Afghanistan Is Not The White Woman's Burden

You can't bomb feminism into people

American mission creep has gotten creepy. Now they're saying they invaded Afghanistan for the women. To liberate them of course. They just told us last week, but that was the plan the whole time. Like every other mission they've declared, it's a bald-faced lie.

America gives a fuck about any human being Afghanistan. They ran Afghans over with their warplanes on the way out. They evacuated dogs before people. America killed over 240,000 people in two decades of war, many of them women and children. Afghanistan was just a place to hit after 9/11 and then they kept hitting it, like a cash register.

America bombed that country for 20 years, moving trillions of dollars from their own taxpayers pockets to the arms dealers' purse. Over $6.4 trillion has been spent on America's terror wars since 2001. The US media made billions on the advertising rights, and they can't stop. Even after losing, they're still selling war.

First it was fighting terrorism, then it was spreading democracy, and now it's somehow feminism. Whatever gets taxpayers to open their wallets for the endless, bloody grift. Now they're using women's rights to sell war the same way Philip Morris used women's rights to sell Virginia Slims."You've come along way baby." Now smoke on a Hellfire Missile and die.

The White Woman's Burden

Afghanistan is somehow a feminist cause now. They did it all for the girls. Just read this nonsense from Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic:

Leave American troops idle long enough, and before you know it, they’re building schools and protecting women. We found an actual patriarchy in Afghanistan, and with nothing else to do, we started smashing it down...

For a bewildering two decades we had the political will and a large-enough volunteer military to spend our blood and treasure protecting the human rights of some of the most powerless people on Earth: girls.

In no other country would that story even be possible.

What the actual fuck is she talking about? American troops are liberating women in their spare time? Meanwhile their full-time job is shooting and droning the place so much that "Afghan children fear to play outside."

America did not spend its blood and treasure on human rights. It moved treasure to its arms dealers and it wrote the cheques in other peoples blood. You can't just slap GIRL POWER on this war and make it a heroic adventure on the way out.

This is the white man's burden all over again, only it's the white woman's burden now. As Rudyard Kipling said:

Take up the White Woman’s burden
Send forth the best ye breed—
Go send your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need

To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild—
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child

America's trying to sell us this imperialist bullshit again, at the point of their empire's most obvious decline. That the "new-caught, sullen people" of Afghanistan didn't know a civilizing influence when they saw one. That the Americans were just there "to serve their captives' need."

This is actually the same shit that the Associated Press said in 1893, to justify British colonialism. That it was all to free the women.

"THE LIGHT IN INDIA: DELIVERANCE FOR INFANT WIVES AND WIDOWS - India no longer lies slumbering in the lethargy that comes from ages of superstition... Its politics, industries, society, religion, all show the workings of a vigorous European leaven, English education, English methods of thought and action."

They were full of shit then and they're full of shit now. People have been using the 'for the women' trick since Helen of Troy, and it's always led to plunder.

Americans have now somehow looted themselves through Afghanistan, left a quarter-million people in the ground, and given the Taliban more territory and weapons than ever before. It's a solid L that they're trying to turn into a W for women's rights, and no one should buy their bloody bullshit anymore.

Colonization wasn't the white man's burden before, and occupation isn't the white woman's burden now. White people are the burden, and y'all just need to sit the rest of the century out. Stay home. Close shop. Stop peddling this endless, shameless war.