White Empire Is Playing Russian Roulette With Sanctions

Empire is a loose, baggy thing, held together by guns and gold. If an Empire loses wars and its money loses value, then it’s well on its way to oblivion. In a series of historical self-owns, White Empire is doing this to itself.

Attacked by ‘barbarians’ on 9/11, White Empire lashed out violently across the globe, killing millions and displacing tens of millions. Far from being a show of force, however, it has turned into a bloody farce.

The truth is that this empire has already met its ‘graveyard’ in Afghanistan. White Empire’s illusion of military power has already been destroyed. What’s left now is just a military-industrial zombie, backed by a propaganda media force, also eating brains.

The truth is that, historically, speaking White Empire is already dead. What we’re living with now is just a rotting zombie, still biting but fundamentally empty.

While this zombie can still devour poor people in Yemen, Syria, and Palestine, it cannot stand against a conventional force like Russia. While they’ve been merrily killing poor brown people without consequence, killing poor white people would cause World War III.

Hence NATO isn’t doing shit in Ukraine, besides funneling in arms for Ukranians to kill themselves. The military pillar of empire has already fallen, they cannot actually fight. They only have one leg left to stand on, their monetary might.

However, they have the same problem here.

Sanctions (the white word for sieges) have been used to cripple, starve, and kill millions of not-white people for decades, but they have a real problem deploying them against Russia. Russia’s is too integrated into White Empire’s traditional homeland of Europe.

Messing with Russia can actually hurt them, it can really crack their monetary hegemony. Then they won’t have a fucking leg to stand on, will they?

Actually sanctioning Russia would do three things.

  1. It would cut off Europe from energy, leading to cold white people
  2. It could be interpreted as an act of war, leading to dead white people
  3. It can trigger a lot of unpredictable effects, leading to poor white people

As you can see, this isn’t like cutting Iran out of SWIFT, which just led to suffering brown people. This isn’t like besieging Cuba and North Korea for generations, which just led to suffering commies. This hits White Empire where it hurts. It affectswhite people. What’s a White Empire that can’t protectwhiteness?

In this case White Empire cannot level the devastating (but pointless) sanctions leveled against Yemen and Syria. They can’t simply steal money like from Afghanistan. Russia is too integrated, they’d be hurting themselves. So instead, we get half-assed sanctions which try to carve out exemptions for European energy. We also get other countries simply going around them.

Half-assed sanctions poke and irritate the bear without fundamentally wounding it. This is not what you want to do with bears.

Like the self-destruction of their own military might, this self-destruction of their monetary might is ultimately fatal to empire. I’m not saying that Russia will be the fatal blow, Russia is a fundamentally poor country, already somewhat isolated. But Russia is not Iran. Russia is in Europe, separated only by the racist line that divides that peninsula from Asia.

This strikes at the heart of whiteness, which is how empires fall. Empires are hard but brittle. As Hemingway wrote, people go bankrupt two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

Will Russia be the golden bullet in the chamber? I don’t now. Anyone predicting the fall of empire now is a fool, but anyone predicting it never is a greater fool indeed. All I know is that Russian Roulette is a stupid fucking game to play. Yet it is this gun that empire is holding to its own head.

What’s happening now, what Empire is forcing to happen, is the fracturing of the faith and credit of their currency. They’re just robbing central banks and sanctioning bigger and bigger countries. Countries have to hedge their bets, and that’s the end of hegemony.

Russia has been planning an alternative to SWIFT for years. India and China are setting up other channels. Even empire’s current fuckboi Brazil is sitting this one out. The effects of sanctions can blow up fuel prices and trigger inflation, which terrifies capitalists more than WWIII.

The dollar’s strange fruit seemed endless — a money tree watered with blood — but now it’s ending.

Bear in mind, the alternatives to dollar hegemony all fucking suck. The already poor Russian people will be thrown even deeper into poverty. Millions of people depending on Russian wheat and fertilizer will go hungry. People will die. Governments will fall. It’ll be a fucking atrocity.

Leaving hegemony is not something anybody actually wants to do, but White Empire is pushing people out. Nobody is in a hurry to adapt to a life without Empire, but Empire itself is forcing the point. It’s not just Russia, they’ve started a two-front Cold War with China as well.

These are not the usual pariah states that Empire has been beating and starving in the public square for decades. Do you like being warm? Do you eat bread? Do you buy things? This effects everybody.

An empire only has guns and gold to stand on, and they’re fucking with the family jewels here.

Empire is a loose baggy thing, a bunch of man-children in a trench coat, held together by enough guns and gold to keep everyone believing in the fantasy. Well, no one believes in the guns of White Empire anymore, and suddenly the gold’s not looking so shiny.

Monetary power is what let White Empire wage forever wars and keep bailing out their zombie economy. If it wanes they’ll just be another — extremely fucked up — country. All the debts will come due, all the rot will show through, it’ll be a well-deserved catastrophe.

Yet here we are.

White Empire has put the golden gun in their own mouth, finger on the trigger. They’re literally playing Russian Roulette here. It’s just a matter of time before White Empire blows its own zombie brains out, leaving just another shit-stain across the pages of history.