Biden Is Committing Absolute Horror Against The People Of Afghanistan

I don’t have pictures and I don’t have words. Because of Biden, this is what so many people will see

This is so hard to write because it’s so horrible. For context, for my personal context, Sri Lanka has a forex problem. This means that we struggle to get fuel and food sometimes, we have some blackouts and people suffer. It’s bad but we have some forex, so we get by.

Now, however, America has stolen all of Afghanistan’s forex. It was frozen for months, but now they’re outright stealing it. This means complete economic collapse. This means no fuel, no food, it means that millions will starve and die.

America began its genocide of the Afghan people in 2001 and Joe Biden is completing it most thoroughly in 2022. We are living through a historic atrocity. They will write about this, but it is happening in front of our eyes.

I don’t know the words for this. It is genocide. It is a crime against humanity. It is just murder, spiteful, wanton murder of men, women, and children. It’s like the Nazis burning the Ukraine on their ignominious way out. It’s worse than the worst medieval sieges.

This is a scorched earth policy, done through bureaucrats rather than boots. This act takes food out of children’s mouths as much as burning fields of grain. This destroys hospitals as sure as bombing them. This kills as surely and truly as outright war. Joe Biden is as brutal as the most despised warlord to ever stalk the Earth.

Biden is pure, unmitigated evil. He is a liar, a coward, and a thief. He has so much historical blood on his hands that the pages will weep. Even Trump was not drenched so thoroughly, so wretchedly, so deep.

Trump stole mainly from his own country. He preached hatred but was too incompetent and lazy to act. Even he did not think to steal all the money of Afghanistan. Biden did and he has. Biden has stolen food out of starving peoples mouths. Does hell even go deep enough for such acts? What will future generations think if we do not react?

What does America even want here? It’s not like they need the money. They say they’re keeping half of the stolen money to give to 9/11 victims, despite Afghanistan having nothing to do with 9/11, despite the place already being bombed and occupied for 20 years, and despite most of the population been born after 2001 (the median age is less than 19).

Under Biden’s wretched leadership America is having a 9/11 worth of COVID deaths every week. It’s not like they give a fuck about life, even American lives. This is just vengeance. This is just human sacrifice. On the pyre of 9/11, everyonein Afghanistan must be piled high and lit on fire.

This is just pure, unvarnished spite. They try to cover it up by saying that half of the money—of Afghanistan’s own fucking money—will be spent on humanitarian aid. Disbursed, of course, by the United States. First off this is not even what forex is for, it’s for keeping your entire economy from collapsing. America wants to steal this money, and donate some back? They want to kill people and throw rice on the corpses, and for this they want praise? Who are these beasts? They have no shame or humanity.

As Nathan J Robinson said, “If Biden was dropping bombs on 90 percent of Afghan hospitals there would be international outrage but instead we’re just wrecking the economy so that the hospitals close. But both cases are morally unconscionable.” As Dr. Ramiz Alakbarov said, “Out of 10 women who need a caesarean, only three will be able to get it…I don’t need to explain what will happen to the remaining seven.”

This is you America. This is you. How the fuck do you sleep?

Americans have been doing these acts of war, these sieges so callously and casually for decades, but the evil is just out in the open now. They’re just wanton killers and thieves. The whole country is a crime against humanity.

I do not even know what to say. It gnaws my heart before I sleep. I have children. I like feeding my children. Because of the acts of this wicked country, so many children will not eat. So many hearts will never again beat. What America has done to Afghanistan is too horrible for words. Unfortunately it’s just horrible enough to be reality.