A Dying Empire Has Nothing To Offer But Death

Joe Biden once said ‘show my your budget and I’ll show you your priorities’. As Stephen Semmler says, ‘Biden’s spending proposal subsidizes genocide in Gaza, endless war in Ukraine, and a cold war with China. It also provides $3.4 billion for the US nuclear fleet and further militarizes the US southern border.’

Led by the visibly dying Joe Biden, the visibly dying American Empire is lashing out in every direction — a final paroxysm of violence, possibly nuclear in its dénouement. They see enemies everywhere (Russia! China! Iran!) not understanding that the common factor in all this violence is them. If there’s an axis of evil, they’re at the center of it. America doesn’t resolve conflict anywhere, never has. Where’s the money in that? America is the conflict. They are the ones who knock. As the unreconstructed war criminal Henry Kissinger said, ‘America is dangerous to enemies, but fatal to friends’. America itself is an unreconstructed war crime, violent, rapacious, and genocidal till the bitter end.

In Palestine, America is backing, arming, and propagandizing the open genocide of the Palestinian people. Israel is quite openly talking about ‘eliminating’ Palestinian ‘animals’, none of whom are considered civilians, despite being half children. And America is flying in to openly back them. Israel has said they will follow no rules of war, and America has been quite clear that this is what the ‘rules-based order’ means. ‘Rule’ by a white supremacist ‘order’, with people like Palestinians at the very bottom, being crushed by a boot forever, as Orwell put it.

America used to at least play at diplomacy, but now even that fig leaf has dropped. It’s just naked violence, immediately, without even waiting for appropriations. So the genocidal Israelis are dropping western bombs on defenceless civilian populations, while the western media conspires to blame the victims. Hospitals, churches, mosques, refugee camps, and UN facilities are bombed. It’s just war crime upon war crime, blaming the victims when the outcry gets too big. The Israeli’s are cutting off food, water, and medicine to an entire city, so that people die of hunger, thirst, and disease. It’s a medieval siege in a mass media age.

They try to cover it up with unremitting propaganda about how the colonizers are the victims, but the world sees. It’s the same old genocide from the same old White Empire, in its latest, most bloody-minded colony. The language used to demonize the Palestinians is that the same talk as the ‘merciless savages’ in the US Declaration of Independence, and used to justify brutal European hegemony. The South remembers, motherfuckers, and in the genocide of Gaza, we can see.

The Empire is simultaneously trying to sell a diametrically opposed logic in Ukraine, where Russia has killed less children in a year of fighting than Israel kills in a day. Ukrainians are somehow brave freedom fighters while Palestinians should shut and die. The global majority can see that the empire is not on the side of freedom anywhere, that it’s all lies. In Ukraine, it’s clear that the Empire has no clothes, because all it can do is funnel arms into a war zone with no boots on the ground. They have no skin in the game and instead are just letting Ukraine get skinned alive.

Americans are too fundamentally cowardly to pick on someone their own size, so they started a proxy war with Russia by couping Ukraine’s elected government and driving conflict there for decades. As John Mearsheimer said back then, “The West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked.” Which is precisely what happened. America relentless provoked and propagandized an ‘existential’ war, which they’re promptly dropping as they get back to their usual business model in the Middle East, dropping expensive bombs on poor people. Ukraine was quite willing to fight to the last Ukrainian to mildly degrade its enemy, and now Ukraine is being dropped like the Kurds, Afghanistan, South Vietnam, and so many like them. This is the ‘friendship’ of a dying Empire. It’s a suicide pact, and ‘you first’.

In addition to this, America is trying to start another war with China over Taiwan. Of course America still recognizes Taiwan as part of China, the bluster is all marketing for more munitions. Taiwan should know better what American ‘friendship’ means, it just means you’re next in line for human sacrifice, to the war gods Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. While China just gathered 130 countries to build infrastructure, America is relentless bombing it. America is still talking about a made-up genocide in Xinjiang, while gleefully supporting the real thing in occupied Palestine. This is all a dying empire built on violence and lies has to offer. A final orgy of ultra-violence and lies, a nucleus of hate, threatening to go nuclear and irradiate everybody.

In this way, the visibly aging and disoriented Joe Biden is the true picture of a dying and disoriented America. Biden was chickenhawk draft dodger who was still down to start wars anywhere his whole career. Avoiding military service (especially in Vietnam) used to be politically toxic for American leaders, but the chickenshit Empire has been openly led by chickenhawks since Bill Clinton. War has always meant other people dying for these cowards, and so it continues under Biden, until the devil claims him soon enough.

Biden is visibly aging and dying in office, mouthing mealy platitudes about America as the ‘indispensable nation’, quoting Madeline Albright who also said 500,000 dead Iraqi children was ‘worth it’. She’s waiting for him in hell, most certainly. Biden’s latest speech from the White House was just advertising for arms dealers. He referred to the ‘arsenal of democracy’ but WTF does that mean? It’s just a bunch of arsehole arms dealers, killing foreigners and depriving Americans a functioning country. Do any of the people bombed get a vote? Do American people vote to go to war? Does Congress even get formally asked anymore? Imperial Presidents just bomb whoever they want and ask for appropriations later. And they get them, because the whole system is corrupt. The Defense Secretary walked straight in from the Raytheon boardroom, and half the US Congress is on the Israeli payroll. Bribes are called ‘donations’ and conflicts of interest are called ‘connections’, but it’s all just corruption with better branding.

The vaunted American military itself is a paper tiger, having lost every war for decades, while making a lot of money for absolute ghouls. The great expense of their military is really just a measure of great and total corruption, all literally unaccountable. The Pentagon has failed five audits. It’s literally unauditable. They over-spend billions for complicated, often useless weapons systems and $1,800 toilet seats (inflation adjusted). Meanwhile its debt-slave soldiers live off food stamps, struggle for healthcare, and kill themselves in depression and desperation. The late imperial war machine destroys other countries and loots its own treasury, all for the benefit of a corrupt oligarchy and the politicians, like Biden, that it corrupts. It’s the military-industrial-complex Eisenhower warned about, except expanded to a corrupt media that gets the advertising rights to the carnage. These craven elites have long since figured out that there’s more money in losing wars than winning them. You sell more bullets.

All of his talk about the ‘idea of America’ is just so much marketing, and at this point we know that the product he’s selling is defective, deadly, and destructive in every possibly direction. Biden talked about “innocent people all over the world who hope because of us. Who believe in a better life because of us,” but WTF is he talking about? America just killed over a million innocent people in its terror wars, displaced over 37 million, and is now bombing entire families in Gaza, as well as offering the population of Ukraine to mildly degrade its enemy and make stock prices go up. Taiwan is just the next on the chopping block. America has no allies, only interests, and it gets easily bored. All of the corrupt governments it has ‘supported’ get abandoned after their countries are destroyed and they just move onto the next one. The world is just a big arms fair to them, and it’s not fair to anyone at all.

Even Europe, America’s supposed ally, is offered up for sacrifice because fuck everyone. America bombed Germany’s Nordstream pipeline and the country is rapidly deindustrializing without affordable energy. Russia is now a bigger economy than Germany, and the Americans make a killing selling expensive natural gas while the German economy dies. America — through its vassal the UK — shut down a negotiated settlement with Russia — and Europeans suffer (not to mention all the Ukrainians that have needlessly died. While Ukrainians die on the real frontline, the European economy dies. To paraphrase Lord Fuckwad from the film Shrek, ‘“Some [of your economies] may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

This is all America has to offer at the end. An orgy of human sacrifice, a waste of precious lives and resources, and slander and blame in every direction, especially towards the formerly colonized. The open genocide of Gaza, fuel on the fire they started in Ukraine, sieges and sanctions against most of the world. The nations is visibly led by old, dying cowards and so it meets its own cowardly end, screaming about freedom, oppressing in every direction. Too cowardly to actually fight and end wars, but cravenly supplying arms to inflame them. Unable to build any infrastructure but only destroying it. Unable to sell a credible story because the reality is too gory and obvious.

This is all the dying Biden has to offer the dying Empire and the people and planet being killed. More wars on top of old wars, most of them tawdry reruns. People have seen these programs before, the genocide of Palestinians and Nazis fighting Russians. At this point it’s just old tragedies, repeating as farce. As Tupac said in 1993 They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor.” He’s still tragically relevant, long after he’s gone. He continued, saying, “And still I see no changes, can’t a brother get a little peace? It’s war on the streets and the war in the Middle East.” That was 30 years ago, and he was right. Still ain’t nothing changed. These people are still deranged.A dying Empire has nothing to offer but death, to allies and enemies alike. They don’t care about life at all. They just want to make a killing, all the way down.