What To Say About The Unspeakable

The public starvation of Palestine

'Israelis' on a Deathright tour

What do you say about the unspeakable? About people looking for flour being fired upon? About an entire population being starved to death? About every hospital, school, and refugee camp attacked or completely destroyed? What numbers, words, or images can you recite, to make it all stop? Why must we even debate the obvious with the oblivious, adding insult to injury? It's not just the death, it's what they've done to the living, and how much any living being can empathize with it. As Susan Abulhawa wrote, after visiting Gaza,

Genocide is intentional dismantling of another’s humanity. It is the reduction of a proud, educated, high-functioning ancient society into penniless objects of charity, forced to eat the unspeakable to survive; to live in filth and disease with nothing to hope for except an end to bombs and bullets raining on and through their bodies, their lives, their histories and futures.

What we are witnessing is not just killing, it is intentional erasure, it is the targeting of hospitals, mosques, refugee camps, food, water, and sewage treatment. It is the targeting of physical records, while also wiping out entire bloodlines with 2000 lb bombs. The current western press (re: propaganda) is full of lies about Israeli (re: American imperial) intentions, but history will record none of this. The purpose of a system is what it does (POSIWID), not what it says it does, and the 'Israeli' genocidal system is working entirely as intended. Indeed, this is not their system just as they are not a real country. This is just Western Civilization with the mask off.

As the OG white supremacist Winston Churchill said, “I do not apologize for the takeover of the region by the Jews from the Palestinians in the same way I don’t apologize for the takeover of America by the whites from the Red Indians or the takeover of Australia from the blacks. It is natural for a superior race to dominate an inferior one.” This is still the logic of western imperialism, just with different words. Now regions need to be taken over because their religion is inferior, because they treat their women badly, or because they dare fight back and are thus 'terrorists'. Nothing has changed, the rule of White Empire is still deranged, and in 'Israel' the mask is completely off.

It's not that the White Empire (which passed from Britain to America after WWII) is 'standing by' while 'Israel' commits genocide. No, they are shoveling arms into the arms of monsters, they are blocking international action at the UN, they are cutting off food aid to the starving, and they are, in fact, on the ground, selecting targets and helping the bombing. It's all one genocide from one source, the foundational genocidal White Empire. The Empire is dying, and taking as many people as possible with them.

At some point, the Carbon Crusaders will go home, just as the Franj did back then. The oil they defiled the Middle East for will run out and the climate will collapse atop them. The conscript colony of 'Israel' will disappear along with corrupt satraps like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE. All of the kingdoms made of oil will disappear, like castles in the sand. The meek will inherit the Earth, but they don't say how traumatized the meek will be, and how ravaged the Earth. Nor do they say that you can't be meek about it.

The one hope is the people actually doing something, Resistance movements like Hamas (literally an acronym for Islamic Resistance), Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the PFLP, Ansar Allah (Yemen), and states like Iran. This Axis of Resistance is still fighting and actually winning on the field. The problem is that the enemy scrupulously avoids the field and combatants and instead targets women, children, and the defenseless. This is the final form of military industrialism as a subspecies of Capital. A pure predator, picking off the weak of the herd and avoiding anything that bites back.

I can know that the Resistance is resolute and that history is not on the Carbon Crusaders side, but what is it to live through that history? To see children starving and, if you can avoid that, to still know—in the pit of your stomach—that it's happening? What is it like to live through a Holocaust? Well now I know. The same rogues who let the first Holocaust happen—pushing boats back from New York—were the same rogues who completed Hitler's work by pushing Jews out of Europe. War-scarred Jews were pushed into a permanent war zone, as a conscript colony to guard imperial interests in the oil-rich region. That's all 'Israel' is. The Jews are victims too, forced to become a colony of kapos, oppressing other Semitic people. The price of a place within the hierarchy of White Empire is that you must always be kicking viciously down.

Indeed, from the very moment the Genocide Convention was coined, the genocide of Palestine began. It is now reaching its tragic and obvious dénouement, but it was always there. The old normal of periodically bombing Gaza to 'mow the grass' has become hundreds of martyrs every single day. The old normal of restricting food and medicine to the concentration camp has become the complete extermination. This is what we're watching and, if you're of any functioning conscience, I don't have to tell this to you. So what is the point of words? And yet, how much worse is silence? Where does this leave us then?

The Genocide of Gaza is—even more than the German Holocaust—an act of global terrorism and we are all victims. The depths of Germany's Holocaust was only discovered later, and then turned into the Holocaust© through mass marketing. The people who pushed back boats full of Jews became the heroes, and the western antisemites and global genociders became genocide and antisemitism experts. The Holocaust became the genocide that all other genocides must be measured against, and forever found wanting. So now we witness Germans supporting another genocide, forever on the wrong side of history. This time, a Holocaust that's livestreamed and satellite telecast. And we also get to witness all the people encouraging and inciting it, with the same lies about rapes of white women to justify mass murder. It's maddening what passes for sanity, in a world gone mad.

'Israel' is making the same bet that European and then American and Australian powers made, that you could just kill everybody and get away with it. That, given enough time and enough crime, you could become lecturers on the subject. But the colonial casino is closed and all the chips are being called in. Today, the colonial powers are on the wane and not the wax, and they won't get away with it. They say the victors write the history, and this time the White Empire won't win. As I've discussed, there are three concentric collapses going on here, the collapse of 'Israel' is contained within the collapse of White Empire (re: America) which is contained within the collapse of the carrying ecosystem. If 'Israel' wins it's meaningless, because their carrying Empire will collapse onto them, along with the carrying climate. It's just a timing difference.

All we are witnessing is the first class passengers on the Titanic locking the doors to steerage and opening fire on the poor. As if this does anything about the whole ship sinking. Indeed, it just accelerates their own collapse as the Empire becomes over-stretched and morally denuded, and as the icebergs flood this corrupt civilization inexorably. But they're still doing it. And we're still seeing it. And real Palestinians—humans, nay, living beings like you and me—are experiencing this feeling in the pit of their stomachs most directly, as hunger starts to gnaw away at their very being. And as their complete denial of humanity and, indeed, animality reduces them to a living death, which we are all livid witnesses to. Martyr, in Arabic (AFAIK), is another word for witness. Isn't that all of us right now? We are all martyrs in the Genocide of Gaza. We are all witnesses to the unspeakable. Some of us with words, and others with an even more terrifying silence.