America Is Embargoing Supplies While India Burns

Mass cremations in India, as the world's main vaccine producer collapses

America is hoarding over 100 million unused vaccine doses, has exported nothing, and is embargoing basic supplies. This isn't Trump policy, this is Biden. This is you America, this is you. During the world's time of need, where were Americans? Shots in both arms, middle fingers up to the world.

1. The Global Embargo

During a global pandemic America has embargoed basic medical supplies. I simply cannot understand the wanton inhumanity of this, it really is a crime against humanity. Other countries with far less than America are not doing this. They're uniting against the virus. America, on the other hand, is waging biological warfare against the world.

India has their own shitty government, but even they have not been this completely inhuman. India has been exporting vaccine, supplying much of COVAX. Now, however, their production lines are about to shut down because of the American blockade. Biden has invoked the wartime Defense Production Act to control (effectively forbid) the export of vaccine-making supplies.

India’s coronavirus vaccine production lines, which manufacture at least 16 crore doses a month, will halt within weeks if the United States does not provide 37 crucial items, according to The Economist. (via

India has now blocked exports because the Serum Institute cannot even produce enough for local demand. Their CEO Adar Poonwalla has taken to Twitter to beg the US President for basic embargo relief. Because people are fucking dying.

When asked about it at a press conference, people like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Slavitt just said they didn't know. But we do know. America has embargoed the world. Ich bin ein Iranian. We're all under siege.

2. The Horrendous Hoarding

Forget the logic of uniting as human beings. The WHO has clearly said that the world needs to fight this pandemic globally for everyone's safety (ie, not nation by nation), but just forget that for a minute. America doesn't even need the supplies. The country is sitting on over 100 million unused doses. There are more doses in one warehouse in Ohio than have been adminstered across the entire continent of Africa. Can you underestand the hideous scale of hoarding here?

Many people in the US government directly involved with vaccine policy own shares or have worked for the pharmaceutical companies they should be regulating, in the public interest. Joe Biden himself has taken hundreds of thousand dollars in donations (white word for bribes). The Pfizer CFO has said that he sees COVID becoming endemic, and that they see 'significant opportunity' in this. Instead of quickly working to end the pandemic, the Biden administration is conspiring to profiteer.

And Americans are happy. They don't have an embarassing idiot in the White House, they have shots in their arms. They should really be ashamed, and globally despised.

3. The Not Helping

These have all been ways that the US is actively hurting the world. We have never gotten into their absolute failure to help. The US has the power to push mRNA production across the globe. Instead, they're using it to block global patent sharing at the WTO. The US has the power to share vaccines it will never use, but instead their government is again controlled by corporations.  

Right now, as people in Delhi die in hospital hallways, America will not even lift its embargo. Forget sending oxygen, America won't even get off India's neck.

America's actions this pandemic have just been unchecked, unending evil. Trump got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed, and Biden is killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The killing just doesn't end. The corruption doesn't stop. America's mask is off and this is who they are.

Government by the corporation, for the corporation, letting people perish from the earth. We were perhaps fools to expect better from them, but we are absolutely dumb if we let this slide. Never forget. When the world needed shared humanity, America worried about their share prices. When we needed vaccines, they hoarded. When we made our own, they embargoed supplies. They'll come back later and talk about unity and human rights and shit, but don't believe them. Americans have showed us who they are this pandemic. Believe that.