Why Joe Biden Is Unpopular, According To Joe Biden

It’s no mystery why President Biden is so unpopular. Just ask Joe Biden. When he ran for office, candidate Joe campaigned on a bunch of common-sense policies. When he won, however, he just became a common politician. Lying, corrupt, and ineffective. He deserves to lose. He already ran the campaign against himself two years ago and it makes as much sense now as then.



By 2020, President Donald Trump had killed 220,000 with COVID-19, all preventable deaths. Candidate Joe rightly said, “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”He was right then and he’s right now.


Now, in 2022, President Joe Biden has killed over 600,000 Americans and rising. He ran on the promise to ‘end this’ but he hasn’t. He should be chased out of town. You can say it’s for this or that reason, but that’s not what Joe ran on. That’s not accountability. By his own logic, he should leave.


More than even Trump he has ignored science and corrupted the CDC. Whereas Trump just came out and said dumb shit about “let ‘er’ rip”, under Biden this is now policy. He’s dropped all controls, changed metrics so everything looks green, and reduced quarantine times to herd sick people back to work. Instead of health, Americans got rank hypocrisy.


I’ve made the point multiple times that Biden is actually worse on COVID than Trump, but that’s not even the point here. The point is that he’s worse than Joe Biden’s expectations. If the man had any dignity he’d take his own advice and leave.

Climate Collapse


Candidate Biden said “no more drilling on federal lands, period. Period, period, period.” I guess he meant an ellipse (…), because he’s proudly backed more fossil fuel production than Trump, including on federal lands.

Biden has even encouraged other countries to drill more, and in the Ukraine war moment that could have been an impetus for renewables, he just used it to drill baby drill.

As the world hurtles towards climate collapse, Joe Biden is hitting the gas. Candidate Joe said “The signs are unmistakable. The science is undeniable. The cost of inaction keeps mounting. The United States isn’t waiting. We are resolving to take action.”

Well, read the signs now. Joe Biden has increased emissions and put the US on a war footing to produce even more oil and natural gas. The science undeniably says we’re running out of time. And Biden is not just waiting, he’s accelerating. He’s taking action but in the completely wrong way. In short, he’s a sack of shit and he lied.



Candidate Joe Biden promised real, material benefits to American voters, but once he got elected, he ghosted on them all. Dude was supposed to deliver $2,000 checks, expand Medicare, and forgive student debt. He was supposed to be Santa Claus, but Americans got Krampus instead, the guy who loads kids into a sack and beats them with a stick.

Biden has ended the child poverty tax credit (increasing child poverty), resumed evictions, is resuming student loan payments, and is moving towards privatizing Medicare. Like everything else, he’s gone in the opposite direction of his campaign promises, ie he’s lied. It’s no wonder his approval rating has gone in reverse. Just ask Joe Biden.

It’s a funny thing that if you offer people material relief and then piss on them, they’ll stop liking you. As they should. In addition to betraying campaign promises, Biden has inflamed conflict in Ukraine, using sanctions (white word for siege warfare) to possibly tip the whole world into recession.

Rather than building back better, he’s now talking about food shortages and shared sacrifices, and for what? He was supposed to stop American forever wars, in realization of the fact that American meddling makes things worse. Instead, he’s funded the military more than ever and ramped up propaganda directed at the American people.


These are just a few examples of the many promises Joe Biden has broken. Marijuana decriminalization, global patent-free vaccines, black lives mattering,health care as a right, more press openness, no more kids in cages, no more racist mistreatment of refugees, it goes on and on. All the problems Biden campaigned against, he’s made them worse.

It makes sense that Biden’s approval rating is now as low as Trump’s worse. And that he loses to him in a head-to-head race now. Pundits are deceived by appearances, but people have felt his actions.

Biden has failed more on COVID-19, delivered less material relief, ‘monged more war, and continued the same failed policies on everything from immigration to climate collapse to the new Cold War with China. And it’s all baked in a lying hypocrisy that insults everyone’s intelligence. If you look at actual actions and consequences, Biden is somehow worse. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask Joe Biden. He’s said it all before.