Why Americans Can't Just Abandon Red States

Most minorities live there

It's tempting to say 'fuck the red states', but the red states are full of colored people. Colored people existing is, in fact, the problem, and it's not limited to red states.

As Bree Newsome Bass says, and says again:

Blue State Rebels

When analyzing who participated in the January 6th insurrection, Robert Pape et al found that "the key county characteristic is that the counties with insurrectionists lost the most non-Hispanic White population."

White Americans (who choose to identify as such, you don't have to) know that demographics are changing and that they'll be a minority within decades at most. And so they rage, rage, against the dying of the White. This is why they're so angry about 'wokeness'. They want to hit the snooze button on this new reality and get back under the sheets.

The United States Constitution was designed to cement rule by rich, white, men, and they're not going without a fight. This isn't even the first fight. First the Civil War, then the Civil Rights Movement fought for the gift shop ideals of America, and each time the slave plantation struck back. First with Jim Crow and now with whatever the fuck this is.

Almost unfortunately, today is not like the last Civil War (though it's basically the same issue). The rebels are not in some demarcated 'red' area, they're in fact more likely to be from counties Biden won. You can't call the blue state cops or federal army on them. They are the cops and the army. The attack on the House literally came from inside the house.

As the University Of Chicago report says, "the common expectation that the insurrectionists are drawn from the reddest parts of the country is flawed."