Biden's Disastrous Debate

Just a random screengrab. It's all bad. They're not sending their best

At this point, America is running on genocidal autopilot—like a Boeing 737 MAX—straight into the ground. Biden's debate performance showed the 'center' what everyone to the left and right had been saying for months. Biden is old, has had bad COVID or some other disabling event, and is not fit for the job. In fact, neither candidate would be considered fit for most jobs in America (Trump as an old felon, Biden as merely old) but this is who they're running for President. The whole thing would be a farce if it weren't so tragic for the world. At this point, Biden is effectively brain-dead, but it unfortunately doesn't stop him from killing tens of thousands of people, many if not most of them children.


After the debate, if you zoomed in, Biden literally had to be walked off-stage by his wife, who later praised him for 'answering all the questions' like a kindergartner. Unfortunately, Biden's answers were at best incoherent and at median agonizing. It was like watching ChatGPT reanimating your dead grandfather, who was a horrible person. Biden is a Frankenstein's monster animated by political consultants, but now everyone can say that he's just a dead man walking and the pitchforks are out.

In what I call the 'consultant's coup' the roundtable of political insiders on CNN immediately got the knives out. With weirdly incriminating admittances that they were 'friends' with Biden, people across the privatized propaganda networks stuck numerous forks in him cause he's done. David Axelrod—inexplicably wet for some reason—said that he should drop out, and everyone seemed to concur. Well-paid psychopaths like Tom Friedman and Nicholas Kristof said Biden was a good man but should still drop out. I don't know how someone committing a genocide is a good man, these are all wicked people concerned about appearances above all. The only thing they value is 'optics' and the 'optics' here are definitely not good.

Bad 'optics' just means that the propaganda isn't working. The US system has to present some feasible 'choice' every election, to keep the illusion that they're a democracy going. The entire American system is based on the idea that duopolies or oligopolies are not monopolies, and that choosing between getting shot or stabbed is actually very important and good. It's like the Luxottica mafia, where different glasses shop in the mall are actually owned by the same company, which sucks. Same goes for the 'optics' business in politics. It's a charade which works as long as people can't see it. But 80 million Americans visibly saw that they were conned tonight, and it ain't a good look.

The deeper historical fact is that America has always been ruled by property (ie, Corporate AI) and once you understand this everything makes much more sense. As the late Gore Vidal (shout-out Tor Guttorm Syvertsen) said, “There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.” At founding only propertied white men could vote and they still rule the roost, even once the Whigs came off. These inchoate interests must coalesce around a human person every four years, but this is just another corporate spokesman. Americans will have huge battles in the Cable-TV Colosseum about which group to beat and what to do with their genitalia, but nothing that messes with business as usual gets messed with at all. Just as any company uses humans in its marketing campaigns, America Inc uses humans in its political campaigns.

The only requirement is that the human be alive, which Joe Biden failed in public today. The 'LIVE' next to Joe Biden's image on the TV screen was his goal for the next 90 minutes and, while he did not actually die, his campaign did. The consultant's coup was on him immediately, in a string of Op-Eds that certainly looked pre-planned in their sameness. Honestly it all looks like a campaign—like they executed in Ukraine or Pakistan or even Sri Lanka—to subvert any human votes and let the machine just choose the candidate themselves.

Liberal democracies all over the world are not even pretending to pretend anymore, unelected leaders are currently running the UK and the EU into the ground, not to mention all the places they've couped or corrupted (Peru and Pakistan, most notably). In the Heart of Whiteness itself, Democratic insiders have conveniently pushed someone they knew was senile through the primary process, nullifying all human votes. Now they can theoretically just select the candidate themselves at an 'open' convention. It's certainly not open to voters, who are increasingly superfluous and not even marketed to. As David Goldman said:

Call it the fool's-based international order: Every government of a major Western country is in chaos. Biden is an embarrassment. Kishida [Japan, I had to look this up] polls at 21%. Macron's party got 15% of the vote in the June 9 European Parliament elections, and the three German coalition parties together got 30%. Britain's Tories poll at 20%. Nothing like this has ever happened before-1968 comes closest. Our Atlanticist elite is dragging the world kicking and screaming into a place it doesn't want to go, and electorates are rebelling.

There are certainly conspiracies afoot, but these are conspiracies of dunces and perhaps impossible to untangle with intelligence. How can analysis untangle what people are just pulling out of their asses? How can humans understand what corporations are really doing? It's like trying to understand 'how' ChatGPT works. It's kinda a black box, and it's literally making stuff up as it goes along. This is how the Corporate AI ruling America rolls. Who the fuck knows? The only thing that's certain is that it's more stupid and evil than you could imagine.

No 'one' is running America anymore, it's just running on autopilot, like the aforementioned Boeing 737 MAXes. Those planes had some shitty programming to push the nose down if some sensors go off, and America has some shitty programming to just bomb places if they sense any perturbation in the force. Which is precisely what 'Biden' is doing, from Ukraine to Palestine he's just immediately bombing like he has no strategy, because he actually doesn't. America was always genocidal but they had some good marketing around it. But now the packaging is peeling off and it's just naked violence. The Empire has no clothes.

As Andy Boreham said, “The ONLY shocking thing about the presidential debate is the sheer amount of Americans who saw a rambling, lost, senile Joe Biden for the first time ever. Again: US-Americans are among the most highly propagandized in the world. It took live TV to wake them up.” Even that 'waking up' is only into another level of nightmare. As Tamara Nassar said, “The real scandal is that if Biden were functionally less senile, a full-blown genocide would not have disqualified him in the eyes of US liberals.”

The night of the long whines that followed the debate was about how Biden looked, and not what he's been doing in plain sight for nine months now, which is committing genocide most foul. As Caitlin Johnstone said, the scariest thing is not the Biden is not fit to run for President, but that he is President right now. I'll repeat it again because it repeats every day. I still see a dozen dead children before breakfast. I have actually written that post twice because it keeps happening.

Biden is conducting a genocide right now, while he can't even conduct himself off stage. What the fuck is even happening? 'Who' is even doing the killing here? Don't tell me 'Israel' is controlling America, 'Israel' is just a money-laundering scheme for the military-industrial complex. It's like the spirit of America's founding rapists is really coursing through Joe Biden, doing one last round of misidentified 'Injun' killing for the road. As I've mentioned, America is a living (more specifically, dying) version of the trolley problem, where the genocidal trolley is conducting itself. It runs over people irregardless, but you can choose what sex acts to perform inside the trolley. This is late-stage Empire I guess. Decadence, destruction, and visible decrepitness.

America, like Biden, is reverting to its base programming, which is genocidal violence. There is visibly no one in charge, and yet there is enough ammo in that arsenal to kill thousands if not millions of people on the way down. And that ammo is assets to military-industrial complex, they want to capitalize on them. So unlike the communist USSR, which disassembled peacefully and democratically, America seems determined to go out the way they came in, with violence, slavery, and environmental destruction. I don't know what to say. As much grim satisfaction as it gives me seeing American crash and burn, I have family and friends in the plane and it's crashing directly into people like me in the Dirty South. Biden visibly died on stage tonight, and the main alternative is some other genocidal maniac. It's not clear who's running America at all, but it is clear where it's going. Straight into the ground, like a Boeing 737 MAX on autopilot.