'Israel's' Six Front War

A perfect cube of resistance

'Israel' is fighting on at least six fronts. Basically a perfect cube of fucked. To the north, against Hezbollah. To the east, against Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Then to the south, against Yemen. Within Palestine, the Resistance is literally underground, and the malevolent presence of Iran is all around. And this is just one battle in a hundred-year war of liberation. Time is not on 'Israel's' side. In every cardinal direction and in every dimension of spacetime, 'Israel' is fucked. They are winning the genocide and losing the war.

Then, within each front, 'Israel' is under attack from multiple armies. So take six fronts and multiply it into one-hundred armies. That's the number of combatants, by 'Israeli' design. Because they assassinate so many leaders, the Resistance is massively decentralized. 'Israel' absolutely not just fighting Hamas, they're fighting the whole Jihadi Premier League in Palestine, and the Jihadi Champions League across the region. I've gone over the Axis Of Resistance in detail previously.

Today, after over four months, at least seven major armies are still hammering 'Israel' in Palestine. At least 67 Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and more in Syria have joined the fight. Then there's Hezbollah (and Amal) in Lebanon, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Iran, and Ansar Allah (Yemen) in the south. The western media frames this as an 'Israel'-Hamas war but that's just getting high on your own propaganda supply. Look at the actual battlefield. Hamas is just one army on one front. They're not even the only Resistance in Gaza! Meanwhile, zooming out, this is a hundred-year war of liberation. The natives have been resisting ever since the Carbon Crusaders started carbon crusading in 1908, and made 'Israel' their guns near the gas station. October 7th marks the ending of this war, not the beginning, inshallah. This why Ansar Allah calls this last phase The Battle of the Promised Conquest and the Sacred Jihad.

'Israel' does not even seem aware of its strategic position. Their corrupt PM is just trying to stay out of jail, and the aging head of American Empire can barely string a sentence together. 'Israel' is just responding to events and lashing out in wild-eyed anger. They are laser focused on ethnic cleansing Gaza, ignoring the fact that they've lost at least 5 km of land to the North, access the Red Sea in the South, all hope of 'normalization' to the East, and popular support in the West. 'Israel' and America (same thing) are still reactively assassinating resistance leaders, not understanding that this is why the Resistance is so highly decentralized and motivated in the first place.

Assassination just creates shaheeds, who keep fighting forever. For example, Hamas's Al Qassam brigades are named after Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, a Resistance fighter martyred in 1930. Their anti-tank shells, the Al-Yassin, are named after Hamas's founder, Ahmed Yassin, martyred in 2004. Today the decentralized re-incarnation of al-Qassam is launching $500 Al-Yassin missiles at $6 million Merkava tanks, and blowing them up. Meanwhile, on the martyrdom anniversary of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, Iran unveiled hypersonic missiles, which even America doesn't have, and which 'Israeli' air defenses cannot stop. These martyrs are a curse to 'Israel', not a conquest. And 'Israel' is making thousands of martyrs every week now, from among the entire population.

Genocide also creates shaheeds, of innocent men, women, and children who are forever 'witnesses' (one meaning of shaheed). This is why the fighters are fighting. 'Israel' is just wasting ammunition producing motivation for their enemies, and condemnation from the world. 'Israel' may yet complete the Genocide of Gaza, but this has no military purpose value, especially not in a six-front war. 'Israel' has not meaningfully degraded the Palestinian underground Resistance, and their actions have actually brought 100 more armies into the war, from every direction. All highly motived (and justified) to destroy 'Israel'.

At the same time, 'Israel' is systematically destroying any support they had in the West—for generations—and causing those corrupt governments to fall. Not that any sane government will emerge in the West—that's structurally impossible—but the violence of the servant is destabilizing the master's household. And that can only go on so long. Meanwhile, 'Israel's' own corrupt government is internally divided between the families of the hostages and the right wing, which wants to just kill everyone (hostages included).

'Israel's' Genocide of Gaza is not just evil, it's self-defeating. They are killing their own hostages, their own soldiers, their own reputation, and their own 'country' in the end. If they were just fighting Hamas—as western propaganda labels this war, this might make some (psychopathic) sense—but 'Israel' are fools to believe their own propaganda. Listen to Biggie! Never get high on your own supply! When you're fighting a six-front war against one hundred armies, finishing off the concentration camp is not the priority. Indeed, this makes all your other problems much worse. 'Israel' has 99 problems and Gaza is just one.

120-Day Report

After 120 days of this, we can see the results. Both Hamas and Hezbollah have given 120-day reports, and they're not good (for 'Israel'). The 'terrorists' have been laser-focused on actual military goals, while the conventional army are just scoring own-goals through mass terrorism. Then remember that these are just two armies in a multiple front war.

In their 120-day summary of activities, Hamas's army, Al Qassam, has hit over 1,000 tanks and vehicles. They report:

Fully/partially destroying more than:
🔻962 Merkava tanks
🔻55 troop carriers(APCs)
🔻74 bulldozers
🔻3 excavators
🔻14 military jeeps.

'Israel's' own press (somehow less censored than the Western) is reporting 13,000 casualties among occupation forces. 'Israeli' colonizers still cannot return to the Gaza 'envelope' because Hamas is still firing missiles at them. Everyone knows 'Israel's' actually mission is to kill everyone, but in their stated mission of destroying Hamas, they're completely failing. Hamas is stronger than ever and, remember, this is just one army on one front!

Hezbollah releases an infographic summarizing 120 days of operations from October 8th 2023 to February 4th, 2024 (14:00) as part of the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood.  • 961 military operations.  Enemy losses: • 56 vehicles (4 logistical vehicles, 28 personnel carriers, 24 tanks). • 26 command centers. • 178 bunkers and positions in sites and settlements. • Over 500 settlement units destroyed. • 237 technical equipment (Visibility shields, electro-optical devices, radars, communications and intelligence devices, jamming devices). • 311 personnel positions. • 2 military factory. • 25 border walls.  • 14 artillery emplacements. • 2 Iron Dome platforms. • 5 drones and planes.  Human losses:  Over 2,000 between dead and wounded.  Operation Rate: • The average number of operations per day is 8.  • The highest number of operations is 26. • The lowest number of operations is 2.  Border sites: The border sites that were targeted • 22 settlements targeted 72 times. • 45 border sites targeted 670 times.  • 19 rear sites targeted 61 times. • 53 border points targeted 122 times.  Evacuation of Settlers: • 5 km - the radius of the evacuated area. • 43 - Number of announced evacuated settlements. • 81,000 - Number of announced displaced settlers. • 230,000 - Actual number of displaced settlers.  Documentation: • 186 - Scenes of targetings distributed to media. • 98 - Number of releases.  Weapons used: The numbers mentioned are the number of shootings/launching (as a military action) and not the number of projectiles or missiles.  • 323 - Artillery. • 244 - Surface-to-surface missiles. • 68 - Sniper rifles and machine guns. • 40 - Air defense • 23 - Air attacks (drones) • 385 - Guided missiles. • 85 - Direct weapons. • 9 - Engineering weapons.  • 72 - Various weapons.  On the road to Al-Quds.
"Hezbollah releases an infographic summarizing 120 days of operations from October 8th 2023 to February 4th, 2024 (14:00) as part of the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood... On the road to Al-Quds." (via Fotros)

On northern front, Hezbollah (in their own 120-day report) has caused over 2,000 casualties, displaced 230,000 colonizers, and destroyed two Iron Dome platforms, among many other objectives. Hezbollah has destroyed “237 technical equipment (visibility shields, electro-optical devices, radars, communications and intelligence devices, jamming devices),” meaning that 'Israel' is effectively blind on the northern front. 'Israel' has had to evacuate 43 settlements to a depth of 5 km, meaning 230,000 colonizers have been decolonized. Hezbollah has conducted 961 military operations, 186 of which have been recorded and distributed to the media. This means that the entire region (anyone with Al Jazeera) sees 'Israel' get lit up every day (Hezbollah attacks eight times a day, on average). This completely eliminates any deterrence factor which, given enough time, completely eliminates 'Israel'. Hezbollah ends every martyrdom notice with the phrase 'he rose on the road to Al-Quds,' meaning occupied Jerusalem. That's where they're headed.

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds—the at the center of the six-front infographic above—is the spiritual heart of this struggle. It's why Hamas called the battle the Al Aqsa Flood. The Carbon Crusaders defile this (and honestly, all) holy sites in Islam, but this can't go on forever. Because 'Israel's' six front war is just part of a six-front world war that its parent empire (America) is fighting, and losing. 'Israel's six-front 'cube of fucked' is contained in a higher dimensional cube of even greater fuckery, the collapse of American (ie, White) Empire on multiple fronts. And that cube is contained in an even higher-dimension, the collapse of the entire ecosystem, because of all the carbon crusading! There are wheels within wheels, and they're all broken.

As the higher cubes collapse so do the lower, or is it the other way round? It's hard to tell with collapse, causes and effects get all mixed up. The collapse of America both accelerates the 'Israeli' collapse, which accelerates American collapse in a feedback loop. That's the nature of collapse, I guess. There's a million ways for things to be in a 'disordered' state and very few for it to be 'ordered'. The higher process at work here is entropy, and that's inexorable. You can't just kill your way out of this process—projecting entropy onto the children and the poor—as much as Empire is trying. You can fight politics, you can fight ethics, but you can't fight physics. Things fall apart.

The Carbon Colony of 'Israel' is simply collapsing on six-fronts, as the White Empire is collapsing on at least six-fronts, while the planet itself is infinitely fucked. Empire has the power to make things worse, but they can't make things better. At best they can leave a razed Gaza, a radioactive planet, and a ravaged Earth, but they can't save themselves. There are too many historical, physical, and geological processes going on. As big as Empire is, they're small in comparison to the gods, and all the Gods—old and new—are furious. How do you fight against the gods? You just condemn yourselves. That's all this wretched White Empire is doing. We'll see how their global empire is falling apart in the next episode, followed by the climate they're leaving in ruins. It’d be a proud victory over great evil were it not so Pyrrhic in the end. Allah be with the victims.