Ukraine Has Lost The War And America Has Lost Interest

The bunker-führer state of the Ukraine War. Note that Zaluzhny, the Commander, isn’t even here cause Zelensky and him are beefing

Ukraine’s General Valery Zaluzhny recently informed America’s corrupt War Secretary Lloyd Austin that “Ukraine needed 17 million rounds of ammunition and that US$350–400 billion worth of assets and personnel.” If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. These demands are physically and politically impossible and what Zaluzhny is admitting, between the lines, is that the war is lost. America, anyways, has lost interest, so nevermind.

As an unnamed source in that article said “Austin was told 17 million rounds of ammunition were needed. He was stunned, to put it mildly, because you wouldn’t be able to collect that many rounds in the whole world.” All the Empire’s HIMARS and all the Empire’s munitions, cannot put Ukraine together again.

The dollar amount of $400 billion (!) is even more farcical. The US Congress has been rejecting a $60 billion allocation since October and cannot even fund its own country for more than a few months at a time. As much as the military industrial complex enjoys the filthy lucre, it’s a bit embarrassing watching their wunderwaffen burning on the Ukraine steppe. They’d rather drop their 2,000 kg bombs on air-defenseless homes and hospitals full of children in Gaza, which is more their speed.

Thus far (as much as the corrupt Pentagon can account for anything), the total military ‘aid’ America has ‘sent’ Ukraine has been around $44.2 billion. I put ‘aid’ and ‘sent’ in scare quotes because the amounts just go right back to corrupt American arms dealers, like Austin’s company Raytheon (RTX). Zaluzhny is realistically saying he needs 10x the total amount given thus far, and that just isn’t happening.

Even if Ukraine got the money (it won’t), even if Empire could manufacture the shells (it can’t), who is going to fire them? Ukraine has assembled and destroyed at least three full armies now, they’re simply out of human resources. Ukraine has lost nearly half a million men and more wounded. No amount of money printing can bring the dead back to life, or make the lame walk. When the war started the average age of a Ukrainian soldier was 30–35 years. Now it’s 43 years old, and that’s not good. I’m 41 and I throw my back out sneezing. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Ukraine simply does not have fighting age men to throw into the fight anymore. It does not have a new generation coming up to continue a war of attrition. Meanwhile, at least 8 million people have simply left Ukraine, at least half a million have left the earthly realm entirely, and many more are disabled. Ukraine was an aging population in the first place and now nearly half of the young women and children are gone. The young men to fight simply don’t exist, as much as Ukraine is trying forced conscription.

The gerontocrats of America have committed their own sort of genocide in Ukraine. Under the guise of ‘helping,’ they’ve completely destroyed this country for generations. They’ve helped themselves to filthy lucre and indulged late-imperial fantasies from afar, while decimating an entire population on the ground. As Henry Kissinger said, “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

The White Empire (America and its colonial fuckboys) has effectively sacked Ukraine, taking its women and killing off the menfolk. All for what? To make some filthy lucre and actually improve Russia’s military capability. As Rob Urie writes (via Naked Capitalism), “After killing or permanently maiming 400,000 Ukrainians from some grotesque, geostrategic, brain-fart, the political leadership in the US is supporting and funding a WWII-like genocide in Gaza. These are Liberalism’s facts in 2023.” Geostrategic brain-fart is the right description, and Ukraine is where the shit comes out.Empire has long since moved on to something more their speed, dropping expensive bombs on poor people without air defenses. Ukraine is a lost cause, and the America media (privatized propaganda) and Congress have long since moved on. Just follow the money.

Via Ukraine_map. This adds up to 44.49 billion, which broadly matches State Department figures

The amount sent in November 2023 was around half a billion, which is barely enough for the corruption in Ukraine, let alone actual fighting. Time is also money, and the more the US delays, the more salvaging Ukraine will cost. $400 billion might as well be a trillion with all the delays now. What we have is a bunch of imaginary money chasing non-existent resources, all against time’s arrow. It’s a conundrum wrapped in a contradiction and thrown into a time machine. It just doesn’t work.

Bear in mind that Ukraine doesn’t just need this money for arms, it needs it to pay salaries, keep the lights on and generally keep its country from imploding. All of the stuff America threatened Russia with has actually happened to Ukraine, economic collapse and a government collapsing into palace-couping. Ukrainian President Zelensky and Commander Zaluzhny are openly feuding, with hand grenades being sent to Zaluzhny aides and elections being suspended. This is the ‘democracy’ American propaganda crowed about defending. It’s long dead, along with much of the population, and only the arms dealers' have come out ahead. Behold the performance of Austin’s RTX (née Raytheon) and the whole arms dealing cartel:

They got a nice bump in late February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, but that buzz was wearing off into a hangover of bad advertising as their fancy weapons got obliterated by the superior Russians. Luckily enough, the proportional Al Aqsa Flood of October 7, 2023 triggered a wildly genocidal response from Israel. This meant the arms dealers could stop fighting an actual army and drop expensive bombs on civilians, as intended. This was business as usual, and they don’t need the embarrassment of Ukraine anymore.

So now America has dumped Ukraine, quite unceremoniously. Zelensky can’t even get a video-call with Congress, which he was recently paraded before like a sacrificial lamb. And the media has completely forgotten about both the existence and the logic of the Ukraine War, in their rush to cover (up) genocide in Palestine. Ukraine has lost the war and America has lost interest. The ‘friendship’ of America has been fatal, as everyone should know by now. Ukraine’s cause is dead, and the signal is finally reaching the dim and deeply propagandized Western brain.

In an interview/article with The Economist (which has never found an imperial war it didn’t like) Zaluzhny said it isn’t possible to win the war without something akin to, and I quote, discovering gunpowder. He said, “We need to look for this solution, we need to find this gunpowder, quickly master it and use it for a speedy victory. Because sooner or later we are going to find that we simply don’t have enough people to fight.” WTF are we even talking about here? Ukraine needs half a trillion dollars, all the bullets in the world, and to also invent the next gunpowder? If wishes were horses, beggars would fly, and this beggar is fucking high.

The Washington Post (which also has a hard-on for war) also features a dim awakening, finally admitting the the counter-offensive failed, and documenting the NATO fuckupalypse in detail. As Ukraine now collapses into palace intrigue (Zelensky is worried about Zaluzhny beating him in an election, so he cancelled them), the saying comes true. Victory has many fathers, but defeat is an orphan. Nothing shows this more than the fate of Zaluzhny aide, Major Gennadiy Chastyakov. As the report on his weird assassination goes:

Major Gennadiy Chastyakov, who served as the assistant to Valery Zaluzhny, had received a gift box from a colleague for his birthday on Monday that contained several “Western model” grenades, Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko wrote on Telegram.

Chastyakov’s 13-year-old son then picked up one of the grenades and started turning the ring, Klymenko wrote. As Chastyakov took the grenade from him, the ring was pulled out and the weapon detonated.

This is, metaphorically, how Western gifts turned out for Ukraine. They received ‘gifts’ of western weapons, which only blew up in their face. This should be a lesson to all of America’s ‘allies’.Beware Greeks bearing gifts, and Americans bearing ‘lethal aid’. The Empire has no allies, only interests, and it has a short attention span. It will praise and anoint you like a sacrificial lamb, feed you to Moloch, and move onto the next victim. As they have many times before, America will wreck your country and just move onto the next scam. This is how White Empire falls, destroying its ‘allies’ first, and then itself. Hence goes Ukraine, the economy of Europe, and America itself, though not soon enough. A dying Empire has nothing but death to offer, but unfortunately they still have that in abundance.