The Buck Stops Here: How America Is Destroying The Dollar

Asterix and Obelisk chasing Roman fiat

The whole world uses the imperial dollar because it gives us access to imperial trade. We all pay tribute to White Empire by buying forex. Our tribute lets them finance their wars and bail out their rapacious elites.

Lately, however, Empire has been cutting more and more people out of the digital trade routes. It started off with a few poor kingdoms, but with sanctions on China and Russia, it’s affecting everyone. Including within Empire itself. They’re even threatening India.

We’re all expected to participate in Empire’s beefs, when all we want is to eat actual food.

Worst of all, Empire has been just robbing people in plain daylight. They stole all of Afghanistan’s forex, leaving them to starve to death, in full view (insomuch as anyone gives a fuck. I do). This isn’t the first time either. They’ve been sending a message that anyone can get impoverished by Empire, but we always thought it wouldn’t be us. Now we’re not so sure.

So people are hedging their bets, all across the globe. Countries are swapping currency directly, not going through the dollar at all. They’re even bartering, like Sri Lanka trading tea for Iranian oil. We’re setting up our own trade routes—shitty inefficient, trade routes—but these things evolve. And when they do, Empire devolves into goo.

What happens to an Empire when people stop taking the imperial roads? When they start dealing with each other, instead of going through the boss What happens to Empire when people stop paying tribute, when we stop buying all the debt that finances their corruption and war?

Well then, Empire’s not an empire anymore. It’s capital becomes just another asshole country, losers in both finance and war. Indeed, we’ve already watched its Capitol literally burn. The mandate of heaven has already been withdrawn. Empires take a while to fall, but in the end they all do.

All I’m saying is that the end is coming into view.


Let’s start with sanctions, the white word for sieges. White Empire besieges civilian populations to a point that would make a Khan blush. If you besiege one city that sucks for them, but if you besiege a lot of cities, that sucks for you.

Sieges are a two-edged sword, but Empire has been able to avoid consequences by just stabbing poor people.

America has been besieging small, poor, brown countries for decades, which sucked for them. North Korea and Cuba since the 1950s. Iran and Syria since the 1980s. Venezuela and China since now. The message was clear, if you defy White Empire, they’ll make sure your great-grandchildren don’t get medicine.

Sending this message didn’t cost Empire much, they just missed out on Cuban cigars and vaccines, and had to frack oil out from under their own homes. But they have kept sanctioning people, and now Empire is becoming increasingly isolated itself. They’ve been beating the drums of war on Russia, but look at how the rest of the world has reacted.

UN votes are one thing, everybody votes that America’s siege of Cuba is wrong, but that doesn’t change anything. Look at how people act. None of the people in grey have followed Empire’s sanctions on Russia. That’s most of the world.

International sanctions against Russia, via Vik Sohonie

It’s not that we’re evil countries who support invasions. We’re normal countries, like the US was before World War II. We don’t consider ourselves the world police, and we understand the concept of not making things worse.

Russia is also not some already isolated, poor country. Lots of us depend on them for fuel, for fertilizer, for food. Empire wants us to starve cause they’re having a grudge match? Fuck them. We’re already having a food crisis. This bickering over borders is causing a full on collapse.

Empire is even talking about enforcing sanctions against India, an erstwhile ally. If they’re enforced, India will be unable to maintain 50% of its military materiel. While America and Europe continue importing fuel from Russia themselves, they want us to suffer for this distant war.

We’ve all been paying tribute for security. If no one is safe from sanctions, then what the fuck are we paying tribute for?

Breaking Sieges