Western COVID Donations Are Bullshit. We Need Justice

The cynical whitewashing of western COVID 'aid'

Western kleptocracies are making a big show of 'donating' expiring vaccines while blocking global production. It's a killing show. Where I live, in Sri Lanka, the Ambassador bombards us with photos of pallets coming off planes, but none of them are vaccines. The US has allocated just 7 million leftovers for all of Asia (billions of people, excluding their enemies). They are still 'negotiating' lifting patents instead of just doing it. The EU is not even negotiating, they're telling us to go fuck ourselves.

As Andrew Stroelhein of Human Rights Watch said:

Donating millions of doses maybe makes a nice headline, but it hides the real problem: the artificial scarcity of vaccine doses created in part by the EU's blocking of wider vaccine production globally.

The western imperial powers are making pledges, but not actually doing anything now, besides dumping leftovers. They say they'll give away hundreds of millions of vaccines over the next few years, while preventing the technology and IP sharing that would let us start helping ourselves now. We simply can't donate our way out of this. We need justice. We cannot have monopolies during a pandemic, yet this is what they resolutely defend. It really is profit over people. They're making billionaires while infecting billions, and getting millions of people killed.

Let's be clear, if the western countries gave a shit they could be deploying technology and actually sharing like Russia and China are. They just don't give a shit. mRNA vaccines are effectively whites only and they like it that way. The lie they tell is that this tech is too 'complicated' to share, but that's just racism. Yes, we dum darkies can figure out technology. The truth is that mRNA technology is cheaper, faster, and better than existing vaccine technology and production can be deployed across the world. Former Director of the CDC Dr. Tom Frieden has detailed how this can be started with just $500 million.

This is all within the US governments power, they're just making a choice to not do it. The US holds relevant patents and being a government, should have the power over coroporations. But the US is sadly an oligarchy, their democracy is just a TV show. The people making decisions literally own drug company stock and take donations and jobs from them. From Biden to Blinken to most of the Congress, they are irredeemably corrupt.

Instead of deploying vaccine technology worldwide to end a pandemic that is, by definition, global, they are protecting monopolies. They are bought by the drug companies (among other companies) and are preventing generics being made at the WTO. Yes, the US is still doing this, public pledges aside. These pledges are all bullshit, every negotiation is a killing delay, and all of their 'text-based negotiations' cost lives.

China has vastly increased production since this chart was made in March 2021. The EU exports are mainly to rich countries. Only China, India, Russia, and South Korea have been doing what they were supposed to be doing, which was vaccinate not just themselves but the world.

People caught in capitalist realism think that this is the only possible reality, but it just isn't. China, India, Russia, and South Korea did the WHO recommended thing of helping vaccinate the world at great sacrifice to themselves. India, however, completely collapsed, stopped exports and now COVAX—the lifeline for the global majority—is dead. This was the fig leaf that western nations were using to cover their naked greed with 'donations' and now even that has fallen off. As the WHO's Dr. Tedros said months ago, they have been giving money while subverting the whole project through hoarding and embargoes. The money has never been the problem. Western greed is.

We need 11 billion vaccines. Here is a visualization showing Belgium pledge of 4 million or even the US pledges of 100s of millions compared. This problem cannot be solved with 'donations', we need to increase production all over the world. We do not need donations. We demand justice.

Without COVAX, the global majority cannot even vaccinate 20% of our populations this year, not even first responders and the vulnerable. The western nations have hoarded up to 20X the doses they need, throwing trickle-down donations to the world. It's a health crime against humanity and they want praise for this. They want us to clap when they give a few expiring doses away. Meanwhile they want us to hate China and Russia, who are actually doing something.

Here's the United States officially bragging about pressuring Brazilians to not take Russian vaccines. They're crowing about getting people killed as some victory in their new cold war. You can't make these up. We may be getting sick, but these are sick people:

Report from the US DHSS, via

America's great enemy, the country we're supposed to blame for everything, is not the global majority's only friend. Only China is able to produce enough supply, making them the main supply for Africa and the global majority. And for this they get nothing but propaganda and shit from the corrupt west. Living in the global majority, it's absolutely galling.

With COVAX dead, China has stepped in to supply Africa

Here in Sri Lanka, China has donated over a million vaccines and is selling more. Americans send us pallets full of empty propaganda while China is sends actual vaccines and even sets up factories. It's night and day. It's good and evil. Forget all the ills of China as a government, they are at least not inhuman. And that's what the western empires are. The US, UK, EU, Australia and their rich lackeys like Japam. These people serve only money. They barely deserve to be called human beings.

Joe Biden has adroitly managed to sidestep much of this rage through pledges and donations, but my message here is don't let him. You might hear positive news but we still don't have anything in our arms, nor are we allowed to lift them to produce for ourselves. We need vastly increased vaccine production now, not pledges of blood money in the future. These pledges are in fact killing us by deadening the necessary rage.

The fact is that we we were mostly infected through western countries. They produced the mass infections and much of the variants that are killing us now. And now they vaccinate themselves, go out to dinner, and talk happily about how the pandemic is over. But it's not over for us.

And the most sick thing is that many people seem to like it that way. Many rich people liked the disaster porn of people dying in India, that returned the world to way it's supposed to be. After the global embarassment of last year, poor people are dying, like we're supposed to. Now the rich can pat themselves on the back for their 'donations,' all while blocking the justice the world needs.

We will get out of this, with the help of countries like China and Russia that enable us to help ourselves. But we must never forget. The only vaccination we're getting from the west right now is against their bullshit.

Never trust these monsters again. We will have to fight our way out of this pandemic against them, but let this be a precious lesson learned. They killed us with COVID-19 and they'll finish the job with climate change 'pledges' unless we wise up. We must attack and dethrone the western empire to survive. This innoculation of truth is our only hope.