emergency approval, and the Chinese vaccines work fine. They're WHO approved, they've protected millions of people, and we should be encouraging more people to trust and take vaccines in general. Instead we get this selective bullshit. That last NYTimes headline "China Wanted to Show Off Its Vaccines. It's Backfiring" is just an arsonist reporting on their own fire.

Then look at this misleading, bad faith, no good headline:

Holy shit! Chinese vaccines kill! But wait, the volunteer died of suicide (RIP). Completely unrelated to the vaccine. The NYTimes buries this fact in the article while turning the headline into a biological warhead. This all puts bodies in the ground.

And this is more than the NYTimes, which has been manufacturing war-mongering doubt since at least the Iraq War.

Here's a Reuters headline saying that someone in the control group died of COVID-19. The control group is the one that didn't get the vaccine. Now, people will also die that get the vaccine, that is important to understand, but in this case Reuters is just spreading rank disinformation.

The rank is especially stank because Reuters Chairman is on the fucking board of Pfizer, with a direct financial interest in the artificial vaccine scarcity western governments are trying to create. Thus you get this continued twisting of facts:

Holy shit! People are getting vaccinated and dying! But "What Reuters doesn't tell you in its headline is that over 677,000 Thai medical workers have taken Sinovac, meaning that more than 99.9% of them haven't developed COVID- a higher success rate than even US vaccines." (Alan MacLeod).

In this case Reuters is quite cynically taking the known fact that some vaccinated people will die and using it to spread the disinformation that vaccines don't work. Thompson Reuters is sick.

This all comes ultimately from the US government, which makes just noises about the enemy du jour and then all the dogs come wagging. 'Just asking questions' is how the US propaganda machine works, and the beauty is that it's completely outsourced. Journalists really think they're being dogged, when in fact they're just running dogs. The western media doesn't manufacture consent, they manufacture doubt. In this case, doubt about vaccines. In this way they've turned COVID-19 into a biological weapon, pointed at the world.

The Result

This has real costs. I live in Sri Lanka and almost every day I have to explain to someone online or in my own family how these stories are bullshit and please take the vaccines we have available, which are 80% Chinese.

I have to go through this whole fucking article over the phone and it's just a waste of time and, ultimately, lives. I know people that haven't gotten the shots available because they're waiting for the 'good' ones, so now they're just walking around vulnerable. These are ordinary people, subject to billions of dollars in western anti-vax propaganda, and it's getting them killed.

This is just so wildly unnecessary. Besides not helping, America is actively hurting the world. And for what? To make your enemies look bad... for actually helping? You want us to die for this?

When we should have united as human beings to fight a virus, the corrupt American government sold us out for monopoly money. When we should have put down human conflicts to fight a virus, America turned COVID into a weapon of war. Now after spreading vaccine hesitancy across the world, they have the nerve to complain about anti-vaxxers in their own population. As any old farm boy could tell you, it's not that complicated. It's chickens coming home to roost.

Note that this article is shamelessly cribbed from Alan MacLeod's piece in MintPress and you should read that as well.