How The West Infected The World And Is Hoarding Vaccine

They must be held responsible for COVID-19

America has China’s entire epidemic every 12 hours. Most of the world was infected through Europe, not China. These same people cried to blame China, but when will they blame themselves? I do. You know who we should hold responsible for COVID-19? These irresponsible white people.

Worst of all, rich countries like the US, EU, and Canada are BLOCKING patent-free vaccines and buying up all the supplies. You know who’s responsible for this pandemic continuing? These greedy rich people.

It is appalling. The West (and Japan) are incompetent, selfish, and cruel and they must be held accountable. These are bad countries and bad people. They infected the world and are preventing a global cure. For shame.

They infected us

One measure of how the virus has spread is through tracking its genetic strains, or clades. The virus mutates as it goes, and that lets you roughly track where it has been. It’s not like the virus stamps its passport, but you can generally track its trip through time. So who infected the world?

Look for yourself:

As the virus spread, the blue (Wuhan) strain rapidly mutated. The other colors all mutated outside of China. The pandemic really exploded out of Europe, where its spread was long uncontrolled, and where old biases kept our borders open to these reputedly responsible white people.

People say that China should have stopped this, but they did stop it. China has no COVID now. The Wuhan strain is almost gone. They’re exporting help and prioritizing us for vaccines. Europe never stopped it at all. They’re still generating infections now. White people infected us and expect us to blame China. But just look at the strains. It wasn’t China that infected everyone.

Here’s another look at the same information:


As you can see, the Wuhan strain is gone, as is the Chinese epidemic. It was the western strains that have infected the world. They have coughed in our faces, and are now giving us the finger with hoarded vaccines.

The countries blocking a patent-free vaccine at the WTO. Notice any similarities?

They are hoarding

The WHO has clearly said that the global public health interest is for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments to be a global public good. They have set up COVAX to try and accomplish this. The incompetent western countries, however, have circumvented COVAX and bought up billions more doses of vaccine than they even need. It’s just greed.

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Worst of all, when India and South Africa proposed making COVID treatments patent-free to stop this pandemic, the effort was shut down by rich countries like the EU and USA. Look at all these selfish, monstrous countries and remember them when they try to take credit for anything humanitarian: the European Union, United States of America, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil. Ring the bell for all these ratched countries. For shame.

Aid and development is a lie. When we actually need help they deny it.

These nations are all putting profits before people. They are running a shell game where they funnel their own taxpayer money to private companies, and the rest of us can go to hell. Because we’re not profitable.

Also look at these nations themselves. They don’t even care about their own people. It’s all a grift. Besides Australia and Japan, none of them have controlled their epidemics at all. They have spewed infection across themselves, across the globe, and are now trying to make money from it. These countries should never be allowed to lecture us about development or international cooperation again. They’re just greedy, incompetent assholes.

The countries getting vaccine basically fucking never

If I sound angry

If I sound angry it’s because I am. My country, Sri Lanka, was primarily infected through Italy and Europe and because of their actions we won’t see widespread vaccination for years. Meanwhile I have to read their news about medical miracles and blaming China and it’s just nauseating. China actually helped us; they’re our only real hope for a vaccine. White people care about us as much now as they did when the colonized us. They don’t care about us. They just lie.

This is who they are. These same countries colonized us through private companies, and now they will let us die of disease to enrich private companies again. This is who they are and who they’ve always been. They are doing the same thing to us with climate change, giving us distant targets while our seas rise and rains shift right now. All for their endless greed.

They have been blowing smoke up our asses about how good they are and how we need to ‘develop’ like them, but COVID has blown that all away. This is who they are. Too incompetent to run basic test-and-trace like even poor countries, and too greedy to take any responsibility. All they spread is disinformation and disease, and now they want credit for a ‘cure’.

The only thing the West has cured me of is my mental colonization. I can see them for who they are. Not better than us in the third world, just more successfully evil. We can see it now. We should not forget.

We at least have a chance because China and Russia are making vaccines and committing them to the world. But the rich, ‘developed’ countries that act like our friends and defenders are nowhere to be found. Remember this. Innoculate yourself against the bullshit.

The virus plaguing us is capitalism and white supremacy. The symptoms are colonialism, coronavirus and terminal climate change. That is where their greed takes us. That is who they are, these self proclaimed leaders of the free world. We must throw off their leadership, first and foremost from our minds.

White people laundered their reputation from colonialism, but don’t let them do it for COVID-19. Otherwise they’ll just finish the job with climate change. The West has showed them who they are, time and time again. Look at them now. They made us sick and they’re trying to profit from the cure. This is who they are. Believe them.