The 'Unity Of The Fields' And Campus Greens

Image based on a real protest photo, from 'the Chinese Internet', whatever that means

In my earlier analysis, I said that 'Israel' was fighting a six-front war. At that time, the weakest front was the Western, but not anymore. Hundreds of US University campuses have been occupied by students and—having learned nothing from history or even the present—the authorities reacted with violence, guaranteeing more protests. The elites are beating their own children in public and this is not a good look in any direction.

Children in Gaza thanking western students for their support (via)

As the Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran said, “Today, Gaza is the world’s dominant issue. The Zionists and their American and European supporters are unable to remove the issue of Gaza from the attention of the world’s public opinion. Just look at the universities in the US and in Europe. The Resistance News Network (RNN) says, “Regardless of the distinctions in their stated goals and tactics, all of the movements that have emerged thus far are actively confronting Zionist-backed repression, and by doing so, have ignited new and very real fields in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Gaza Solidarity Encampments have the opportunity to impede the objectives of the Zionist colonial project by stripping it of its investment capital and ideological backing.”

As we discussed earlier, RNN explicitly connects the campus fields of America to the battlefields of Palestine, saying:

In light of the emergence of these new fields, which have been sustained through the principled refusal of some encampments to negotiate for scraps, it is imperative that other encampments hold to this principled stance, and that Gaza Solidarity Encampments adopt and adhere to the Unity of the Fields.

The Unity of the Fields is a concept championed by the Palestinian resistance through its history of waging the struggle against imperialism on multiple fronts. Despite the various ideologies, short-term objectives, and locations of the factions participating in the struggle, the crux of this philosophy is that all can work towards one common goal without being placed under the same structure of governance. Unity of the Fields does not entail establishing a bureaucracy, though groups may remain in contact with one another to coordinate operations. Rather, it leverages the instant exchange of information available to us today to take facts on the ground and purpose them as “signals.” For instance, when news is confirmed that negotiations have ended between the Palestinian resistance and mediators, the resistance in Lebanon may intensify its strikes to apply pressure. When Lebanon is bombed heavily, Yemen or Iraq may respond with force.

Whether university protestors learn this lesson is one thing, they are certainly be taught what Palestinians have learned painfully, over decades. Universities have cut off food and water and called the police to beat, tase, and arrest their own students. The NYPD are getting rid of medics and assaulting students. On the West Coast, mobs are beating and attacking the students, like 'settlers' in the West Bank do. It's all straight out of the 'Israeli' playbook, often executed by 'Israeli'-trained cops. It is, to paraphrase Malcolm X said, armored ‘chickens coming home to roost.’ As the sadly evergreen Aimé Césaire said:

And then one fine day the bourgeoisie is awakened by a terrific boomerang effect the gestapos are busy, the prisons fill up, the torturers standing around the racks invent, refine, discuss. Strange!

People are surprised, they become indignant. They say: "How strange! But never mind--it's Nazism, it will pass!" And they wait, and they hope; and they hide the truth from themselves, that it is barbarism, the supreme barbarism, the crowning barbarism that sums up all the daily barbarisms; that it is Nazism, yes, but that before they were its victims, they were its accomplices; that they tolerated that Nazism before it was inflicted on them, that they absolved it, shut their eyes to it, legitimized it, because, until then, it had been applied only to non-European peoples; that they have cultivated that Nazism, that they are responsible for it, and that before engulfing the whole edifice of Western, Christian civilization in its reddened waters, it oozes, seeps, and trickles from every crack.

Bidenists are running on a 'save democracy' platform but it's more like 'save hypocrisy'. There's no need to wait for Trump to bring in fascism, it's alive and kicking students in the teeth already. In many places (like NY and California), it's happening under a Democrat President, governor, and mayor. America's two parties are just left and right boot, stamping on a human face forever. Once they get the tear gas out of their eyes, people can see this clear enough.

What the American ruling class doesn't get is that—in their over-reaction—they are unifying the fields. They are exposing their own young elites to similar material conditions (albeit much less than) the Palestinians, and for the same reasons. The repression of Empire is no longer something happening over there, it's happening right 'here.' From battlefield to campus green, from militant to matriculant, this is the growing unity of the fields.