How The White Empire Has No Clothes

René Magritte, Lot 113: Rene Magritte watercolor

The greatest trick White Empire ever pulled was convincing the world it didn’t exist. The next greatest trick White Empire pulled was convincing the world that it had clothes. Marvelous raiments of human rights, material wealth, democracy. All draped over nothing, of course, nothing to see here, but draped so beautifully. Try them on for yourself.

People have said that the Empire had no clothes for decades, but Donald Trump came out and showed us. Trump was the first honest American President. He was honestly dishonest, transparently corrupt, and candidly cruel.

Trump personified what Hannah Arendt called the growing prevalence of mob attitudes and convictions — which were actually the attitudes and convictions of the bourgeoisie cleansed of hypocrisy. As Aldous Huxley said, if the doors of perception were finally cleansed, we would see America as it is. Fucking idiotic. People have been saying this for years, but Donald Trump showed it. He flashed the world, sending unsolicited dick picks on Twitter every day. Can’t unsee them now.

RENE MAGRITTE, Untitled, from Aube à l’Antipode (K. & B. 8)

And yet Joe Biden is nothing more than an attempt at unseeing. A furious CTRL-ALT-Z, trying to get back to Obama time, to a time when you could drone the poor and bail out the rich and feel good about it. But those good times aren’t coming back. America is where the Weimar Republic was before, well, going full Nazi. And you never want to go full Nazi.

Harry Kessler wrote contemporaneous diaries at the time, which are remarkable. In May 1925 he said,

All the philistines are delighted about Hindenburg. He is the god of all those who long for a return to philistinism and the glorious time when it was only necessary to make money and accompany a decent digestion with a pious upward glance. They are waiting for Hindenburg to ‘consolidate’ conditions, meaning adjustment to Philistine standards. Farewell progress, farewell vision of a new world which was to be humanity’s conscience money for the criminal war. At long last, until the day the butcher arrives and demands his toll, it is going to be possible once more to live cosily as a stuffed sheep or gorged goose.
René Magritte, Shéhérazade

After the 2020s as after the 1920s, the butcher will arrive and demand his toll. People are not learning from history despite it rhyming so obviously. If anything, we’re on an accelerated schedule. As Kessler wrote in 1933. “At two o’clock Max came to lunch and brought with him the news of Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor. I was astounded. I did not anticipate this tum of events, and so quickly at that. Downstairs our Nazi concierge inaugurated exuberant celebrations.”

The truth is that Trump was not an aberration. He truly represented the id of a nation. Empire wants to be naked. It wants to let its’ nuts breathe. It wants to hit, it wants to rage, it wants to scream. As Arendt said, the mob longs to throw off the mask of bougie hypocrisy, to finally scream the hatred and anger hidden by ‘pious banalities’. As Arendt said,

“What the spokesmen of humanism and liberalism usually overlook, in their bitter disappointment and their unfamiliarity with the more general experiences of the time, is that an atmosphere in which all traditional values and propositions had evaporated (after the nineteenth-century ideologies had refuted each other and exhausted their vital appeal) in a sense made it easier to accept patently absurd propositions than the old truths which had become pious banalities,”

Her book On Totalitarianism explains the rise of Trumpism (which is treated as unexplainable, just foolishness, by American elites). Their continued misunderstanding of the conditions of Trumpism make its return inevitable, and on an accelerated schedule. Unlike the Weimar Republic—which actually enacted major social programs and arrested Hitler—America isn’t even trying to save its republic. Barbarians have already sacked the Capitol. Biden is just rotting in office—an insipid interregnum—and the spoils are just there for the taking.

René Magritte, Le monde poétique II

I digress, I guess, and perhaps the metaphors pile on too quick. We have an invisible empire, a visible idiot, and dick pics. My point here, as elsewhere, is just to direct you towards the evidence of your own eyes. Just look at America’s 800+ military bases and global dollar dominion and tell me it’s not an Empire. Look at where the bases are and tell me it’s not just an inheritance of the colonial empires of yore. Just look at Trump’s open degeneracy and tell me it’s not an evil empire too. Then look at Biden’s complete waste of time and tell me the Empire is not, in action, exactly as Trump was in words. Cruel, venal, and dumb.

We are living under an invisible White Empire, and the Empire has no clothes. Billions of dollars are devoted to spinning some media raiment out of thin air, but now the air itself is getting hot. We’ve heard it for decades, we’ve seen it for years, but now even eyes and ears are becoming irrelevant. You can feel it getting hot.

Centuries of imperialism have simply taken too much from people, planet, and the old gods of Earth itself. Now both White Empire and what it thought to rule over are giving out. I’m in London now and the very grass is scorched. To paraphrase DMX, it’s white and hell is hot. So hold on to your bowler hats. The invisible is about to get visibly fucked up real quick.