America Is Just Corrupt

America loses wars for arms dealers and prolongs pandemics for drug companies. The whole society is corrupt

Why does America start wars? Why do they monopolize vaccines? Why don't they fight climate change? Why do they do all these dumb, evil things, which are ultimately self-defeating? The answer is simple. Just follow the money.

For each idiotic injustice, somebody gets rich. Arms dealers makes billions from not winning wars. Drug companies makes billions from not ending the pandemic, Fossil fuel companies make billions from not fighting climate change. Just pay off the politicians and bureaucrats and it's all good. There's nothing exceptional here, it's just corruption.

The Story

This simple observation explains America's behavior well. Corruption connects everything from vaccine apartheid to forever wars to the exploitation of their own people. American corruption, however, is nearly impossible for Americans to understand. People don't live in numbers and we don't follow facts. We live in a story, and we follow that.

The American story is that they're the most free country in the world (despite imprisoning the most people). The story is that they're the strongest country in the world (despite losing every war). The story is that they're the most advanced, the envy of the world (despite having terrible infrastructure and life expectancy that's going down).

This story is not true, but it makes people feel good. To accept the truth would be to accept that their country sucks, and almost no American can do that. But the truth is nonetheless clear. Forget the story and read the accounts. See who profits from each delusion above.

America has an entire prison industry built around destroying freedom. Expensive cops catch human beings, put them in cages (often privatized), and turn them into slave labor. This is incredibly socially destructive, but it makes money for a few people. That's the point. That's always the point. Remember that.

America has an entire military-industrial complex built around losing wars. Arms dealers walk out of Halliburton (Dick Cheney) or Raytheon (current Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin) and buy weapons from their own companies. Then they drop the most expensive bombs on the poorest people and watch their stock portfolios explode. Does this make the country stronger? Lol no, but who cares? There's more money in losing.

America does this across multiple industries. Healthcare, education, transporation, these all become capitalist playgrounds, even if it makes no sense for the population. Americans pay more to get less and at the end of the day they  have just a story about greatness to keep them warm. Their country is actually shit.

The Numbers

The actual story the numbers tell is a very simple one. This is America's governing creed:

Fuck you. Pay me.