How White Empire Is A Thing

The medal still given to British foreign service officers

I call the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia et al one White Empire because that’s exactly what they are. I also say that most countries in the world effectively live in the periphery. Only a few countries are actually outside, most of them under constant siege.

This is how.

What Is Empire? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

As Stephen Howe says in Empire: A Very Short Introduction:

“A great deal of the world’s history is the history of empires. Indeed it could be said that all history is imperial — or colonial — history, if one takes a broad enough definition and goes far enough back.”

If all of world history is the history of empires, it would be a bit of an outlier to say that this period we live in isn’t. Empire, however, is a big, baggy definition, so let’s try and tighten it up a little bit.

Let’s say that Empires are:

  1. Big
    “Empires, then, must by definition be big, and they must be composite entities, formed out of previously separate units. Diversity — ethnic, national, cultural, often religious — is their essence. But in many observers’ understanding, that cannot be a diversity of equals.”
  2. Loose
    “Empires always involve a mixture of direct and indirect rule. The central power has ultimate sovereignty, and exercises some direct control, especially over military force and money-raising powers, in all parts of its domain.”
  3. Cliquish
    “Most analysts, then, seem to agree that an empire is formed, most often by conquest, out of a dominant ‘core’ and a dominated, often economically exploited ‘periphery’.”

This is still very baggy, but good enough. Let’s apply it to current history and see how it fits.


As Howe said, “empire is formed, most often by conquest,” and American control of White Empire was forged in World War II.

As Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower conquered much of Europe, became commander of NATO (the alliance of imperialists), and then rode back to the American Presidency.

So far this isn’t merely like ancient empire formation, it’s the exact same thing. Just call him Dwight Caesar. When he crossed the English Channel it was like Gaius Julius crossing Rubicon river. White Empire was handed from the English to the Americans after that day.