It’s Been A Year. White People Can’t Blame China Anymore

You dumbasses own this pandemic now

Via the book Yellow Peril

White nations are still blaming China for COVID-19, a whole-ass year later. But China no longer has COVID-19. They beat it, while the western outbreak is only getting worse. At what point will Europe and the US take responsibility for their own pandemic response?

Spoiler Alert: Never, but I’ll go on.

Why didn’t China warn the world earlier?

People say ‘China lied, people died’, a Trumpian inanity dutifully laundered through the Op-Eds. It’s not just white people, I hear it in Sri Lanka as well. All the organs of white power are tooting, most of them unconsciously. China Bad. China Bad. Facts Be Damned.

It’s nonsense.

Just look at numbers. Look at dates. Look at reality.

China did tell us

31 Dec 2019  -  Wuhan reports viral pneumonia
02 Jan 2020  -  WHO alerts Global Outbreak Alert
10 Jan       -  WHO releases comprehensive guidance
11 Jan       -  China shares genome
                First death reported
13 Jan       -  Moderna vaccine developed
23 Jan       -  Wuhan locked down
WHO Timeline

Forget all the press releases and tweets, on January 23rd the entire world saw the city of Wuhan shut down. Was there denial in December? Absolutely, but again look around the world. We all denied this at first. The Wuhan shutdown was incontrovertible. You could see it from space. You cannot say we weren’t warned.

Without China releasing the genome so quickly, we wouldn’t have so many vaccines today

China released the entire genome on January 11th, and crazily the Moderna vaccine was developed by January 13th. Without this genome there would have been no PCR testing and no vaccines. China didn’t just warn us about the pandemic, they gave us the tools to fight it. They’ve gotten nothing but scolding in return.

China did tell us in time

“Oh,” but people say. “It was too late.” That’s not true. Again, just look at reality. Look at almost all of China’s immediate neighbors. Mongolia, Vietnam, and Taiwan somehow got their shit together and fought the virus down.

Europe and the US just watched this thing roll over them for months and have the gall to complain. C’mon. If Mongolian public health is better than France’s, that’s not China’s fault. That’s just western hubris.

When almost every nation on Earth had the same information at the same time, maybe the problem isn’t the information, or the timing. Maybe the problem is… you.

White nations didn’t listen

Throughout this whole pandemic, white nations have stuck their fingers in their ears and screamed “NA NAA NA NA, CAN’T HEAR YOU!” and complained that nobody told them. You fools wouldn’t listen. The great western ideas have been A) drinking bleach B) just getting the disease and C) what about the economy? (by which they mean rich people’s yacht money).

The UK, US, and Europe wasted months debating the existence of this disease while everyone else was fighting it. They’re still debating face masks, a year later. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Fighting COVID wasn’t a mystery. White nations were just dumb.

Why didn’t China stop this?

The entire premise of blaming China is not really about warnings at all. These countries are lazy. They don’t want to make an iPhone, they just want the iPhone. They just wanted China to deal with this problem and never bother them at all.

Bu that’s not how pandemics work.

COVID-19 is unbelievably virulent, sneakily invisible, and spreads exponentially before any human society can react. You know this. We have all experienced this by now. I have seen COVID go from a few cases to hundreds to thousands within a week. And this is with testing. Imagine getting hit when the virus was completely unknown. None of us could have reacted in time.

By the time cases showed up in Wuhan hospitals it was far too late. The virus was already in Hubei Province, it was detected in wastewater in Europe in December. People approach this origin story like a blame game but that’s not the point. Humanity is the victim here. Don’t blame the victim.

We forget because the West has dehumanized China so deeply, but the Chinese people were victims of this disease. Chinese people died, many people literally died to get us the genome and those vital first studies. Li Wenliang died while trying to wake up his government, and he helped wake up the world. You can blame the Chinese government for being slow and shit and evil, and they are, but look at your own government. Did they do better? Unless you’re in Vietnam, Taiwan, or New Zealand, STFU. At some level we all just got hammered by this thing.

We extend sympathy to Italy or France or other places hit by this disease, but not to China. But why not? It’s just racism. It’s just the dehumanization of billions of people. What can any of us do in the face of a pandemic like this? Have you met COVID-19?

Why didn’t China stop this is a stupid question. Just look at the numbers. They did. Within a few months China eliminated COVID-19. The real question white nations need to ask themselves is this. Why didn’t we?

Why didn’t the West stop this?

The western position on China is two contradictory views, cognitively balanced only by racism. China is both evil and cannot be trusted and yet is also solely responsible for protecting the West. It’s like saying I don’t trust my neighbor, and also I have no fence.

Taiwan and Vietnam certainly don’t trust China, but they’re not stupid enough to smoke their own propaganda. These countries all watched China and mounted a strong pandemic response of their own. Taiwan has been legitimately screwed by China at the WHO but they didn’t sit around complaining about it all year. They protected themselves.

And the fact is that the Western depiction of China as public health enemy number one is a lie. Just look at actual reality. Who attacked and defunded the WHO in the middle of pandemic? America. Where did the virus mutate and go on to infect most of the world? Europe and the UK. Who’s blocking a shared vaccine at the WTO? The US, EU, UK, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, and Japan. These are the enemies of humanity. The people actually hurting global public health.

I’ll keep repeating this basic fact because western propaganda is working very hard to obscure it. Only 100,000 cases were recorded in China total. Over 40 million cases have been reported in Europe and the US, and they’re still rising. These white nations are currently having China’s entire outbreak every seven hours, and they still want us to blame China. It’s absurd.

The disease is called COVID-19 and it’s almost 2021 now. At some point you have to look in the mirror and realize that you fucked this up all by yourselves.