How White Empire Blames Everyone Else

The most powerful empire in human history is somehow completely powerless. Mexico makes them do drugs. Russia makes them elect idiots. Oligarchs make them launder money.

Somehow all the drugs, dumbasses, disease, and dirty money got pushed onto White Empire while they were innocently sitting there. Fentanyl just ran across the border and crawled into peoples veins. A few well placed Facebook ads made Americans lose their minds. And all those bankers just had to take the oligarch’s money.

Empire is the real victim here. It’s last call at the Imperial Bar, and these guys are sitting around, complaining and blaming everybody.


Take drugs. America—the capital of White Empire—attracts them like a black hole of despair. Yet this is somehow Mexico’s fault.

Donald Trump said migrants are ‘bringing drugs’ and Tucker Carlson still blames them for America’s opiate usage. Even America cinema makes it about scary cartels and drug dealers, and not about the wide range of ordinary Americans demanding drugs every day.

These heirs to the Romans are killing themselves, and blaming the servants.

The capital of White Empire is wrestling with terrible demons and they can’t seem to look in a mirror unless it’s full of cocaine. It’s their drug problem, but they have to find someone else to blame.

“This week we saw cold hard evidence of the Trump campaign, indeed the Trump family, eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with Russia.” Nancy Pelosi, 2017


This blame game goes both ways. Faced with the embarrassment of Trump, Democrats concluded that this most American idiot must somehow be Russia’s fault.

It’s the flip-side of Trump blaming Mexico for drugs. The Democrats blame Russia for Trump.

The idea is that Russia somehow lobotomized American democracy with a few judicious leaks and Facebook ad buys. As if American democracy wasn’t braindead before.

The truth is that American media gave Trump billions in free airtime. Americansocial media companies enabled him all the way. And Americans voted for him. This is an American guy. Corrupt, colluding with all sorts of people, absolutely. Like I said, an American guy.

As Hannah Arendt said (about Nazis), Trump’s attitudes “were actually the attitudes and convictions of the bourgeoisie cleansed of hypocrisy.”

Hannah Arendt’s On Totalitarianism. I’ve written more about how America could go totalitarian here

Part of that hypocrisy is the idea that foreign election meddling is some pearl-clutching crime. In fact it’s something America does all the time. As Dov H. Levin said,

The U.S. has intervened in the most elections between 1946 to 2000: 81 elections in total, followed by the Soviet Union/Russia with 36 examples of interference.

So honestly, cry me a river. Plenty of smaller countries deal with American meddling all the time.

The truth is that Trump is as American as McDonald’s apple pie. It’s artificial, it’s bad for you, and god knows what goes into it, but that’s America. It’s not borscht in disguise.

Dark Money

The delusion within Empire is that everybody else is corrupt, and that they just coincidentally come to London and New York to park their money. Cause the schools are nice.

To really understand corruption, you need to follow the money. Forget where the money is being stolen from, look at where it ends up. That’s the den of thieves.

All the blood money in the world flows into places like London, New York, and Monaco. It buys empty flats on Billionaire’s Row, football clubs in England, it flows through fancy banks like Credit Suisse and HSBC, gets laundered through fancy schools like Harvard and Oxford, even buys peerages from the OG oligarch, the British Queen. Empire even maintains a web of colonial islands specifically for money laundry.

Then they publish ‘corruption perception indexes’ pointing the finger at Africans and Russians (ie the populations getting robbed) while White Empire and its colonies are holding the fucking money. This is the final act of money laundry.

Like it was throughout colonialism, the money gets sucked into the heart of empire, the ‘savages’ get blamed, and the bankers and wankers get laundered clean. It’s called ‘dark’ money, but the truth is as white as can be.

The Paradox Of Power

The paradox of Empire is that it’s supposed to be all-powerful, yet also under mortal threat from its enemies. It’s supposed to be responsible for world peace, but completely irresponsible for war. The crazy thing is that the paradox works, as long as it delivers some sort of prosperity.

People will believe any story as long as it puts food on the table, but today we’re entering a period of global food insecurity, climate collapse, and what seems like World War III. We increasingly have neither food nor tables, and these fables look more and more obscene.

If we take them at their word, White Empire is already powerless. They’re being forced to do drugs by Mexico. They’ve lost control of their own democracy to Russia. They’ve been corrupted by oligarchs and undone by disease. Hell, the barbarians have already sacked the Capitol.

What kind of empire is this even? They’re just the last drunks left at the Imperial Bar, whining about how everyone screwed them over, and how great they used to be.

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