The Two Hands Of White Empire

An old but accurate map of White Empire (by TD Architects via Big Think)

White Empire is merely capitolized in America. The beating Heart of Whiteness is in America, but beatings are delivered across two oceans. Across the Pacific, its tentacles grip the testicles of Australia, Japan, and South Korea, along with innumerable island chains. Across the Atlantic, its left arm is shoved up the ass of European puppet states, using them to poke both Russia and the Middle East. This is the White Empire America won from the British et al in World War II, and they're losing it all in a World War III of their own making.

Today, White Empire is getting its greedy fingers chopped off in Ukraine, its lying face ripped off in Palestine, and its toes stubbed in Taiwan. Their king is brain-dead, the hair-apparent is brainless, and their choices this election amount to getting shot or shot with pride. America today is just a bunch of corporations in a trench coat, pretending to be a country. America's empire managers are a bunch of mendacious morons that failed upwards for decades and have nowhere to go but down. That's precisely where they're headed, sadly taking as much of the future with them as possible. They're slaughtering children and ruining the planet as we speak.

You can see the death of Empire is multiple statistics and heuristics—rising debt ex machina, falling death machine—but the simplest thing is to just look at Empire's decaying body (metaphorically). This is, of course, difficult because White Empire is, by design, invisible. But we'll try to throw metaphor over the slouching beast, like a sheet over a planetary poltergeist.

Let's start with the face of evil, which is literally falling asleep.,c_limit/Cunningham-debate-GettyImages-2159612187.jpg
‘Uhhhh… we beat Medicare’

The Face

America traditionally gives the corporate state a human spokesman in a public corruption festival they call elections. At this point, the job description for President has been reduced to 'don't be dead', and they're still struggling to find suitable candidates. Today, the Americans are running an 81-year-old war criminal against a 79-year-old common criminal, with an 82-year-old also war criminal as a token 'leftist'. Biden, Trump, and Bernie are the visibly dying relics of an invisible Empire that's already deceased. The 2024 election is a fight over who gets to be the death mask on the sarcophagus of American Empire and that's about it.

The human spokesman is supposed to market corporate empire using whatever the state religion is that day. First they were crusading for Christ, now they're carbon-crusading for 'democracy', neither of which they believe in. Does Coca-Cola believe in or even have a concept of 'fun'? It's all just mendacious marketing, machines lying for lucre to drive their own metabolic processes, which humans call profit. The deep cynicism is such that the worst slavers packaged and marketed Freedom© (now in convenient bomb form!) and the worst warmongers marketed themselves as peacemakers, bringing Democracy™ and Human Rights®️ (also available in bombs, obviously). The marketing was so good that America was able to push themselves as the saviors of Chinese Muslims, literally a Venn diagram of people they hate. But now the packaging is peeling off and floating face down in the shipping lanes they've lost control of (shout out Yemen). Even if America's human spokesman could talk, what would he say?

The relentless American weaponization of the Holocaust (which they historically gave a shit about) has been historically blunted by their literal weaponization of another holocaust in Palestine. America is arming the child-killers of 'Israel' to the teeth, and the blood is all over the White Empire, ruining its superpower of invisibility.

Meanwhile the spokesman of White Empire is visibly dead and what he speaks for is the visibly dying we've been witnessing for nine months now. Just the unrelenting slaughter of innocents, live-streamed every single day. Any moral authority America had has been buried by the immoral authoritarianism of its conscript colony 'Israel'. America's lying face has been ripped off in Palestine and all that's left is a cannibal corpse of predatory corporations, devouring children and doing lines of filthy lucre to feel anything. Anyone that feels anything wants to Yassin-105 them in the face.

The Left Hand Of Whiteness

If you look at the map of White Empire again, you can see how it stretches across the Pacific on one hand and the Atlantic on the other. We will discuss the left hand of whiteness first (to invert Le Guin), what you could call the eastern front of America's forever wars.

After assimilating the Nazis into NATO and deporting the Jews to 'Israel' (as was the Nazis penultimate plan), America continued Hitler's ultimate plan, which was killing commies. Hitler hated (and killed) communists much more than the Jews, and America continued doing this quintessentially Nazi shit for decades. This is why I say that World War II didn't end in 1945 but actually continued till 1991, if your heart is not 'cold' towards the dying of colored people.

Even immediately after 1991—when there was no further need for NATO—America continued pushing its line of contact with Russia further and further east, on the assumption that Russia couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it. Russia said this expansion was a red line, and American foreign policy thinkers agreed on this, but the dumbest motherfuckers in Washington failed upwards and replaced them. Hence we ended up in this century with NATO pushing its presence all the way up to Russia's border and pushing Ukraine's neighbor-friendly government out and its menfolk into a cannon. America laid the table for war and acted surprised when they got their just desserts from Russia.

Now NATO matériel lies humiliated on the steppes of Ukraine and NATO men are too scared to even take the field (officially). For the first time, the borders of White Empire have been pushed back, which is catastrophic for what is fundamentally a Ponzi scheme. Ukraine has lost half of Ukraine and its actual enemies in the West are publicly abandoning hope of reclaiming it.

The American military-industrial complex made a big show of 'helping' Ukraine while merely helping itself. What we have here is a moment of 'naked lunch', what William Burroughs described as “the frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.” America hasn't faced a peer army since World War II, and now they have in Russia, and lost. This ruins what is most essential for running this planetary extortion racket, which is appearances. Now the entire western world is beginning to see what the rest of the world has known, because it's happening to (honorary) white people in Europe.

Modern American has never won a war, its matériel has been historically defeated by men with ball bearings and balls for decades, and its men have no place training anybody in anything except war crimes and deploying fully operational Burger Kings within 24 hours. America marketed Ukraine as a display of its superior firepower, but Russia has burnt their fingers to stubs. America has lost in Ukraine like it has lost everywhere else in living memory, leaving nothing but a trail of unnecessary dying to make some share prices go up.

Colonization is, at its core, a Ponzi scheme. As long as colonization keeps expanding, the scheme keeps going, but the minute it starts contracting, it's curtains. Colonization is either expanding or collapsing, it is inherently too unsustainable for any form of stasis. As Woody Allen wrote, “A [abusive] relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”

Thus the white-supremacist gun buyers club cum extortion racket called NATO worked as long as it was expanding. As long as it devoured former Soviet satellites and organized periodic murder tours of the Global South, it seemed like a fun club to join, and a dangerous one to be without. But the minute NATO picked on someone its own size vis-à-vis Russia, the jig was up. America fucked around and Europeans found out.

In a petulant fury against its most pathetic province, America blew up Germany's energy pipelines and cut the jumped-up peninsula of Europe off from the continent it's actually in (Asia). And the Europeans just took it, like the bratty spoils of World War II that they are. Europeans thought they were partners in White Empire, but they're just pathetic patsies, left holding the bag for the American barbarians they scorn. As Henry Kissinger said, hypothetically, “It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal.” We now know that this is just true.

America had been sock-puppeting the states of Europe quite convincingly for decades, but now they've extended their reach too far. Europe was the left hand of whiteness, and—in both Ukraine and Palestine—its fingers have been bitten clean off. Note that I haven't even mentioned America's loss of the Red Sea to Yemen and the loss of all moral authority in Palestine, where America is trying to flick off the whole world with a bloody stub. America has lost the entire eastern front and has, in fact, been in total retreat since Afghanistan. They are losing not one but two land wars in Asia, and are trying to start another one for good measure, on their Western front.

The Right Hand Of Whiteness

Europe thinks it's the right hand of Empire, but it's really a vestigial limb, the old tail of imperialism, thinking it's wagging the dog. All of the productive and reproductive capacity—of ships, of microchips, of shiphands—is in East Asia, to America's west. America doesn't make things in the 13 or 50 continental colonies anymore, it has outsourced most production to Asia and secured its supply lines through the mass colonization of islands in the Pacific.

Thus the red right hand of whiteness extends through the stolen colony of Hawaii through colonized islands to the factory colonies of Japan and South Korea. Australia is just an ‘aircraft carrier with kangaroos,’ as Caitlin Johnstone says, couped in 1975 when they dared contemplate independence. America's poisonous tentacles stretch along the Pacific, holding many testicles in its wake. Taiwan is just the latest nutless wonder, dressed up for human sacrifice thinking it's a wedding. America still officially acknowledges that Taiwan as a part of China, while unofficially goading them into oblivion. Both Taiwan and Ukraine are the bastard children of White Empire, unacknowledged and thrown into battle first.

As China's founder Mao Zedong told the Palestinians in 1965, “Imperialism is afraid of China and of the Arabs. Israel and Formosa [Taiwan] are bases of imperialism in Asia. You are the gate of the great continent and we are the rear. They created Israel for you, and Formosa for us. Their goal is the same.” Just add in Ukraine, split off from good relations with Russia to be a splinter in the bear for bear-baiting's sake. In the same way, Taiwan is just propped up to poke the dragon, with absolutely no concern for its people's well-being or safety, they're just pawns in a game played by a brain-dead hegemon out of muscle memory more than anything.

The only thing that matters to Empire is Empire, everything else is just marketing. What really matters is production, which has been largely outsourced to East Asia including—and this is the big problem now—to China. To understand this problem, it helps to understand G.K. Chesterton's fence parable. Wherein he says,

There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

In the 1970s, Richard Nixon built a bridge to China (and a fence against Russia) for clearly articulated reasons. Now both Biden and Trump have torn down that bridge for reasons they can't articulate. I've read Trump's policy documents and they're based on the assumption that 'China Bad' with no explanation. Biden has just followed this anti-China policy, adding Russia for bad measure. There's no point asking Biden why, his old policy page returns a 404, like his brain. This is seriously what comes up if you look for the old 'Joe's Vision' page on his website:

What these idiots have done with their imperial inheritance is precisely what Nixon warned (and acted) against. They have united China and Russia at the height of their powers, precisely why the fence was there in the first place. You don't need to take my word for it, just ask Dead Richard Nixon, the architect of the policy and best to articulate it.

As Tricky (but not thicky) Dick said in 1983:

Bluntly, I would summarize it all with this simple way: what brought us [the US and China] together was not the fact that we had common ideas or ideals, but that we had common interests. Our interests brought us together; our ideas would keep us apart. As long as those interests draw us together, we have to learn to live with the differences in our ideas. That's also true of the Russians.

As he went on, speaking with a level of detail completely foreign to modern talking heads,

What happened there was that Mao Zedong and, in this case, Zhou Enlai made a command decision. That despite the fact that ideologically the United States was their major enemy—we're a capitalist country, they're a communist country—that, as far as their strategic interests were concerned, that a new association with the United States was absolutely essential. Because, while we disagreed totally on ideology, we had one common concern. And that was the growing Soviet threat. The threat [to?] China and its expansionism in other areas. And the Chinese knew that there was no country in the world except the United States that would be able to contain that threat in the event it were aimed at China. And that was what brought us together in one sense, but I should go further than that.

I reproduce Nixon at length not because he isn't better off dead, but because he at least had some sense of realpolitik, which is literally a foreign word nowadays. Nixon was, in historical context, a left-wing American President. That's how far right (and wrong) the whole foreign policy apparatus has gone. In his time, Nixon supported affirmative action and the Clean Air Act, like a total shitlib. He founded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, total socialist shit for workers and ducks. Nixon also worked with the total commies in the Communist Party of China, as we're discussing.

This is all verboten in modern American politics, which is a bust-down Baskin-Robbins that only has two flavors left, Vanilla Supremacy or Nazi Neapolitan. You can get your fascism with extra white chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, but you're getting fascism. If you don't like it, then you can get a boot to the neck and your health insurance cut off. Nixon was, in hindsight, evil but not irrational, people of different ideologies could at least talk to him.

Today the ideological difference with China and Russia is the only thing that matters and it's considered treasonous to think otherwise, or to think at all, really. John Mearsheimer—the modern advocate of American realpolitik—wanders around the wilderness doing random podcasts while the dumbest motherfuckers in policy fail upwards. It's easy to forget that realpolitik used to be the main theme of American foreign policy. People like Nixon really believed in it, and acted accordingly. As he said, again in 1983,

I always come through with this theme. Even if there were no Soviet Union, it was essential that the United States move now, and move when it did I should say, in rapprochement with China and the reason for that is, fundamentally, that one-fourth of all the people in the world live in the People's Republic of China. It has enormous natural resources. And the Chinese people, as Chinese, are among the most capable people in the world. Look what they've done in Taiwan (in non-communist areas), in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Singapore. Thailand. San Francisco, you name it. Once that power is mobilized, it is going to be an enormous force in the world. For good, or for bad [sayeth Satan].

This sort of rational calculation is anathema in modern American politics. They just sanction/bomb first and ask questions never. Are we sanctioning an important trade partner? Are we threatening a vital military supplier? Who gives a fuck? Just push the button and get on the news about it.

Thus America finds itself in the world Nixon predicted. Where China has mobilized its productive capacity and is an enormous force. Nixon et al saw this coming and tried to position America favorably, but his vapid successors somehow missed the Cold War and restarted it in a much more disadvantageous conditions. America is no longer capable of preventing China's rise, they're just accelerating their own fall out of sheer cussedness. As Nixon said, channeling another dead dickhead,

I think de Gaulle hit it, in his usual way, in 1969 most effectively, when he said, cryptically, better for you to recognize China now when they need you, than to wait until later, when their power is such that you would need them. And so, in order to build the kind of a world that we want our grandchildren to live in, in the 21st century, it was essential that the United States—the most powerful and the prosperous nation in the free world—have a new relationship with the People's Republic of China.

I bring these war criminals out of the crypt not because they're particularly smart but simply because they were not dumb. American politics now seems to attract and cultivate the dumbest people in the country, culminating in the election of Donald Trump, who burnt Nixon's bridge to China without thinking twice about it (even once would, I suppose, be ambitious).
Trump and Nixon in 1989

Trump tore down the Chesterton fence without checking what the 'fence' was there for. This was precisely the historical conflagration Nixon was trying to avoid, and his heirs—being both evil and irrational—just walked into it. At this point in the 21st Century, huge amounts of trade is flowing across the bridge Nixon built to China—MAGA hats, iPhones, vital military supplies—and Trump started putting up checkpoints without thinking. This policy—being both haphazard and slow—has cost the American consumer and given China plenty of time to adapt (a process they had already started with their Belt and Road projects, creating markets in the Global South). Trump's sudden shift in China policy was both poorly thought out and badly executed. And Biden made things much worse.

Remember that—according to Nixon—“while we disagreed totally on ideology, we had one common concern. And that was the growing Soviet threat.” Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, America allied with China to counter the USSR. It was a marriage of convenience, not conviction. And Trump just threw a Molotov cocktail at the whole thing, without questioning what it was there for. To this perilous political situation, Biden just added gasoline. He attacked the Russians also, throwing China and Russia together. Preventing this grand Asian alliance was why Nixon's 'fence' was there in the first place, and these two idiots just defenestrated the whole project of centuries without thinking. And so we end up in Nixon's nightmare scenario, which he had already thought through. As Dick said then,

And finally I would say, for some of those who object to that initiative, if it had not been undertaken and if China—due to the fact that they did not have any guarantee of their security from the United States vis-à-vis the Soviet—had been forced back under the Soviet umbrella, the geopolitical relationship and balance in the world would be almost hopelessly against us at this time. It was necessary to do for that reason, but apart from that, it was essential to do for the next century.

According to Nixon, the point of extending America's right hand to China was not merely that they were becoming powerful, but that a China allied with Russia would be indomitable. And now America finds itself in the hopeless situation he warned about. Like the Nazis, America had to avoid a two-front war at all costs but—also like the Nazis—they walked into one out of sheer racism and hubris. Thus—while Empire's left hand is getting bitten off in the Middle East—they have shoved their right hand back into their own pocket, where they're finding only lint and dust where their economy was. America can't even attack China without vital military supplies from China. What are these people even talking about? They speak loudly and carry a stick that reads MADE IN CHINA.

'Tis But A Flesh Wound!

If you understand this shape of White Empire—a zombie with tendrils across the Pacific and a sneaky hand up the ass of the Mediterranean—you can see how it falls apart. Like the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail, White Empire is getting its limbs chopped off one by one, screaming ‘tis but a flesh wound!’ all the way.

After winning the Cold War by default, they overreached by stretching their extortion racket NATO all the way to Russia's border. Now their old enemy is reincarnated and humiliating them on the steppes of Ukraine. After losing their Terror Wars by sheer exhaustion, they have obviously over-promised to 'Israel', which will not exist much longer than this decade. The entire left arm that Empire stretched across the Atlantic has been severed, a fact they try to hide behind prosthetic proxies in vain.

Despite 'saving' Japan and South Korea from the commies, they lost China, and now China is winning the great game by simply existing. China is already the world's richest country by PPP and is such a military-industrial power that America's own military-industrial complex depends on it for vital supplies. As much sabre rattling as they do in China's direction, if Chinese ships stop coming, America can't make sabres anymore. The warmongering around Taiwan is an idiotic charade, America can't start such a big two-front war, let alone finish it.

Once you see this shape of Empire, you can see how it dissolves into utter shapelessness. America ends not with the succession of Texas, but with the collapse of the outer provinces, across the invisible White Empire that extends to the left through Europe and 'Israel' and to the right via Japan, South Korea, etc.

In the end (which is nigh), America won't be killed by its moral or military bankruptcy, it would merrily throw even more principles and proxies into the bonfire for a little extra heat. In the end, a Great Depression level crash will hit them, they'll implode, and the distant vassals will vacillate and vacate the premises. And then Texas will secede. The collapse of the 'United' States is in fact the last stage of imperial collapse, which is a much bigger thing called White Empire, contained in a planetary collapse that would take it down anyways. Both hands of this Empire are now tied, its brain is now dead, and it never had a heart in the first place. And so it ends. As the Bard said, “Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”