How Omicron Makes A Mockery Of Herd Immunity

Imagine a fire that rages so long that trees burn, grow back, and then burn again. Imagine a fire where water stops working. That’s the situation with COVID-19 today.

Omicron is able to ‘burn’ people that were already infected. It’s able to burn people that were vaccinated. And so COVID-19 is able to rage on. It’s COVID-∞ now. It’s made a mockery of our already inadequate herd immunity. It’s going to burn the motherfucker down.

The sad, infuriating thing is that it didn’t have to be this way. China showed a clear path to COVID-Zero, but western countries chose to attack China, prioritize profits, and ‘just live with the disease’. They decided to make mRNA vaccines effectively ‘whites-only’ and spread only hesitancy about available Chinese and Russian vaccines. This led to the predictable result of an unpredictable pandemic. The virus has mutated out of control.

By not sharing water when we had water, we now have a fire that is fucking water-resistant. By not putting out the fire when it was small we have a fire that is impossibly big. The infuriating thing is that these were all choices.For pharma companies it’s all profit. The sad thing is that for so many human beings, it’s just pain.