Abolish Whiteness

Renounce your whiteness. Be a decent human being

A poster for The Clansman, the first film screened in the White House. This is whiteness. It’s irredeemable

Whiteness is white supremacy. There’s actually nothing else to it. There is no white food, there is no white music. Whiteness is just the dehumanization of everyone else, and that shit’s got to go. Renounce your whiteness. Be a decent human being.

Think about it for a minute. There is no ‘brownness’ running riot across the world. Sri Lanka and Pakistan aren’t splitting racist control of the world’s financial institutions like the US and EU do. We’re not getting together to bomb and occupy Myanmar. We can’t even agree on what a biriyani is. Be like that.

Abolish whiteness doesn’t mean you disappear. Go ahead and be French or Russian or German or Dutch if you want. Restore the grand European tradition of hating each other. Be Basque or Scottish or Southern, I don’t give a fuck. Just stop ganging up in this oppressive whiteness and terrorizing the world. There simply is no good way to be white. Just stop.

When I say there is no good way, think about who actually talks about white pride. Nazis. White Supremacists. The KKK. These are the people that talk about the white race, white power. There is no benign way to participate in this. You just have to put it down. If you’re not comfortable shouting WHITE PRIDE! in a crowded theatre, then don’t be white at all. Why would you be something you’re not proud of? Be your nationality (though even that needs to bend). Be your name. Be your sports team, I don’t care. Just don’t base your being on the debasement of everyone else, even passively. Be a decent human being.

But can’t we be better white people?

Being a better white person is like being a better Nazi. Just don’t be a fucking Nazi. Whiteness has bent for years but now it’s time for it to just break.

By bend I mean that the category of whiteness has constantly been expanding. Irish and Italian people used to not be white, now they are. Even Indians are becoming white, like Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak in the UK. By becoming white I mean acquiring the privileges of whiteness which are — by definition — only built on the oppression of other people. If everybody had these privileges they wouldn’t be fucking privileges, would they? They’d be what they are. Rights.

The price of becoming white is becoming an asshole. Hence you have Priti Patel proudly announcing policies that would have deported her parents. You have Irish and Italians proudly being racist towards the next people off the boat. Become white is like joining the frat that beat and pissed on you. What a stupid fucking club. We need to stop trying to join it and just make it go away.

White supremacy is not some tragic offshoot of whiteness. Whiteness is white supremacy. That is whiteness at its core. Whiteness is not about any particular civilization or culture. British culture and American culture and French culture are very different and look down on each other. Even within these nations identities break down, like north vs. south Italians. Like Al Capone maybe told Lucky Luciano, “I don’t know no Italians. Neopolitans, Calabrese, what are you again?” And no, whiteness isn’t about speaking English. What language am I scolding you in? There are more English speakers in Asia than North America. Try telling that to the French.

Whiteness isn’t about being anything in particular, it’s just based on being better than everyone else. Having the best civilization, the best economy, the best art, the best inventions. But what civilization, what economy, what art? What ties them together and separates them from the rest of the long flow of human interaction? The specifics all break down.

Western philosophy traces its origins to ancient Greece, but the ancient Greeks would be like who the fuck are these barbarian Germans? They had far more exchange with Africa than northern Europe. Western religion traces itself to some mythical white Jesus, who was actually a brown Jew whose family spent more time in Africa than in Europe (where they spent zero). Western science and technology is using Arabic numerals and Arabic inventions like al-gebra and al-chemie to participate in a global system that they didn’t create but merely participate in.

Look closely at any unifying white culture and there’s nothing there. Whiteness contains no content, not even a coherent mythology. Hitler and Himmler had to run around trying to make white culture up because it’s simply not a thing at all.

The only thing that ties whiteness together is white supremacy. Being violently better than everyone else. Whiteness is defined not by any particular position but being in opposition to everyone else. As an identity, whiteness is very much like joining the mafia. Like Henry Hill said about being made:

It means that nobody can fuck around with you. It also means you could fuck around with anybody just as long as they aren’t also a member. It’s like a license to steal. It’s a license to do anything.

Whiteness is like being made. It gave people a license to colonize, to genocide, to enslave, to royally fuck with the world. Today it gives a license to exploit through capitalism, to destroy the environment, to bomb, drone, and torture anyone that isn’t made. It’s a license to kill. That’s why we must kill whitey. Not the people, obviously, I don’t give a fuck about Lithuanians. It’s just that white identity must go.

The only people loyal to the white race are assholes. As Noel Ignaetiv said, you should prefer treason

But what about other races?

The question people ask is, oh but you can have Black pride, and… and who else? That’s it. Blackness is literally defined in opposition to whiteness, in defiance. American Blacks are a motley group of people that would have been Gambian or Nigerian or Senagalese today. Blackness was an identity that had to evolve to survive in the Heart of Whiteness.

Besides that crime scene, there is no other thing like whiteness. Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans are all ‘East Asian’, or yellow if you’re a dick about it, and all (geopolitically) hate each other. There is certainly no Asian pride. Put a Malaysian and a Pakistani and a Vietnamese together and ask them how to cook rice. You’ll get a knife fight. Asia is a fucking continent and a checkbox on your forms, not an identity. What is African pride? There is some sense of Pan-Africanism, but not really, South Africa has as much border controls as any colonial country.

What we do have is internal racial identities, which are definitely racist. For example, the Sinhalese are dicks to everybody else in Sri Lanka, as are higher caste people in India, this is endemic. We absolutely have racial divisions, but we have not evolved the nuclear weapon of transnational identity and dropped it on the world. That’s what I mean by abolishing whiteness. Be local dicks. French people are dicks, Russians are dicks, we’re all dicks. This is perhaps unavoidable. Just don’t put all that together into the atom bomb of whiteness, because it is literally going to end the world. Climate change, racism, inequality, we can’t fight any of this shit without fighting whiteness. You’re telling me the shit that brought us colonialism and enslavement and fucking Donald Trump can be slightly modified and it just can’t. Whiteness just has to go.

Like Juliet told Romeo, Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Deny your fatherland and refuse the name whiteness. Shit is irredeemable, but it’s not too late to redeem yourself. Like Noel Ignaetiv said decades ago, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. Put whiteness down. Be a decent human being.

I’ve started writing about the personal contradictions and conflicts behind my writing for my (eight Patreons). For example, how can I rail against white privilege as a majority Sinhalese? Don’t I also need to renounce my Sinhala-ness?