How Cold War II Has Already Begun

America has started war on China, and American wars never end

Americans start wars and never end them. They impose sanctions and never lift them. Most Americans don’t even remember why they’re mad at Iran, they just are. If America has a grudge with you they’ll make sure your grandchildren don’t get medicine.

Now America has started Cold War II, with similar disregard for the consequences. What do you think these tariffs and sanctions are? In any this’d be a naval blockade, a siege, an act of war. Just because it’s all done with paperwork doesn’t make it any less offensive.

Even the term ‘Cold War’ is a misnomer. It’s only called it that because few white people died. Black, brown, and Asian people died in the millions. War was pretty fucking hot for us. We simply don’t know where this latest aggression will end, and it’s scary.

Trump’s War, Biden’s War, Same War

Americans may change governments, but the military industrial complex never changes. Just look at Biden’s cabinet. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is a corrupt war profiteer who’s supported many past invasions, and listen to him now. He’s happy to carry out Trump’s Cold War against China.

So I think in fairness to President Trump he was right to take a tougher approach to China. That was the right thing to do. The way he went about it, in my judgment, was wrong across the board, but the basic principle was the right one.
But what does this require of us? We have to engage China from a position of strength. (conversation with CNN)

This is madness. Trump was wrong as Bush was wrong, and continuing rather than reversing his policies is just continuing badness. Trump may have started the fire, but Biden isn’t fighting it. So it will burn.

Sanctions Are Acts Of War

This is important to understand, and I’ll keep repeating it. Sanctions are acts of war. It’s just siege warfare, and it always, always, hurts civilians.

America has been besieged countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq, and North Korea for generations. Over a million Iraqis were killed by sanctions before well over a million were killed by war. America has killed millions of people this way and removed exactly zero dictators. And it’s just becomes a geopolitical furniture of dying children and bones. Americans never lift their sanctions. Entire countries just disappear off the map.

That’s why it’s likely that these sanctions China will never be lifted. Look at Cuba. It’s been over 60 years. Look at Iran, denied medicine during a pandemic. Hell hath no fury like an empire scorned.

And it’s all pointless. America is the only empire built on losing wars. It’s just an endless grift, a circus for the voters back home, who pay un-auditable trillions into an endless circle jerk between arms dealers and politicians. Look at Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who just walked out of the board room at Raytheon.

Once the American war machine finds a country to chew up it never lets go. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea — they just end up on some naughty list forever and get droned, assassinated, couped, and simply blockaded for life. China is now on the naughty list, and we all know what they’re getting for Christmas. In lieu of coal, Cold War.

America Has Declared War On China

China is, for the first time, a worth adversary. America has been bombing the poorest countries in the world for decades, now they must contend with someone relatively rich. China can’t just be bombed or occupied, they have to be contended with. But make no mistake, America is now at war. Just because Americans ‘doesn’t declare it’ doesn’t change what’s going on. Just because we’re become inured to their atrocities doesn’t make them disappear.

The first sign of a Cold War is tepid propaganda like this:

Racist, warmongering headlines in the US press (and a few from Germany). Via @isgoodrum.

The American press has figured out that they can’t draw slanty-eyes and yellow anymore, so they’ve switched to scary dragons and red. Same thing.

And don’t let the ‘cold’ part comfort you. People get killed and impoverished in cold wars all the same. And remember that the Cold War last time could have ended the world, and only by chance didn’t. That’s the same dice we’re rolling now. Having seemingly learned nothing.

We only escaped the last Cold War by the skin of our nuts, and here’s America doing it again. Welcome to Cold War II. Only God know how it will end.