The Developed World Is Dead

They’re not developed, they’re in decline

I think what we have on our hands here is a dead shark

The developed world is finished. COVID-19 has killed that idea dead. If you can’t keep your people alive, what does development even mean? Nothing. There is no developed world. You’re either developing or in decline. There is no standing still.

In Annie Hall, the dubious Woody Allen says:

“A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”

What we have on our hands here is a dead shark. The ‘developed’ world felt full after a particularly bloody feed of genocide, slavery, and colonialism and just stopped moving. They stopped learning, especially from the dumb darkies that they stepped on.

Now they’ve caught a cold and died. Just look at a map.

Two maps. First look at a map of developed vs developing nations. I’ve colored developed as white and ‘least developed’ as black because who are we kidding. This isn’t a map. It’s a crime scene.

This medal is currently given to distinguished British diplomats. It is a white man standing on a black neck.

For a sense of what colonialism was and still is, just look at this medal which is the highest honor currently given to British diplomats. It’s a white man standing on a black man’s neck. This is development.

White countries have robbed the dark ones for centuries, sat on hundreds of trillions in looted wealth, and called it ‘development’. They have promulgated the myth that they got their filthy lucre through intelligence and hard work. In reality, it’s just classic loot and pillage, reinvested with compound interest.

Development is not hard work, except for East Asia. For the white nations, it’s simply hard graft.

Genocide, theft of land, enslavement of people, colonization. Genghis Khan or any conqueror of yore would be like ‘thumbs up’. Kill people, take their land, demand tribute, drive them before you in chains. The British, European, and American empires were the same as any other. We just can’t see it because the empires haven’t ended. We’re in the middle of their propaganda. Their myths still permeate the air, stored in public statues like Horcruxes.

Economists launder this mythology as development — some reality divorced from history — but that money came from somewhere. It came from the usual place. Conquest and theft.

This map is a crime scene. There’s been a robbery.

You’re not developed if you’re dead

Think of this myth (rich=smart) and the reality (rich=criminal) as you look at the next map.

These are the countries that have been clobbered by COVID-19. This is a map of the dead, per capita. On a personal level, I’m sorry for each and every one. This didn’t have to happen. I’m all for abolishing whiteness, but white people are welcome to the human race. Together we mourn.

Just look at this map. Who’s developed now? What does development even mean, if you can’t keep your own people alive? ‘Developed’ is negatively correlated with survival. The metric is completely fucked because the metric is a myth. It’s like someone stealing a violin and thinking that they can play.

All of their stolen wealth — compounded over years and laundered through legitimate businesses — could not fight a plague. They could not do the basic testing, tracing, and isolating that poor African nations could do. They were too corrupt. They weren’t developed. They were decrepit.

Here are the maps as a reverso GIF. Whatever development means, it’s not good.

Colonial chickens are coming home to roost

T-Rex’s closest living relative is the chicken. Gives the metaphor more bite. (jhernandezvalentin)

The fact is that chickens have come home to roost. The same extractive model of colonialism has now extracted the government out from under them. Their elites continued exploiting us, of course, but they also avoided or eliminated taxes at home. They stripped social safety nets and demanded bailouts for their failures.

It’s important to remember that we were mostly colonized by private companies. Think of this as you look at the privatization of multiple institutions in the west. What do these private companies do? They extract wealth for their shareholders, at any cost, famine, or plague be damned. It happened to us. Now it’s happening to you.

Winston Churchill killed millions in the Bengal famine because fuck darkies, Indian food was just to serve British interests. His dimwit heir Boris Johnson is now killing his own people, because fuck everyone, he wanted to ‘protect the economy’ during a plague.

It’s easy to forget that chickens are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. They can be nasty when they come home to roost.

If you’re not learning you’re dying

COVID-19 should be a wake-up to white people that they are in fact not developed but in terrible decline. They have worse public health systems than sub-Saharan Africa. They have a more ignorant population and worse and more corrupt leadership. By the metrics that matter, they are less developed than the rest of the world.

Yet they are blind, this is literally the hill they will die on. To disavow their superiority would make them feel bad. They’d rather feel superior and die. This is the corrosion of colonialism, and it’s money-laundering heir, development. It gives a moral weight to what should be numbers. It tacks virtue onto crime, and makes the criminals blind.

As the Trinidadian scholar CLR James wrote (via Priyamvada Gopal):

Myth-making conceals another virulent poison for the myth-makers”, James observes. “It insists that they see themselves always as the givers, and Africans as the takers, themselves as teachers and Africans as the taught”, and never “the slightest hint” that anything which took place in the colonies could, conversely “instruct or inspire the people of the advanced countries in their own management of their own affairs”.

White people today are unable to learn. They wasted the most vital weeks debating whether this virus could happen to them, as if their bodies are someone different from Chinese. They are still having stupid, destructive debates about masks, as if they don’t breathe the same air as everyone else.

British leaders have said that WHO advice was for poor countries. Western Europe countries toppled like dominoes, ignoring other countries and even each other. Even Germany has failed. America is another category of stupid, they’re wearing trash-bags, drinking bleach, and people will still somehow vote for Trump.

White people are literally dying of arrogance. I guess it’s some consolation to the racists that it’s killing their minorities even more, but not to most white human beings. This is a tragedy for the human race.

This comes back to the idea of development as a fixed point. It is not. If you’re not learning, you’re declining. And white people have stopped learning. The myth has poisoned the myth-maker. It’s getting them killed.

The end

This is why I say that developed countries are dead. They call us shitholes but we survived this. What does that make them?

The developed world is just the third-world with a Gucci belt. The developed world is dead. Their only choice is to join the rest of us… in the developing world. Anything else is a dead shark.