How America Is Using COVID To Attack Its Enemies

America is blocking vaccines and embargoing basic supplies during a pandemic. It's a health crime against humanity.

Slim Pickens (from Dr. Strangelove) sitting on a bomb that says COVID-19
Modified image of Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove

America has made COVID-19 a biological weapon in their Cold War 2. They are spreading doubt about Chinese and Russian vaccines and actively embargoing supplies to their enemies and the world. During a pandemic. These bastards have weaponized COVID-19.



American sanctions have stopped Venezuela from getting COVAX vaccines. The country could easily lift sanctions at least during a pandemic, but they just haven't. The financial strictures are what really hurts. You used to need armies and siege weapons. Now you just need bankers and computer terminals. It's the same result.

America has been blocking Venezuela from accessing vaccines for months. The cash-strapped country has already paid, but the payments are being blocked. They've tried to negotiate to use frozen funds to pay, but American hearts remain frozen. Americans are killing Venezuelans with paperwork just as much as if they were catapulting infected corpses over the walls. Each day's delay kills people as effectively as a dozen bombs and it's happening every day.

America's siege warfare is a battle without honor or humanity. A battle without even a point. American sieges don't overthrow brutal regimes, they are a brutal regime. Perhaps the only point is to show other countries what happens if you get out of imperial line. The empire will keep your children from getting medicine on a good day, and on a bad day they'll happily let your elders die. And they'll do this for generations. Just look at Cuba, besieged for nearly 60 years now. If you defy America once, they'll make sure your great-grandchildren don't get medicine.


Cuba has been under pointless American sanctions for generations. Cuba has been able to develop an entire medical industry around sanctions, but it's all so unnecessary. Especially during a pandemic.

Right now America is stopping Cuban people from accessing ventilators, reagents, protective equipment, they're even stopping other countries from helping. It's horrific. Like all of this, it's a health crime against humanity.

Raúl Rodríguez, Ethics and International Affairs

The American state literally says it's 'not in the foreign policy interest of the United States' for Cuban people to get food, medicine, and hygiene supplies during a fucking pandemic. The converse, of course, is America's actual foreign policy. Killing its enemies with COVID-19. Killing civilian populations with COVID-19. This is what these bloodless sanctions mean. There will be blood.