Biden Is Worse Than Trump On COVID (Part 2)

I’m repeating myself because it keeps getting worse. Biden has killed more than twice as many people as Trump from COVID-19. Under Biden funding for testing, treating, vaccinating, and research is drying up. He stopped paying people to stay home. So the deaths are only going to get worse and worse, and these are just the American ones.

We’re talking millions of people dead in America and tens of millions disabled. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of casualties globally, because Biden has continued to obstruct vaccine production and besiege places like Iran and starve places like Afghanistan during a pandemic.

This is all blood and it’s all on Biden’s hands. As Lady Macbeth, a far more moral person, said:

Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh.

One Job

When Biden was running against Trump, I likened America’s choice to:

☐ NO

Biden was the ‘NO’ choice. Well, I was wrong. The choice was more akin to getting shot or stabbed. Americans were dead with either one. The real difference between Biden and Trump is just that Biden lies about being a good guy, while Trump didn’t give a fuck.

Just look at Biden’s campaign promises on COVID. All lies. None of this shit has happened:

This is shamefully still up on the Internet, from his campaign website

What actually happened?

  1. American households got sent a few tests, once, only after Jen Psaki slipped and openly scoffed at the concept.
  2. Biden has never invoked the Defense Production Act, not for PPE, not for anything.
  3. The CDC’s guidance has been completely corrupted by business, reducing quarantine to a non-scientific five days just so people go back to work.
  4. Funding for treatment and vaccines has completely dried up.
  5. Older and immunocompromised people have been told to get fucked. As Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC said: “The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least 4 comorbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with and yes, really encouraging news in the context of Omicron.”
  6. Pandemic defenses are inherently global, and besides the promised racism against China, that global cooperation budgets have also been cut.
  7. Instead of implementing mask mandates, Biden has lifted them. Current CDC regulations have nurses wearing inadequate surgical masks and hospitals telling people to take their N95 masks off.

Better Under Trump

The truth is—and believe me, this is shocking for me to say—the vaccine development, stay at home checks, eviction moratoriums, those all happened under Trump. While Biden continued bits of these policies, most of them he has stopped or let run out.

Meanwhile the pandemic, the underlying problem, has only gotten worse. Variants are now easily evading vaccines, meaning that vaccination needs to adapt, but no new vaccines have been released. There’s no operation Lightspeed under Biden, just ‘STFU and get back to work’.

Likely over a million Americans have died, leaving wide-open holes in families. This means economic holes, in the only language Biden would understand. Tens of millions of Americans are disabled, many of them permanently, making them unable to fully come back to the workforce, nevermind their god-given lives.

There is no relief for these casualties. They’re just left to suffer and die.

Trump was at least transparent about not giving a fuck about anybody else. Biden is more pernicious because he pretends to care, while even more people die. In many ways Biden ‘saying the right things’ has lulled people into a false sense of complacency, when under Trump it was clear they had to fight for their own lives.


People will say ‘of course Biden is better than Trump’ because Trump is so vulgar and crude. This is a superficial view. Americans love judging people on their intentions, but I’m not American. I just look at what these assholes do.

Biden himself said “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths [220,000 at the time, in 2020] should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Biden said a lot of things during his campaign that were good and true. But he hasn’t done them. In fact, he has made things worse. Forget his words for a second and look at the numbers. Over 550,000 deaths on his watch and rising. Then look past the number and see that these are lost souls, broken families, and yes, your precious economy too.

So what do you want me to say? His intentions were good? You want to inscribe that on other people’s tombstones? Fuck Joe Biden’s intentions. He had a job to do.

When he ran for office, Joe Biden looked straight at the American people and said “I will end this.” Well, that didn’t happen, unless you mean literally. He looked straight at 500,000 people that were living at the time, and said he’d end them. That part is true.

Joe Biden is not ending COVID. He’s ending you.

I have sadly written this before, and fear that I will soon write it again: How Biden Is Worse On COVID Than Trump