How The NYTimes Just Made Up Terrorism For Clicks

The journalistic fraud of Rukmini Callimachi

The “new model’ looks a lot like just making shit up

In The Departed, Matt Damon is a cop that’s cracked the case (with fake evidence lol). He’s really working for the mob. His nominal boss Alec Baldwin sits in front of a bowl of ice water, looking exhausted.

“Yeah, but cui bono? Who benefits?” he asks.

Matt looks bewildered.

“Cui gives a shit? It’s got a friggin’ bow on it,” he says.

Alec smiles and makes the sign of the cross in front of his face.

“I think you are a cop, my son,” he says, and dunks his face in the water.

The cops get a collar. The mob eliminates a rival. Everybody wins. Well, that’s not quite right. Everybody on screen wins. The poor schmucks off screen are screwed.

This same scene has recently played out in the glass offices of the New York Times. A hotshot reporter peddled a blockbuster terrorism story (based on a fake source lol). Here’s how it went down. I have a source that was in the room. I met them in an OnlyFans chatroom and boy have they got some crazy stories.

I reproduce this because the captions are hilarious. Juicy collection should be for Juicy Couture

The Times

So Callimachi sits in front of International Editor Joe Kahn. She’s got a hot ISIS source — he has tales of cutting off heads, arterial blood spray, the works. Hot terrorism tattle. Leaving aside the biased idea of ‘terrorism’ at all, however, this source just doesn’t check out. No one at the Times can verify that he was in Iraq or Syria at all.

Callimachi shrugs and says,

“Cui gives a shit? It’s got a friggin’ bow on it.”

If the lurid stories run, the NYTimes gets subscribers and cash. The US military gets a scary enemy to bomb. ISIS gets recruits. The source gets major validation.

Who benefits?

Certainly everyone in the room. Kahn, Editor Dean Baquet, Callimachi’s career. Terrorists doing terrible things? Terrified white people love it. It’s like lurid tales of a slave rebellion. Ooooh, the scary Muslims.

The depiction of Nat Turner’s Rebellion. White people love stories of darkies gone wild

Like she said, it’s got a friggin’ bow on it.

Nobody even asked cui bono? at all (my source told me, they showed me a photo of New York so I believe them). Instead Kahn just stood up and made the dollar sign in front of Callimachi’s face.

“I think you are new model of a New York Times reporter, my daughter,” he said, and dunked his nose, inexplicably, into his coffee.

Moving away from my single source, who may or many not have been on the continent, let’s see how the New York Times itself reports the fallout:

The presentation [Caliphate] carried an obvious, if implicit assumption: the central character of the narrative wasn’t making the whole story up.
That assumption appeared to blow up a couple of weeks ago, on Sept. 25, when the Canadian police announced that they had arrested the man who called himself Abu Huzayfah, whose real name is Shehroze Chaudhry, under the country’s hoax law. The details of the Canadian investigation aren’t yet public. But the recriminations were swift among those who worked with Ms. Callimachi at The Times in the Middle East.
“Maybe the solution is to change the podcast name to #hoax?” tweeted Margaret Coker, who left as The Times’s Iraq bureau chief in 2018 after a bitter dispute with Ms. Callimachi.

This isn’t the first time Callimachi’s reporting has blown up. She has previously written stories based on fake documentation and single sketchy sources. This is a pattern of journalistic grift, titillating white audiences with scary darkies, discovered by their intrepid reporter. This is not coverage of terrorism. It is terrorism. Keeping people terrified.

White fear has led to an endless Terror War that has killed over 1 million and displaced over 37 million people, most of them Muslim. While terrorists attacks are the spark, it is the media that gives them worldwide oxygen, making them into a roaring flame. This media coverage recruits for both ISIS and the white militaries.

Meanwhile, for the powerful editors in the room it’s just clicks and cash. The New York Times is the place that brought you ‘enhanced interrogation’, they’re not inherently attached to the reality of foreign bodies. We’re just stories, preferably written in blood, obviously told by a white person. For Callimachi this grift is her entire career.

So the New York Times approves the podcast, and it’s a blockbuster. It’s so big that it influences policy. As a result of the terrorism scare that Callimachi gins up (likely from whole cloth) there are real consequences. There is so much concern that Canadian women and children are left behind in Kurdish refugee camps. She has literally hurt children with this fraud.

Everyone on screen is happy. Everyone off-screen is screwed.

The Terror-Industrial Complex

It’s important to understand that terrorism is not an act. I live in the country that invented modern suicide bombing. We’ve had at least 37 major attacks in my lifetime (settled now). Terrorism is a cycle. You get recruitment, attack, response, and then it repeats. It’s keeps repeating. Terrorism doesn’t take land, it just takes over your mind. Most directly through the media.

It’s a multi-national grift. ISIS manufacturers terror, the NYTimes advertises it, and America uses it to occupy the world. It’s a simple cycle, but the NYTimes has found a way to make it simpler still.

The galaxy brain idea is — What if there isn’t even terrorism at all? What if we just make it up? This is accomplished as easily through incompetence as outright lies, and with much better deniability.

It’s perfect. Any ISIS hanger-on can just give (or sell) fake info to Callimachi and it gets laundered through the NYTimes. ISIS gets recruits, America gets their enemy and the NYTimes gets their scoop. Driving around safely in their cars, white people have a reason to be scared.

It’s the final evolution of terrorism. All the terror, without the terrorism.

Fake terror, real lives

Let me be clear, Callimachi has just been making stuff up. And no, ‘making mistakes’ is not an excuse. That’s why journalism is paid and gossip isn’t. The Times is at least supposed to vet this. Instead they published stories other outlets wouldn’t publish. They published sources they couldn’t back up. They ignored numerous red flags around Callimachi, for years. These aren’t mistakes. This is malpractice. This is fraud. The NYTimes has fanned the fires of terrorism for clickbait, getting very real people killed.

This is why I say that the NYTimes supports terrorism. Just see the Canadian legal argument. The Muslim guy was arrested on the following grounds:

“Hoaxes can generate fear within our communities and create the illusion there is a potential threat to Canadians, while we have determined otherwise,” said stated Superintendent Christopher deGale, who heads the Toronto INSET.

Why are the fancy Americans walking free? How is what Callimachi and the Times did any different than what this man is charged with? Shouldn’t they be extradited and arrested as well? If anything, they are more directly involved, spreading this illusion all across the world.

Instead, the NYTimes is just investigating itself. They should let everyone in Guantanamo do that. They’ve said that Callimachi’s fraud ‘casts a shadow’ over the New York Times. Tell that to the people living forever under the shadows of drones.

As Jack Nicholson says in The Departed:

“When I was your age they said you could be cops or criminals. But when you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?”

When I was young ‘terrorism’ either happened or it didn’t. When it’s published in the New York Times, what’s the difference?