How The Drug Mafia Is Killing Us This Pandemic

Imagine this movie. The mob hijacks governments and uses them to profiteer from a pandemic. They try to take over military bases in South America and propose biological warfare against China and Russia. They kill hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and gloat about the pandemic becoming permanent, because it makes them money. Now understand that this is not a movie. This is real life. It's getting real people killed.

You cannot understand this insanity through the lense of politics or economics. You need to understand mafianomics. Let me break it down.

1. The Corruption

What separates a street dealer from a don is who you pay off. Every good gangster has some politicians and officials in their pocket. The drug mafia has them all. Everyone across the ruling elite takes money from these guys. They own drug company stocks, they consult for them, they sit on their boards when they retire. It's a revolving door, and palms are greased all the way.

Americans really think corruption is just Africans and Russians, but the United States has just legalized corruption. The US and UK are the most corrupt places on Earth.

Just look at the Biden administration.

These people all get much more money from drug companies than from taxpayers lol

We seriously expect these guys to regulate the drug companies? They're going to regulate their own retirements down? They get paid more by the drug companies than the US taxpayer will ever pay them, and they're paid to loot. The whole crew is corrupt.

The fish rots from the head. Just look at the rotten results.

2. The Profiteering

In The Sopranos, the New Jersey mafia takes over a sporting goods store. They start buying shit on the company's credit and selling it on the street for pure profit. A cooler for $3, who gives a fuck, we got it for free anyways. This is what has happened to western governments and all of their public funding and research. The American taxpayer funds a vaccine, and the mob takes all the profit.

It's called a bust-out.

The bust-out

All of these vaccines are publically funded and depend on decades of public research. Many of the vital patents belong to the US government. You couldn't tell though. Looks like the companies own the government.

Technically, the US government has all the power in the world. They could deploy mRNA across the world starting with just $500 million. But the US government is just a front. The whole place is run by the mob. Just look at the contracts. You can see who really holds the strings.

Stat News

Why on Earth is the US government accepting this humiliating contract? You're telling me the side with an army and a navy can't renegotiate? The system is so corrupt that it cannot stand up for itself, cannot stand up for its own people, never mind the world. It's an empty shell, being bust out by the drug mafia (among others).

The protection racket

Like any street dealer, what the drug mafia wants is monopolies. They want to control territory, and they don't want any pesky competitors coming in from outside. That's why these lobotomized governments are blocking patent-free vaccines at the WTO. Generics would end the pandemic faster and even benefit Americans, but it won't make profits for the mob. Remember, you've got to think mafianomics, not economics.

So they shut it down.

The rich/white countries in the pocket of the mob have repeatedly shot down patent-free vaccines. It's something most of the world wants, because it's a fucking pandemic, but these dudes are like 'no'. The mafianomic policy is the same as in Goodfellas. "Fuck you, pay me." This is literally western policy towards the world. More specifically, fuck you, pay my donors. Pay the mob.

The intimidation

With the political backing and the money secure, the drug mafia has felt free to shake down the world. Pfizer literally proposed to take over military bases and central banks in South America. It sounds crazy, but it's true. They're making offers people can't refuse.

Stat News

Seriously, if anyone in South America sues over anything, Pfizer will occupy your fucking country. This sounds completely unbelievable, but here we are. We got drug companies threatening to take over embassies.

These companies are also trying to block mRNA technology transfer because the scary Russians and Chinese might get it. What would they do with it? Save lives. This is an actual pitch from them:


This is depravity on a historic scale. Even when England and France were at war in the 1800s, they shared smallpox vaccines. The US and USSR worked together to eradicate smallpox at the height of the Cold War. Withholding medicine at a time like this is an act of biological warfare, and they're pitching it as a plus.

Then they get on calls, and talk about an unending pandemic being an opportunity. Because to them it is. As long as this thing keeps mutating, they can make junkies out of us all. Here's the Pfizer CFO saying the quiet part out loud:

"We think as this shifts from pandemic to endemic, we think there's an opportunity here for us."

This is mafianomics on a terrifying global scale. Like any mob movie, it's getting people killed.

3. The Death

India was the first to get whacked. Despite their shitty government, they were supplying vaccine to most of the world, and now they're fucked. Why was the world depending so much on India? Because the west is controlled by the mob, and China and Russia simply don't have enough muscle. The world was depending on India, and the whole time America was embargoing basic supplies. They were sitting on tens of millions of unused doses, and still stopping the world from making more for themselves.

Now India has fallen, COVAX deliveries have largely stopped, and bodies are starting to fall all over the Global South. And this isn't because of Trump. It was Biden who embargoed basic vaccine supplies. Biden has blocked patent free vaccines. Biden is the one killing the world. It doesn't even make sense for America, but that's mafianomics for you. Forget following common sense, just follow the money.

The drug dealers are in charge, the politicians are paid off, and no one gives a fuck. This ain't a mob movie, it's mob rule. This is how the drug mafia is corrupting governments, commandeering profits, and killing the world.


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