The Four White Lies That Led To COVID-Infinity


Mydaughter has COVID and it’s so sad. We think she’s OK, but why? We’ve fought this thing for years now and it’s impossible. The grandparents got it, the kids got it, we just lost.

What’s so infuriating is that it didn’t have to be this way. Even poor countries like Sri Lanka managed to suppress the first wave, but we can’t stop dozens of them. My fury is that rich, western countries pushed us into this situation, through four white lies. They’re the reason people are still dying, and why we will be cursed with this sickness forever.

1. COVID Zero is impossible and should be mocked

Even today, western media still mocks China’s Zero-Covid policy using the old white proverb ‘at what cost’. They look down their nose and month-long lockdowns to clear the virus, while just living with millions dead and tens of millions disabled forever. And their economies are doing worse than China’s by a longshot. I’d say it’s a farce if it didn’t have such tragic costs for us all.

The fact is that the world needed to unite to stop this virus, and it was possible. The West just chose to make COVID-19 more cannon fodder in their propaganda war against China, effectively unleashing biological warfare across the world.

Whatever the origins of COVID (most likely from animals), the spread of COVID is what has hurt us all. And that came out of western arrogance, not China, which squashed its epidemic and squashes each outbreak as it comes. By mocking the very idea of COVID Zero, the west has given us COVID Infinity. At such cost.

2. Flatten the curve!

The less racist hipster rallying cry was ‘flattening the curve’, which has also been proved a farce. I often think about a scientist saying how scared they were of ads that said ‘kills 99% of germs’. That means you’re breeding the 1% most virulent ones by eliminating their competition. That’s what we’ve done with COVID by ‘flattening’ and not reducing the curve to zero.

Even countries that successfully ‘flattened’ their curve to protect health systems have just seen higher curves later, and are now burdening their health systems forever with more and more disabled people. The correct answer to how much fire you want in your house is ZERO, not just a little bit so you can watch a TV program without being bothered. That’s been the great western COVID program, which they get from TV. It’s a vicious loop.

3. Just get the disease, herd immunity will develop