The War On Afghanistan Was A $2 Trillion Scam

America just pumped-and-dumped an entire country

“The top 5 military contractors ate $2 trillion during the Afghanistan War” via Stephen Semler

The American war on Afghanistan was a $2 trillion scam. Somebody pocketed all that money, and it certainly wasn't the people of Afghanistan. That amount is 115 years of Afghan GDP, and it mostly went to arms dealers, the corrupt US military, and corrupt US politicians. Meanwhile the Taliban gets to keep the weapons. This wasn't just a waste, it was a gigantic fraud.

Afghanistan was not an isolated incident. This is the American war machine, working as intended, grinding bones and printing blood money. America has reduced war to one simple fact: war costs money and somebody's gonna get paid. This is their galaxy brain idea, starting wars with no objective just to make money for arms dealers. You don't even have to win. In fact, it's better if you spend 20 years losing. That's the beauty of the scam.

Just follow the money. American taxpayers have been defrauded well over $6.4 trillion in their wars 'of' terror alone. People keep saying this money was 'lost' or 'wasted' but it didn't go nowhere. American people had their pockets picked while saluting the flag. This is what America does. This is who they are. The vaunted American military is a fraud.

A Simple Scam

It's a simple scam, really.

  1. Pick some random poor country (and get your people to hate it)
  2. Attack it
  3. Profit

The entire war machine is an endless grift. Donors throw a little money at Congressmen, Congressmen throw infinite money at the military, and some poor person ends up crushed under a $25,000 bomb. What does it accomplish? Who cares? We made money on the bomb.

In Afghanistan, the waste was insane(ly profitable). The American military transported fuel via helicopter. They kept every single car, truck, and tank idling 24 hours a day. They spent $1 million dollars per soldier shipping Burger Kings, gyms, and bottled water across the Arabian Sea. Nobody cared. The government just kept giving money and the military kept spending it. War machine go brrrr. It wasn't their money and it's wasn't their lives. It was all a bloody scam.

From a 2019 Afghanistan document dump which everyone has forgotten about

America invading Afghanistan was just like the mafia taking over a legitimate business and bleeding it dry. The American military is just a global racket of torturers and thugs, doing bust-outs on an international scale.