We’re In A Big COVID Wave And Just Drowning

An old photo of me underwater in Keerimalai

I used to look at the COVID numbers and feel scared about the world outside. Now COVID is inside my fucking body and the numbers are disturbingly reassuring. It feels like there’s a huge wave crashing over the whole world and we’re acting like we’re mermaids, but we’re not.

My daughter had COVID, both sets of grandparents, and many of my neighbors and friends too. And yet my country (Sri Lanka) is reporting only a few dozen cases a day. But I know a few dozen cases personally. We’ve just given up. Besides China, so have most countries.

I’ve been doing some remote work and people there have COVID also, from Egypt to England. It’s everywhere, even more than before, when we took more precautions. I guess because we’re not taking precautions. People have given up and COVID hasn’t. So it just keeps chewing through the human population.

I remember thinking that when vaccines came out there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But white greed made the vaccines useless for stopping this by hoarding them for profit. White arrogance made that task even more impossible by using vaccines to ignore basic hygiene like masking and ventilation, and never attempting test/trace/isolate like China.

I have four shots in my arm and I’m still sick. We’re following idiotic western guidance on isolation and people are just walking out after seven days and infecting others. We lifted mask regulations because they got annoying, not because the need is gone. In Sri Lanka it’s somewhat understandable, our entire country has fallen apart, we’ve got other problems.

But then I look at other countries where they have resources and they’re doing even less. It pains me because Sri Lanka actually eliminated COVID once but we couldn’t resist every coming wave. The white people supposedly leading the world got vaccines and got lazy and have led the world into pandemic forever. And they’re still attacking China, like I can innoculate myself with propaganda. I can’t. I’m sick right now.

The western media propaganda environment around COVID is so strong and so pervasive that we don’t even notice the complete absurdity of it all. And how much the story keeps changing.

First, they said COVID was the flu and not worth disrupting the economy for. Then COVID killed millions of people, disabled tens of millions, and crashed economies everywhere, but no columnists lost their jobs and no retractions were issued. So the same health criminals went on to commit more health crimes. When Omicron came out they said it was ‘mild’ and it fucking wasn’t. That went on to kill, disable, and mutate into ever more virulent forms.

The western media has also done nothing but blame and attack China, distracting their citizens (and sadly much of the world) from what an actual pandemic-beating effort looks like. In the most evil case of sour grapes ever, they have actually gotten people to mock the very idea of Zero-COVID with the oft-repeated mantra of “at what cost?” Meanwhile, China’s economy is doing better than anybody’s, they’re dramatically less dead, and they must be honestly wondering WTF? This propaganda doesn’t even hurt China. It just gets Empire’s own citizens killed. It’s mind-boggling.

The health crimes of the western world are many and I’ve written about the Four White Lies here. What I’d like to talk about here is the results.

I read a scientist saying that those ads that say “KILLS 99.9% OF GERMS” terrified them. They said those sorts of toilet sprays were breeding the most virulent 0.1% of germs by killing off the competition. That’s what we’ve done on a global level with COVID. By not vaccinating the world and not using other measures, we’ve created a petri dish for COVID to both mutate around vaccines and straight through them. This means endless profits for pharma monopolies and endless suffering for us.

Once I had some meager hope of convincing people to avoid this plague like the plague, but now I have only fury. It’s not even people’s fault. Our entire system of global power relations is such that people are powerless. Western democracies are completely corrupt, their media uses inane debate as a smokescreen, and the world drowns as long as they’re in power. We’re drowning in a flood of greed and idiocy, and it just keeps pouring down.

The result is not just COVID forever. It’s monkeypox forever. It’s heat waves forever. It’s famines forever. It’s instability forever. Human civilization evolved in a thin sliver of climate stability and colonizers rolled that all and smoked it in just a few hundred years. Now the bugs are crawling out of the woodwork, it’s getting hellishly hot, the waves are rising over the barricades, and I cannot shake this cough.

These are all just symptoms of the same brain cancer that spread across the world with colonialism, now gone terminal with climate collapse. Growth is cancer, progress is a Ponzi scheme, and ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ were just the plastic packaging around oligarchy and war. The brain rot is so bad that we’re living through what is probably the worst COVID wave ever and people are carrying on like it’s normal. Like we belong underwater. We don’t. We’re drowning.