How White Empire Is Cracking Up

Photo by Cristian Băluță on Unsplash

The unipolar world is cracking like polar ice. Fractures are starting to appear all across the great expanse of White. Wars have been lost, treasure has been stolen in broad daylight. Enemies like Russia have started taking territory outright. Vassals like India and Saudi Arabia started defying imperial sanctions. Allies don’t have stomach for a fight.

People ask how the American states will break apart, which is only part of it. That’s like asking what will happen to Rome, when we’re talking about the whole Roman Empire. White Empire is actually much bigger than its capital which, incidentally, the barbarians are already inside. We’re talking about a unipolar world, and just listen, cracks are starting to spread from side to side.

White Empire

First, to get you up to speed, what is White Empire? What do I mean?

White Empire is the term I use to refer to the devil which goes by many names. ‘The west’, ‘the international community’, ‘liberal democracies’, the ‘developed world’.

You hear these synonyms frequently in western media, but how is it an empire? Well, in the most obvious ways. Since time immemorial, empire has been defined by troops and treasure. And so it remains.

Just look. The map explains:

Show any Caesar these military garrisons and he’d be like “nice empire, bro.”Show his Treasurer everyone buying dollars and he’d recognize imperial tribute ergo. Then there’s all the blood around the edges. That’s what makes Empire’s borders plain. Like the Devil, the greatest trick White Empire ever pulled was convincing the world it didn’t exist. But exist it does. White Empire is a thing.

Like most empires, White Empires is loose and baggy robe, a mix of direct and indirect rule, tribute and theft, bribing and cajoling. The general rule, since the ‘Game Of Thrones’ era is sending troops when called. And in imperial wars like Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ve seen who bends the knee and comes. It’s called NATO.

American conquests after World War II solidified into this White Empire, backed by the financial hegemony that came after that world war also.

As Stephen Howe said in Empire: A Very Short Introduction: “Most analysts, then, seem to agree that an empire is formed, most often by conquest, out of a dominant ‘core’ and a dominated, often economically exploited ‘periphery’.” Now just look around White Empire and tell me you don’t see the same.


At the center you have America, the imperial capital and core. Around it you have faithful vassals, like Canada doing whatever it’s told. Then there’s the spiritual homeland of Europe, which America occupied and took over. Finally there’s the outer core like Japan, South Korea, and the Emirates, places allowed to get wealthy as long as they provide material plenty, garrisoned with huge American bases and under American military control.

Empire’s banner men in Iraq. Countries at the center, or trying to grovel their way in

What unites these satraps, provinces, or governates is that, while they have a lot of independence, they remain tightly integrated with Empire’s financial and military dominance. They get benefits and just have to shed a drop of blood now and then, like when they were called up in the Terror Wars. These are Empire’s banner men, and they show up when the banners are called.


Around this pole of power, you have a loose and spinning periphery, countries that supply cheap labor and goods, but have second-class passports and generally get screwed. This includes everyone from India to Mexico to Brazil, more independent countries that still get sanctioned, demonized, or couped if they don’t follow along.


Finally what gives Empire definition are the warzones that must be periodically bombed and forever besieged. These are pariah states like Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc. Invaded at will, regularly starved, cut off from imperial trade, murdered and tortured for sport. These are Empire’s borderlands, and the borders are drawn in blood.

Thin Ice

Most talk of Empire collapsing is about America collapsing, but this is thinking too small. In this article I won’t even get into whether California splits off, or Florida panhandles America in the face. This isn’t the 1850s anymore, Empire’s become a much bigger place.

Just look at a map of murder and money, and look at what western media is always talking about. ‘High-income countries’, ‘industrialized countries’, these are all terms of art that obscure a more simple name. White Empire. The cold and cracking Global North.

The fact is that after World War II, America inherited the old colonial empires and thought this is nice. They never drew down after WWII and so they find themselves overextended and on thin ice.

And now, like every empire in human history, they find themselves distended and overextended. And the ice is beginning to crack.

As Pink Floyd said:

If you should go skating
On the thin ice of modern life
Dragging behind you, the silent reproach
Of a million tear stained eyes
Don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice
Appears under your feet
You’ll slip out of your depth and out of your mind
With your fear flowing out behind you
As you claw the thin ice

In this case the ice started cracking around the edges first, with military losses in Afghanistan, Iraq, destroying whatever military reputation the empire had left after Vietnam. Not to mention the tens of millions of tear stained eyes. They went on an absolute murdering rampage after 9/11, attacking Muslims indiscriminately, without honor or humanity.

And then this supposed greatest military got their ass handed to them by students in Toyota Hiluxes. After the humiliation of 9/11, they also got humiliated in taking revenge. Seeing these cracks in imperial power, Russia thought they’d break off a piece, knowing that Empire was fundamentally weak. So they first took Crimea and now chunks of eastern Ukraine. Ukraine the faithful vassal, which helped invade Iraq, found themselves invaded in turn.

Empire tried to stamp its foot down, but this just cracked the ice even more. Instead of following the imperial edict to impose sanctions, countries like Saudi Arabia, India, and China went over Empire’s head, trading in rubles and yuan.Now Russia is demanding that Europe pay for energy in rubles also. This is a direct threat to dollar hegemony, the last leg Empire has to stand on.

It’s important to understand that the dollars status as a reserve currency is really just a modern tribute system. Every country buys dollars to buy commodities. Using dollars is the effective tax for using imperial trade routes. That money is effectively tribute, which Empire uses to bail out its corrupt elites and fund its corrupt wars.

If provinces start trading with their own money, however, what do you need the Empire for? This is the reality that Empire is only accelerating, but trying to force everyone to participate in their sieges and wars.

Now Empire is saying that Indians shouldn’t maintain their own military equipment, because America has beef with Russia. They’re saying people in Europe in Africa should go without energy or fertilizer, because of someone else’s war. Countries are increasingly like fuck it, we’ll just go around you.

This is a sure death knell for Empire. The definition of a unipolar empire is that you can’t get around it. Once people do, that power, that empire doesn’t exist anymore. Once the provinces don’t fear the ruler’s whip or trade with the ruler’s coin, who’s really running the place? Not empire. You’re suddenly in a multi-polar world.

The Break

But colored people breaking off won’t break the White Empire. Despite the entire global majority not sanctioning Russia, these people are ignored all the time. If Empire can just get the old colonial gang back together, they can surely beat down a few coloreds and get the Empire back in line. But that’s the problem. The old colonial gang is actually getting cold and hungry, and they’ve got no stomach for this fight.

European citizens are being forced to pay much more for American natural gas, import more American weapons, and pay even more the imperial tribute while their own economy gets hammered. Sanctions on Russia are effectively sanctions on Europe, they’re that intertwined. Just look at the PPI measures from Germany. This shows the prices of industrial inputs skyrocketing, and this is just preliminary data. March will be worse, and it’ll cascade thru the whole economy. This is gonna hurt.


There’s graphs like this everywhere in Europe, but for American oligarchs it just shows up as profits. They’ve got Europe over a barrel, and European people will be wearing one soon enough. Many countries like Bosnia and Herzogovinia, Finland, and Latvia depend on Russia for nearly 100% of their natural gas. Germany and Italy for nearly half. They can’t just cut off. They’re cutting off their own heat.

And to add insult to injury, America is treating its European ‘allies’ like the schmucks they really are. France got rolled over on a submarine deal with Australia, Biden made a fool of the German Chancellor by cancelling a German pipeline in front of him, and now the European people are going to get hurt.

Now that Russia is turning up the heat by demanding payment in rubles. This will force European countries to break imperial sanctions. They can choose American hot air or actually heating their homes. Luckily it’s warm out now, but winter is coming. Someone’s got to be thinking, it’s time for an independent king in the North.

European Secession (Or Recession)

Hence the big fear for White Empire is their European vassals leaving. This won’t be colored countries in the periphery. This’ll be a fracture at the ancestral home of white supremacy. White Empire can abuse and lose the colored world, but if it loses the heart of whiteness, it really falls apart.

These fuckbois have followed America into every losing war, every siege, they’ve always been loyal to their liege. But after the insult of Trump, the injury of Biden is really making them bleed.

As Machiavelli said of his fellow Europeans—an Asian peninsula of most savage and violent types—“For of men it may generally be affirmed, that they are thankless, fickle, false studious to avoid danger, greedy of gain, devoted to you while you are able to confer benefits upon them, and ready, as I said before, while danger is distant, to shed their blood, and sacrifice their property, their lives, and their children for you; but in the hour of need they turn against you.”

Machiavelli, The Prince

Following Empire into distant danger in the Middle East was one thing, but following them into World War III on European soil is another thing entirely.

So while White Empire is trying to desperately stake out some relevance in Ukraine, Europeans may just choose having heat. While the EU and NATO are not democracies, the people in the performative democracies below will literally get cold feet.

The Beginning Of The End

And so White Empire begins to fall, just as we finally named and shamed it. The whole thing was built on fear and money and bullshit, and once fear and money run out, it’s just a steaming pile of shit.

Once Europe starts to fuck off, once India fucks off—with China and Russia already gone and the global majority already scornful—who’s even left? What you call an empire that’s sanctioned everyone? They’re just another country, and a suddenly indebted and isolated one.

I’m not saying this is how it’ll go down, I’m just saying that some shit is going down. Climate collapse will just melt and fracture this thin ice even further. There’s no coming back from this, and they’re not even trying.

And so White Empire finds itself cracking up. Bin Laden threw two bricks through the wall in 2001, and then Trump came back in 2021 and hit the Capitol that Bin Laden missed. What seemed a solid world of white power is now fractured, and the black ocean of a multipolar world churns beneath.

As the Pink Floyd refrain goes, “If you should go skating, on the thin ice of modern life, dragging behind you the silent reproach of a million tear stained eyes. Don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice, appears under your feet. You’ll slip out of your depth and out of your mind, with your fear flowing out behind you. As you claw the thin ice.”

[Guitar Solo]