Why Trump Deserves To Come Back

Two decrepit vultures, fighting over the corpse of Empire, seeing who can drag more entrails

This would have blown my mind just two years ago, but Joe Biden is somehow worse than Donald Trump. Biden has gotten more people killed from COVID, come closer to starting World War III, impoverished more Americans, and starved more people abroad.

I know it sounds crazy because Trump looks as evil as he is, while Biden looks like a normal human being. But just look at what he’s done. By every measure, he’s worse, which I didn’t even think possible.

  • 600,000+ people have died preventably of COVID under Biden, compared to 412,000 under Trump. Their policies of ‘fuck it’ are now indistinguishable, except Trump gave people more support.
  • Biden has inflamed proxy war with a nuclear power, torching his own and Europe’s economy. Meanwhile, Trump has called for the only sane policy of de-escalation and negotiation.
  • Under Biden, child tax credits and stimulus checks have stopped, while evictions and student loan payments are restarting. The average American literally got checks with Trump’s signature on them, whereas from Biden they’re now getting nothing.
  • Biden stole Afghanistan’s foreign reserves, plunging much of the country into starvation. This is a historical crime against humanity. Trump was an open racist, but even he wasn’t so actively cruel.

Then take all the terrible Trump policies that Biden has just continued. He’s still building the border wall. He’s still continuing the trade war with China. He’s still kept Trump’s guy at the Federal Reserve. He’s still increasing police budgets and still supports attacking protestors.