The West Attacked My People With Anti-Vax Propaganda And It's Killing Us

Sri Lankans are dying from 'waiting for Pfizer'

People in my country are Waiting For Pfizer like it's Waiting For Godot. Spoiler alert: dude never comes.

Why are we waiting? Because it's been droned into us that white vaccines are the right vaccines, and Chinese vaccines are dirty yellow peril. We're supposed to salute white power and die nobly unvaccinated, to own the commies. This is literally western policy:

ABC News

This is a choice made by western governments and media. The white vaccines are not actually better (especially against Delta) and the best vaccine is the one you can get. Instead of spreading this simple message, these monsters are spreading disinformation for geopolitical advantage. They're using COVID-19 to attack their enemies, and we're all just collateral damage. It's an ongoing crime against humanity.

For this choice, for this attack on humanity, my people have to die. Look at the headlines Sri Lankan papers are running, they're screaming TAKE WHATEVER VACCINE AVAILABLE:

Daily News (Sri Lanka)

Why are we even stating the obvious? Because our people have been bombarded with western propaganda. Every headline is about how Chinese vaccines don't work, how Russians are evil, the propaganda is an incessant drone. And it works. These people have spread vaccine hesitancy where there was none. Western lies kill as much as western drones. They're literally blowing up our weddings with COVID-19.

I repeat, vaccine racism is official government policy. These countries have made international travel WHITE VACCINES ONLY. The UK won't even accept the AstraZeneca vaccine we take, because it was made by colored people in India. So we have to run a separate vaccination campaign for students and people working abroad, just because white people are racist. This is vaccine apartheid. During a pandemic, when we should be united. Instead, the west is using vaccinations to divide. It's not just immoral, it's ahistorical as well.

A plea from one of our leading scientists, necessary because of western vaccine racism

Even in the 1800s—when the violent tribes of Europe were at constant war with each other—they still worked together on vaccination campaigns. Napoleon was actively killing the English, but he let Englishman Edward Jenner happily cross enemy lines. Because Jenner was vaccinating people. As Jenner said "the sciences are never at war."

Even at the height of the Cold War the US and USSR collaborated on vaccines. This was actually the origin of the term 'vaccine diplomacy'. As Dr. PJ Hoetz wrote, "Ultimately, through Cold War vaccine diplomacy, smallpox was eradicated, and polio was mostly eliminated."

Today the west has made the term vaccine diplomacy something nefarious, something to be suspicious of. Instead, they have declared vaccine war. The US government actively pressured Brazil to not take Russian vaccines, and proudly crowed about it in their reports:

This is literally sickening. Forget Jenner's hopeful dictum that the sciences are never at war. Under western hegemony, science is now besieged.

We should not be giving a fuck about who makes the vaccine or if they're our enemies. We should be uniting against a shared threat as human beings. This is precisely what the west has not done. As The Lancet said, "Rich countries behaved worse than anyone's worst nightmares." Honestly, if aliens attacked us the west would sell us out if they could make money. Then they'd attack anyone that dared fight back. That's precisely what they're doing with COVID-19.

This goes beyond crimes of omission—like monopolizing patents, not sharing technology, and letting millions of doses expire. Those are all abominations, but this is worse. By spreading anti-vax propaganda, the west is actively attacking humanity during a pandemic. They are hurting the helpers. Hell is truly too cold for these people.  

The result is that I, some rando in Sri Lanka, have to compete with CNN and the BBC to get people vaccinated. Some people invariably don't do it, or they delay, and they catch the variant, infect others, and die. And for fucking what? To own the Chinese? We're supposed to die for this? With absolutely no respect, fuck these people. The US, EU, UK, these are just evil countries. These nations are just stock markets with guns.

If you can't tell, I am furious at the disinformation they have spread in my own country. The only innoculation I've gotten from the west is the vital knowledge that they suck, and to never trust them again. With this and climate change, these monsters are selling tickets to our funerals.

From Iromi Perera

My people are dying, right now, because western governments and media told them to wait for Pfizer that will never come. And for this we're supposed to revere our killers, reject our helpers, and just die nobly from COVID-19? Fuck that, and fuck them.

We who are about to die say fuck you. Take back power from these assholes, and take any damn vaccine.

I have gone into screenshotted detail about how the west is spreading vaccine disinformation here: How America Is Spreading Anti-Vax Bullshit All Over The World.

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