How White Empire Is A Thing

The medal still given to British foreign service officers

I call the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia et al one White Empire because that’s exactly what they are. I also say that most countries in the world effectively live in the periphery. Only a few countries are actually outside, most of them under constant siege.

This is how.

What Is Empire? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

As Stephen Howe says in Empire: A Very Short Introduction:

“A great deal of the world’s history is the history of empires. Indeed it could be said that all history is imperial — or colonial — history, if one takes a broad enough definition and goes far enough back.”

If all of world history is the history of empires, it would be a bit of an outlier to say that this period we live in isn’t. Empire, however, is a big, baggy definition, so let’s try and tighten it up a little bit.

Let’s say that Empires are:

  1. Big
    “Empires, then, must by definition be big, and they must be composite entities, formed out of previously separate units. Diversity — ethnic, national, cultural, often religious — is their essence. But in many observers’ understanding, that cannot be a diversity of equals.”
  2. Loose
    “Empires always involve a mixture of direct and indirect rule. The central power has ultimate sovereignty, and exercises some direct control, especially over military force and money-raising powers, in all parts of its domain.”
  3. Cliquish
    “Most analysts, then, seem to agree that an empire is formed, most often by conquest, out of a dominant ‘core’ and a dominated, often economically exploited ‘periphery’.”

This is still very baggy, but good enough. Let’s apply it to current history and see how it fits.


As Howe said, “empire is formed, most often by conquest,” and American control of White Empire was forged in World War II.

As Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower conquered much of Europe, became commander of NATO (the alliance of imperialists), and then rode back to the American Presidency.

So far this isn’t merely like ancient empire formation, it’s the exact same thing. Just call him Dwight Caesar. When he crossed the English Channel it was like Gaius Julius crossing Rubicon river. White Empire was handed from the English to the Americans after that day.


And at the beginning this was a very obvious empire. America occupied Germany, Japan, and part of Korea directly. They also inherited/shared numerous imperial bases like Diego Garcia.

Like every empire this was supposed to be for those countries own good, but yeah, that’s what they all say.

Since World War II, America controlled imperial military forces through NATO, and monetary forces through the Bretton-Woods agreement and the financial system it built. That is to say “The central power has ultimate sovereignty, and exercises some direct control, especially over military force and money-raising powers, in all parts of its domain.”


And thus today we are left with a big, loose, clique that I call, collectively, White Empire. In case you think it just doesn’t exist anymore, behold recent invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, current tensions with Russia, and ongoing economic sieges of Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc.

The United States still has troops in Japan, Korea, and Germany, and their troop presence has expanded to British levels, ie fucking everywhere. There’s basically only four countries that do not have some level of US troop presence, and many places have a lot.

How America Occupied The World

This is obviously a big, loose empire, with a core clique of white nations (the US, UK, Europe, Australia, etc), and outer periphery of colorish ‘protectorates’ (Japan, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia) and everyone else that has to live under economic hegemony. Why does most countries ‘choose’ to live this way?

Well, look at the countries that don’t. If you defy America (like Iran) they’ll make sure your great-grandchildren don’t get medicine. All of America’s eternal sieges seem pointless until you see them as an example to everyone else. Stay the fuck in line.

White Empire’s reach thus includes the ability to kill almost anyone anywhere, to arrest anyone almost anywhere (Julian Assange in the UK, and a Huawei executive in Canada), and of course to call everyone else a threat if they act remotely the same.

Calling In The Banners

Robb: Call the banners. Maester Luwin : All of them, my Lord? Robb: They’ve all sworn to defend my father, have they not? Luwin : They have. Robb: Now we’ll see what the words are worth.

Today as for-fucking ever, the central definition of empire (or aspiring emperor) is whether you can call your banners in. Whether you can summon troops on demand. And America has shown that it has that power across the core of the White Empire.

From Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to wars of aggression across the world, countries from Australia to the UK to Germany to even South Korea and Norway have put men and materiel on the line.

That power may be waning (ie, not everybody seems on board with the new Cold War with China), but it’s still there, and so, therefore is empire.

The other vital definition of empire is whether you have monetary control, and as America has shown with its ability to freeze billions of dollars in Afghanistan’s own money, it still has that power. It used it to block Venezuela from getting vaccines it had already paid for as well, and it smaller ways to terrorize everybody else that remains within empire’s loose, baggy confines.

And so this is how the current White Empire, with its capital moved from London to Washington, still rules with world. A world history without empire would be unusual, but I suppose every age thinks they’re immune from history, but we all become it someday. Now, however, in the age of its terminal decline, I think we can see empire’s edges clearer than ever.

That is why I give what is usually called ‘the West’ or ‘developed’ nations or G7 nations or ‘anglosphere’ nations or ‘rich nations’ or just ‘the international community’ another name. The White Empire.