How America Is Spreading Anti-Vax Bullshit All Over The World

America is attacking perfectly good Chinese and Russian vaccines, and it's getting people killed

The US government proudly describing how they got Brazil to reject vaccines.

The US has been spreading anti-vax bullshit across the world for months now. While we should be getting shots in arms, they're using COVID to take potshots at their enemies. America (and their media) are well and truly sick.


Before we start, the basic truth about vaccines is that they're better than fucking COVID-19 and get one as soon as you can. This is not a new phone, you don't need to shop around. If a vaccine is safe (WHO approved) and available you should take it as soon as you can.

People shop around based on the efficacy rate (stopping infections), but they're all close to 100% at preventing death. Efficacy rates are really about ending the pandemic, but you need to worry about the pandemic ending you. Get your fucking shots, whatever you can get, whenever you can. A shot in the arm is worth two in the bush.

Anti-China Anti-Vax

This simple message of "take your fucking shots to save your life" has been torpedoed by the wicked west. They've decided to make this pandemic part of Cold War 2 and—like last time—they're happy to make the 'third world' a battleground.

Jealous that their enemies are practicing what they call 'vaccine diplomacy', the west is instead waging biological warfare on civilian populations. They and their media are spreading massive amounts of disinformation, leading to vaccine hesitancy where there was none.

Take this coverage in the New York Times: