How America Is Using COVID To Attack Its Enemies

America is blocking vaccines and embargoing basic supplies during a pandemic. It's a health crime against humanity.

Slim Pickens (from Dr. Strangelove) sitting on a bomb that says COVID-19
Modified image of Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove

America has made COVID-19 a biological weapon in their Cold War 2. They are spreading doubt about Chinese and Russian vaccines and actively embargoing supplies to their enemies and the world. During a pandemic. These bastards have weaponized COVID-19.



American sanctions have stopped Venezuela from getting COVAX vaccines. The country could easily lift sanctions at least during a pandemic, but they just haven't. The financial strictures are what really hurts. You used to need armies and siege weapons. Now you just need bankers and computer terminals. It's the same result.

America has been blocking Venezuela from accessing vaccines for months. The cash-strapped country has already paid, but the payments are being blocked. They've tried to negotiate to use frozen funds to pay, but American hearts remain frozen. Americans are killing Venezuelans with paperwork just as much as if they were catapulting infected corpses over the walls. Each day's delay kills people as effectively as a dozen bombs and it's happening every day.

America's siege warfare is a battle without honor or humanity. A battle without even a point. American sieges don't overthrow brutal regimes, they are a brutal regime. Perhaps the only point is to show other countries what happens if you get out of imperial line. The empire will keep your children from getting medicine on a good day, and on a bad day they'll happily let your elders die. And they'll do this for generations. Just look at Cuba, besieged for nearly 60 years now. If you defy America once, they'll make sure your great-grandchildren don't get medicine.


Cuba has been under pointless American sanctions for generations. Cuba has been able to develop an entire medical industry around sanctions, but it's all so unnecessary. Especially during a pandemic.

Right now America is stopping Cuban people from accessing ventilators, reagents, protective equipment, they're even stopping other countries from helping. It's horrific. Like all of this, it's a health crime against humanity.

Raúl Rodríguez, Ethics and International Affairs

The American state literally says it's 'not in the foreign policy interest of the United States' for Cuban people to get food, medicine, and hygiene supplies during a fucking pandemic. The converse, of course, is America's actual foreign policy. Killing its enemies with COVID-19. Killing civilian populations with COVID-19. This is what these bloodless sanctions mean. There will be blood.

American policy is to continue to besiege its enemies during COVID-19. It's not just Cuba. It's anyone that ever defied them. No one else can even intervene, they'll get sanctioned themselves. The empire makes an example of millions of civilians. It wants us to learn what happens to those that defy. Like Iran.


Tweet by US Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu, which he has apologized for, but which is still American policy, and still killing people, so fuck his apology.

This is not a Republican thing or a Democratic thing. American brutality is bipartisan. Above is Democratic Congressmen again stating the US policy of not vaccine diplomacy but vaccine war. Withholding vaccines as a biological weapon, as part of their siege warfare. He's saying that America should help allies first (it's not even doing that). The unspoken corollary, of course, is that its enemies get helped never. American siege warfare ensures that.

American sanctions on Iran have the explicit purpose of collapsing their economy which as you can imagine is normally bad. It's just murder during a pandemic. The Iranian economy contains a health sector which has been maliciously deprived and  starved since 1979. While some medical items are technically exempt, Iran's disconnection from the banking sector everything technically impossible. Iranian healthcare was fucked on a good day, and on this very bad day America just tightened the screws.

Iran, sanctions, and the COVID-19 crisis, Amir Abdoli

As you can see, Iran cannot get PCR machines to find COVID. It cannot get medical equipment to treat the sick. Then they get people like Ted Lieu saying they shouldn't get vaccines. And they don't. Everything is a struggle, and this is by design. America wants Iran to collapse. They want Iranian people to die. COVID-19 evokes no mercy. Americans actually see this as an opportunity to kill more.

Forget fighting COVID-19. America is using COVID-19 to attack human beings. And it's not just the defiant. America is killing everyone. They're using scarcity to attack their enemies, but the monopolies they enforce kill us all. And, like with sanctions, they attack anyone that tries to help.


America makes a big show of how much they donated to COVAX, but COVAX has collapsed. America (under Biden) embargoed basic supplies to everyone, helping lead to the collapse of production in India (Modi's own malcompetence also helped). COVAX no longer effectively exists and was only going to vaccinate up to 20% anyways. Instead, the global majority is largely depending on Russian and Chinese vaccines. These people are actually trying to help. So what does America do? Not content to not help, they must actively harm.

Through its State Department and it's dumb jingoistic media, Americans are spreading the lie that Russian and Chinese vaccines are dodgy and dangerous. This leads to vaccine hesitancy across the world, getting people quite directly killed. In the most perverse example, the US DHSS (like their Ministry Of Health) bragged about preventing Brazil from taking Russian vaccines.

via Dr. Ravi Rannan-Ella

Their government produces reports about 'combatting malign influences in the Americas', and the malign influence isn't COVID-19. It's the people giving vaccines. This is truly appalling. As I've said, these people cannot unite against a virus. They do not deserve to be called human beings.

America used their strength to, and I quote, "dissuade countries in the region from accepting aid from these ill-intentioned states." What is this even? Who cares about intentions when we have observable actions? Some countries are sharing vaccines while America is telling people to salute the empire and die.

Now, much later, America has started dumping expiring vaccines on the world, and they suddenly want praise. They've allocated 7 million doses for all of Asia (excluding enemies of course) and have made pledges for hundreds of millions years later. That's not what the world needs. It needs everyone to work together to produce 11 billion doses, starting now. Instead we get pathetic, self-serving propaganda like this. Here's America bragging about (and getting roundly ratioed for) giving 80 vials of vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago.

US Embassy getting globally ratioed

This is of course monstrous. There's nearly 1.4 million people in Trinidad and Tobago. China has given 100,000 doses, India 40,000, St. Vincent has given 16,000. And America is bragging about 80 vials, enough for a few hundred people. It's a sick joke. It's a killing joke. Our bodies are just a Cold War 2 battleground to them. They want us to loyally choke to death knowing that at least we didn't get vaccinated by the 'bad guys'.

I live in Sri Lanka and I have had to patiently explain to multiple people why Chinese vaccines are good and please take whatever vaccine is available. It's exhausting and we shouldn't be doing this. We should be working together as damn human beings, against a virus. During the last Cold War America worked with the USSR on vaccination programs. Now they've completely lost their minds, or more specifically, their souls.

An Aside On Why It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

It doesn't have to be this way. Indeed, historically it hasn't been this way. As Michael Bennett writes in his book on smallpox, while Europeans were at hot war with each other and imperially raping the world, they still made expections for vaccinations. They had that level of humanity.

War Against Smallpox: Edward Jenner and the Global Spread of Vaccination, Michael Bennett

Bennett describes a world at actual stabbing war, but they could at least united against a shared threat. The principle established by scientists like Edward Jenner, running between French and British lines, was that "the sciences are never at war." Napolean was killing Englishmen at a rate, but he had a serious soft spot for Jenner. As Bennett wrote, "In June 1805, he responded to the English doctor’s request to release two Englishmen interned in France with the exclamation, ‘Jenner! Ah, we can refuse nothing to that man’"

This isn't ancient history. Even during the last Cold War, America and the USSR collaborated to fight a shared human threat.

“Vaccine Diplomacy”: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions, Peter J. Hotez, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

As you can see, these enemies had nuclear weapons pointed at each other, but they did not try to weaponize smallpox.. They worked together on that because, as Sting sang, "It'd be such an ignorant thing to do, If the Russians love their children too."

And yet Americans are doing this terribly ignorant thing. I suppose we should have known for decades, as they have continued to let their children get gunned down in school. Americans, collectively, do not love their children. Of course they've abandoned the common human defence against disease.

I have said this before and I do not say it lightly. Americans do not deserve to be called human beings. If you can't unite against a virus, what are you? America is just a stock market with bombs. They're barbaric bureaucrats, besieging civilian populations from a thousand miles a way.

They are using COVID-19 as part of their sanctions regime to attack civilian populations. They are spreading vaccine hesitancy and hatred across the world. And it's getting people killed, as real as any biological warfare. They are the empire and there's little we can do about it now, but remember this. This is an evil empire and we must overthrow it. We are the global majority and we cannot except their siege hegemony over the world. It's not just poor saps like Iran or Cuba, as you can see this affects us all. Do not listen to their bullshit PR and never forgive them for this. Never forget.

America has turned a pandemic into a biological weapon and unleashed it on civilian populations. This is a war crime, a health crime, and a literal crime against humanity. We may be the ones getting COVID-19, but America is truly sick in the head.

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