Biden Makes America Fake Again

Trump was an honest American. Biden just lies

Trump was at least honest about one thing. He was quite openly awful and cruel, and America is an awful and cruel country. Joe Biden just lies about it. Biden puts on what Hannah Arendt calls "the mask of hypocrisy." Biden makes America fake again.

Still Killing Muslims

When Trump was openly racist against Muslims, he was being an honest American. America has been invading, bombing, killing, torturing, and spying on Muslims for my entire adult life. These racist attacks on Muslims continue under every President. Trump just said the quiet part out loud. Biden does the same racist shit. He even continued Trump's Muslim ban. Biden just makes American racism quiet again.

Still Hating China

When Trump openly attacked China, he was being an honest Americant. America is deeply threatened by a non-white country becoming powerful. While Trump ginned up a crass and conspiracy driven Cold War 2, Biden is happily fighting it. He's openly investigating lab leak conspiracy theories (and finding nothing), spreading anti-vax information about Chinese vaccines, and even continuing Trump's trade war. Biden just makes American hatred respectable again.

Still Killing With COVID

When Trump just ignored and denied COVID, he was being an honest American. America first ignored and laughed at AIDS and then monopolized the drugs for profit, killing millions. Americans don't even have public healthcare themselves. Trump was at least honest about not giving a fuck.