White People Keep Looking For Hitler Everywhere But In The Mirror

Hitler rehearsing in the mirror (source)

I use 'white people' in this sense. If that bothers you, please think about whether you’re comfortable yelling out ‘white pride’ in public. If you’re not, then examine that feeling closer, and renounce your own whiteness.

Be a race traitor, and join the human race. It takes time, I know, but think about it. I don’t identify as brown.

It’s easy to forget that before World War II, the biggest evil in the world was the Western Allies. America was a totalitarian nightmare for black people, and a big inspiration for the Nazis. The UK, France, etc were brutal, racist empires with their boots on the neck of the world. Hitler looked at these empires and, frankly, felt left out.


'These photos, taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, were apparently intended to give the Führer an insight into how he looked to the German public.' (source)

Hitler saw the looting and pillaging of colonialism and thought “What’s left for Germany? We got scraps.” As he said in Mein Kampf:

Mein Kampf

Hitler’s great project, which he announced from the beginning, was the colonization of subhuman Slavs. Eastern Europe was the closest he could get to colonies without crossing water, which seemed to terrify him. At the time, honestly, most Europeans would agree that these people, especially Russians, were ‘not quite white’.

Hitler’s great sin, really, was pushing his violence not just onto ‘sorta’ white people but onto white people directly, occupying France et al. This was pretty standard European aggression, the world was fair game to them, but it was unforgivable applied to Europe itself.

As Aimé Césaire said in his Discourse On Colonialism:

“At bottom, what [white men] cannot forgive Hitler for is not crime in itself … it is the fact that he applied to Europe colonialist procedures which until then had been reserved exclusively for the Arabs of Algeria, the coolies of India, and the n — of Africa.”

Césaire, called this the boomerang effect, when colonial atrocities came home to roost. He said:

Discourse On Colonialism

People talk about European values or European civilization but as Césaire says, Europe is indefensible.” Hitler was not some European anomaly. He was just European values, turned inwards onto themselves.

As Césaire said in the 1950s, white people tolerated plenty atrocities as long as they were happening to non-white people. They were even proud of them. And you know what? It’s the same way still.

Becoming Hitler

“He had that ability which is needed to make people stop thinking critically and just emote.” (source)

Centuries of violently looting the world inevitably spilled into the racist peninsula they call ‘Europe’ not just once, but twice, obliterating much of their power (but not enough). World War I and World War II destroyed much of their power (but not enough), and from its ashes their conscience also got some release.

White Empire, inherited by America, was able to cover up its retreat by saying the savages were civilized enough now, that they were ‘gifting’ the natives the very ideas of human rights and democracy. They gaslit us victims to say we weren’t even capable of imagining freedom.

In this way, World War II provided a release for European guilt and shame. Despite all their centuries of evil, they could point to 12 years of Hitler and say ‘that was the bad guy’ and ‘we got him’. So they somehow got to be good guys again, absolved of all sin.

Genocidal killers like Winston Churchill could thus become heroes, despite running concentration camps in Kenya and causing genocidal famine in India, after World War II as well. We’re still making movies about how great Churchill was at giving speeches, while the millions he killed spin relentlessly in their graves.

The completely racist United States were able to become anti-racist heroes, a tale manufactured endlessly through their cinema. Suddenly the people who turned back ships full of Jews were saving the Jews all along. The people who Hitler spoke so admiringly off were actually his opposite.

But, I mean, that’s not what Hitler thought. Here is speaking about the role of race in citizenship. Look at who he cites as an example:

Mein Kampf, fucking worst

Then bear in mind that the United States continued legal segregation until the 1960s, that I grew up in a town where black people couldn’t live until the 1980s, and that practical oppression continues to this day.

These are not good people. These are just Nazis that won. They are certainly less bad than Nazis, but only in a very narrow way. As Césaire said, they did not apply ‘European colonialist procedures’ to Europe. But they certainly went on to colonize the Philippines, attack Korea, Vietnam, Guam, and coup and try to control countless places across the globe.

Then fast forward to the violent attacks and occupations of the post 9/11 wars. These are colonization by any other name, down to the logic that White Empire is ‘civilizing’ these people.

The fact is that for the actual world, World War II never ended. The White and Red Empires never stopped fighting, and countless hot wars and cold-blooded coups continued for decades, flaring up again after 2001 to a furious crescendo, killing millions and displace nearly 40 million people in America’s Terror Wars.

But world wars are only when white people are dying. Nobody even counts the dead or even calls these acts war for people like me. Only white people count.Them being violent to colored people doesn’t matter. That’s just… how the world is. That’s just the ordinary violence of white hegemony.

But as before the official world wars, eventually the stench starts to rise so high.The atrocities become too obvious. The natives become restless. A new Hitler is needed, to draw some of the heat. And so, dutifully, he appears.

Knock-Off Hitlers

'Hoffmann introduced Hitler to his then-studio assistant Eva Braun.' (source)

Saddam was a Hitler. He even had the moustache. He even invaded Kuwait, which could stand in for Czechoslovakia. And he used gas, it was an almost perfect symmetry. So the US besieged and starved the country for years, before finally putting it out of its misery.

At the same time they attacked Afghanistan, under the guise of stopping ‘terrorism’, a color-coded stand-in for fascism I guess. One made more potent through the media frenzy that “any day, it could happen to you!”

But after Bin Laden was killed, after the torture centers never closed, it all became increasingly grotesque. What were they even doing in Afghanistan, spending trillions of dollars killing poor people? And so last year, they pulled out.

You would think that their pundits would have learned something after such failure of good intentions, but no. The people that started war after war just kept getting promoted. You can only fail upwards in propaganda punditry.

And so when the country finally withdrew from just one war, these people howled like children whose toys were taken away. They weren’t even playing with it, but they’d be damned if war in Afghanistan was taken away!

They need a Hitler, they always has to be a Hitler! Otherwise they’d have to look in the mirror and see their own hypocrisy.

And so here’s Medium’s own Umair Haque, saying that America shouldn’t leave, that the Taliban, who could barely pay their soldiers, wanted to take over the world.

The Taliban’s goal is to re-establish an Islamic caliphate, to whatever extent it can. All over the world. And that means terrorism. It’s not just going to terrorise it’s own people. It’s going to terrorise us, too. Us, meaning, the West.

It’s a fucking joke, like everything is a Bond movie and every villain is always trying to take over the world. It’s a killing joke because millions of Afghan people are being starved right now, all so people like Umair can maintain this fantasy world.

The idea that the Taliban is imperial, as Umair calls it, is just a lie. We live in a unipolar world and there’s only one Empire with over 800 military bases and financial sieges encircling the world. And it’s not the fucking Taliban. We have a bunch of local terrors, but keep an eye on the Empire stitching its terror into one, global war.

Lets be honest. Saddam, Bin Laden, the amorphous Taliban, these are all knock-off Hitlers. White Empire requires the idea of someone worse than them so they can continue doing bad.

After fucking decades of this, however, the crowds are getting bored. They’ve seen it before. Beating up on poor Muslims was fun for a while, but come on, they long for the good old days, fighting the good old Red Empire.

And so White Empire kept expanding NATO long after the USSR fell, despite many strategists saying this was madness. Who was NATO fighting, after the Warsaw Pact fell? No one really, some random Muslims here and there. What they were really doing was looking for a fight.

And so after many warnings in 2008 and 2014—after so many strategists saying parking missiles next to Russia was as bad as the Cuban Missile Crisis—they finally got a real fucking war. Happening to real (honorary) Europeans. After prodding the bear long enough, Russia woke from its hibernation and lashed out at Ukraine.

White Empire could barely contain its glee.

“A villain, a real villain, something to stop all the fingers pointing at me.”

Russian Hitler

'Adolf Hitler didn’t want anyone to see these photos so he ordered his photographer to destroy them.' (source)

And so you get the perfect product for western propaganda. Their population has been primed to hate Russians since Rocky and Bullwinkle, and the Nazi victory gets rehearsed on film every year, in more and more fantastic ways. This is a population locked and loaded for World War III, and completely unwilling to see that they’re also an aggressive party.

Therefore, rather than maybe sitting this one out after decades of atrocities, White Empire and its privatized propaganda are calling for more weapons, more sanctions (sieges), even a no-fly zone (which actually means bombing Russia and shooting planes out of the sky). They are calling for, in short, World War III. They’ve finally found a worth enemy.

Marx said history repeats first as tragedy, then as farce. And here we are. Today we have shops pulling Russian vodka from shelves, pop stars raising funds for the Ukrainian military, and white women getting horny over President Zelensky. War is a farce that gives them meaning.

So we get our faithful Umair Haque, jumping from the idea that the Taliban is taking over the world to the much better idea that Russia is. So he publishes What Does Putin Want? A Worldwide Fascist Apocalypse. In that piece of deeply internalized propaganda he writes:

Putin does not care about human life. At all. In that respect, he is very much like Hitler, and the comparisons are apt, not overblown. Let’s remember some of the horrors he’s been responsible for. Putin helped arm the Syrian government that proceeded to make war on its own people, turn its own country to rubble, and make its own population flee in terror and despair.

In pointing to this bad guy, of course, Umair omits the fact that White Empire is bombing Syria right now. That they gleefully drop giant bombs on that sovereign country every day. That they have bombed Yemen and Somalia just this week.

What Umair and these constantly wrong warmongers forget is that a problem can be bad, and your solution can be much, much, worse. White Empire burned through all of its good intentions years ago. Now all that left is bad acts.

Even after all the millions dead in Iraq, in Syria, even with all the people starving in Afghanistan and Yemen right now, they still can’t see. Imperial hubris continues, unabated. The greatest hubris is calling everybody else empires, while these supposed empires can’t even eat or process card payments.

White people—by which I mean anyone who subscribes to this idea of White Empire’s benevolence and supremacy—they just don’t get it. Yeah, Putin is bad, but you’re worse. For fucks sake, just sit this one out. But they can’t. It’s not just the military-industrial complex. The military-media complex also needs blood to feed. As they say in the old-school press, if it bleeds, it leads.

Now the whole world is covered in blood, and it’s not enough. They want to lead us to more, more, more.

Hitler In The Mirror

'The Nazi leader banned them from being published for being “beneath one’s dignity”.' (source)

To return to Césaire, what Umair and his many, many ilk are repeating is just the logic of colonialism, microwaved into modernity. The scope of whiteness has expanded to include people like him, Priti Patel, and it could have been me. We administered the colonies then, and so we still be.

What Césaire said about colonialism still applies today. The underlying logic is still the same. Instead of Christianity we have liberal democracy. Interesting ideas, used to justify monstrosity.

Discourse On Colonialism

We must still ask what Césaire asked, we must still reject the idea that ‘liberal democracy’ is the new ‘civilizing influence’.

We must reject it not just because it makes no sense to bomb, starve, and occupy people into ‘freedom’, we must reject it because Empire has been trying this shit aggressively for decades. This ‘civilizing’ has been proved savage, over and over again. How many wars in are we? How much blood do you need to see?

Modern colonialism is fundamentally the same shit, just covered in new bullshit. As Césaire said, we certainly know what colonialism is not.

Discourse On Colonialism

And yet here we are again. The stench of all their atrocities was starting to mount again, but then they got an out, through a convenient lout. Just as World War II let them off the hook, White Empire is trying to get off this hook with World War III. After fighting knock-off Hitlers for decades, they finally have a real enemy!

But at some point we have to look not at the finger that points, but at the blood on the hands. And White Empire is positively dripping in it, from head to toe, from sea to shining sea. These are not some innocents here, standing up against big bad Putin. This is the biggest, baddest Empire of all time. These are the biggest bullies in history.

What I am driving at is what Césaire was driving at. As he said:

Discourse On Colonialism

The point is that White Empire is not the cure for anything, not for Ukraine, not for women’s rights, not for any petty tyranny. They are the problem. They are the disease. They are a sick civilization, they are morally diseased. They progress from one denial to another, calling out for Hitler like he’s their mother. Because he is. Hitler is just them, externalized, that they can ritually pretend to defeat.

At the end of capitalism, which is eager to outlive its day, there is Hitler. At the end of formal humanism and philosophic renunciation, there is Hitler.

Hitler is not out there in Afghanistan, or in Syria, or in Russia. Hitler is right there, in the mirror, when Empire goes to sleep. White Empire has been manufacturing demons so long that they have become possessed by demons themselves.

As Césaire said:

Discourse On Colonialism

The truth is that Hitler was never defeated. Why is he still here? Why does he keep coming back, in new avatars whenever he is needed? The fact is that Adolf Hitler was just the rarefied evil of white supremacy, unleashed where it wasn’t supposed to be. White Empire inspired Hitler, and it constantly needs new Hitlers, to distract from its own atrocities. Without some other flamboyant evil, they’d have to face the fact that they’re the baddies.

Mitchell and Webb

Read Césaire. How are these people still spitting, from 70 years ago? If you need a palate cleanser, Grover's Monster In The Mirror is a great song.