Western Nations Are The Most Corrupt Places In The World

Speaking fees, lobbying, ‘donations’ — it’s all just corruption

You get the bag and fumble it I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (yeah) Straight out the lot, 300 cash (cash) And the car came with a blunt in it (yeah)

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is corrupt. She’s taken millions of dollars in ‘speaking fees’ from the financial industry. The United Kingdom is corrupt. It maintains a network of colonial islands used for money laundry. The EU is corrupt. It allows multiple tax ‘havens’ where member states lose up to 26% of their tax revenue.

These countries, however, do not call themselves corrupt. Corruption is for colored people, and organizations like Transparency International make racist “perception” maps to tell us so. Have a look. This map shows TI’s corruption perception index (ie, how corrupt elites think a place is).

Congratulations, dicks, you made map of racism. Africa very scary. Black people very corrupt. Now let’s actually follow the money. Look at where all the tax havens are, and where the money flows out of:

Showing tax havens (green) and where the money is flowing out of (red). MissingProfits.world

This is an almost opposite map, besides the ‘no data’. If you follow the money, vast flows are going into Europe and their colonial tax havens. Coincidentally, the same people doing the corruption are funding Transparency International.

The US arm of Transparency International, their big donors, which is $50,000 or more, are Deloitte, Bechtel, Exxon Mobil, Google, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouseCooper. Other big donors include Raytheon, PepsiCo, CityGroup, Lockheed Martin, presumably Lockheed and Raytheon are not corrupt, they’re just building missiles. (Citations Needed Podcast)

That is to say, the people doing the most corruption fund an organization to call the least corrupt black and brown people corrupt. The US arm was so corrupt that TI disavowed it, but the western world still remains opaque to them. They focus on nickel-and-dime stuff in the third world, missing the source of all the west. Meanwhile this corruption has very real consequences.

“Speaking fee” is just the white word for bribe.

The Consequences Of Corruption

Pfizer, Moderna and other drug companies get government funding to develop drugs, then sell them back to the same governments, then get the governments to block patent-free applications at the WTO. The US, EU, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Japan, and Australia are currently blocking patent-free vaccines during a pandemic. A true crime against humanity, enabled because they are so deeply corrupt.

Places like Lockheed and Raytheon are arms dealers that profit from the endless, pointless, losing wars waged by Europe and the US. Lloyd Austin is stepping off the board of Raytheon to become Defense Secretary, where he pledges to recuse himself from deciding on his company for one year, after which he will presumably have forgotten about ALL THE MONIES. With Biden picks like him and Yellen, the corruption is so huge and blatant that they don’t even hide it. It disappears in disclosure.

And yet what else do you call this? The west has institutionalized corruption into its very DNA. It has legislated it, they publish it, they’re almost proud. Officials get obscene speaking fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, will history call this anything other than bribes? These officials turn around and make decisions to give government money and bailouts to these same companies, and then carry water for them at places like the WTO.

It’s not that the western system is corrupted. The whole system is corrupt. It has been since colonialism, it is with capitalism, it’s smoking the whole world with climate change. Western politicians literally advertise their corruption, where do you think the billions of dollars for political advertising comes from? Every ad you see is a bribe. The whole system is pay-to-play. Microsoft President Brad Smith explained quite candidly how it works:

“I can tell you it plays an important role. Not because the checks are big, but because the way the political process works. Politicians in the United States have events, they have weekend retreats, you have to write a check and then you’re invited and participate. So if you work in the government affairs team in the United States, you spend your weekends going to these events; you spend your evenings going to these dinners, and the reason you go is because the PAC writes a check.
“But out of that ongoing effort a relationship evolves and emerges and solidifies, and I can tell you as somebody who sometimes is picking up the phone, I’m sometimes calling members and asking for their help on green cards, or on visa issues, or help to get an employee or family member who is outside the United States during Covid back into the country because of an immigration restriction.
“Or the issues around national security, or privacy, or procurement reform. Or the tax issues that our finance team manages. And I can tell you, there are times when I call people who I don’t personally know, and somebody will say ‘you know, your folks have always shown up for me at my events. And we have a good relationship. Let me see what I can do to help you.’”

Paying money to build relationships? What is this if not corruption? Can citizens do the same thing. Only if they’re Citizens United. Then these same companies turn around and fund Transparency International, to turn around and tell colored people that they’re corrupt. But what we’re doing is honestly petty theft. Western corruption is the crime of centuries.

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