The Long Genocide

What I call Amma Palestine, by Mahmoud Abbas

After 11/9/2001, America killed at least 4.5 million people across the Muslim world. For decades, they have been just starving, torturing, and killing Muslims all over the Middle East. America drove at least 38 million people from their homes. Countless died of deprivation, especially children. America has starved more than 7.6 million children since 2001 alone. They call it 'acute malnutrition', which is the White word for starvation, just as 'sanctions' are the word for starvation sieges. As you can see, there's nothing unique about 'Israeli' evil. Both dog and master bite people.

All the atrocities that 'Israel' is committing right now are just what the Americans did for decades. The starvation sieges, the torture camps, the destruction of healthcare, the mass murder, the lies about raping white women and threatening white civilization, these are all lines the Americans, cribbed from the British, with the Nazis taking notes over their shoulder. The Americans commit war crimes liberally and call it spreading liberal democracy. What they really spread is bombs, famine, disease, death, and torture, looting both the world and their own treasury. In 'Israel' we're seeing the genocidal violence livestreamed every day, but this has been happening for decades. There is no 'Israel'. This is America being America. It's going out the way it came in. Genocidally.

Historical Throat Clearing

The unending genocide we're witnessing in Gaza is in fact part of an unending genocide starting at the start of this century, and going back even further to the start of colonialism. This is all one phenomenon culminating in Palestine, not starting there, and certainly not on October 7th. That was just when people—led by the mujahideen of Palestine—started waking up, and respeaking the history (rewriting takes longer, and requires defeat of the old writers entirely).

The perception of history is fascinating because—like any perception in any neural network—it depends on what neuroscientists call spreading activation. All perception starts as activation in one place and then spreads out. How you perceive the present changes your perception of the past and the future. For example, these centuries of progress seem great unless you see that they end in collapse by 2100. Then it's obviously shit. History really depends on where you start and stop the story.

We are at a break in a long imperial history which cracked in 2001 and shattered in 2023. They say that the victors write the history and that's when America started losing and the history started rewriting itself. The historical fracture that happened in 2001 has been buried under furious money-printing and bombing for decades, but America ended in 2001, historically speaking. On 9/11, America was hit in two of its three nuts—the WTC, the Pentagon, and narrowly missed Congress (Trump finished the job in 2021)—and emasculated in front of the world (whoever did it). As the Chinese say, that's when the mandate of heaven was withdrawn. As the ancients understood, if you defiled a city's gods, that city lost its power. Americans worship money, and they lost power when the World Trade Center fell. That was the end and the rest of this century is just loose ends. America has fallen, and they've been in open retreat since losing Afghanistan.

The Long Genocide

The 'Israeli' genocide of Gaza is just the climax to the decades-long American genocide of the entire oil-bearing region. This is what I call the Long Genocide, the mass murder of Muslims that has been going on my entire adult lifetime. I assume you were there, but do you remember it that way? Because I was unconscious through most of it. The statistics above were a surprise to me when I learned them. Dead Arabs just aren't counted, that's how deep the genocidal incitement is in the general imperial population. It's genocidal inception. America has normalized insane amounts of violence since 2001, they have never stopped starving and bombing people for one day since. It's just the furniture of bones they sit in when watching TV. And this genocide has been in my brain, as something entirely normal. But when you look at it objectively (the millions of dead, displaced, tortured, and traumatized) and then think about it subjectively (the suffering and terror of each soul) it is more accurate to call the American 'War On Terror' the War Of Terror. If you can just admit that colored people have feelings too, and are capable of being terrorized, which we are.

The genocide of Gaza is just the cherry on the sundae bloody sundae. 'Israelis' are just the fall guys for a falling empire built on genocide from the literal ground up; from the carnivorous colonies of America, Canada, and Australia to the soul-sucking metropole of Europe and the UK. I call it one White Empire because, to us on the bottom, what's the difference? Union Jack or Stars and Stripes, it's just another White fucker robbing us. My country has been colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, and now the Americans. Our economic policy is—right now—run by the IMF, which is always headed by a European by ‘gentlemen's agreement’ (it's an asset strip club). The lies change but the truth stays the same. The whole world has been consumed by an evil White Empire, which thrives in invisibility now. It's the greatest trick the White Devil ever pulled. But now the wool is peeling off.

People within the Empire tacitly admit they're evil when, like the American General ‘Meek’ Mark Milley said: “Before we all get self-righteous about what Israel's doing, and I feel horrible for the innocent people in Gaza that are dying. But we shouldn't forget that we, the United States, killed a lot of innocent people in Mosul, Iraq. That we, the United States, killed 12,000 innocent French civilians—and here we are on the 80th anniversary of Normandy—on the prep fires for Normandy. We destroyed 69 Japanese cities—not including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We slaughtered people in massive numbers – innocent people who had nothing to do with their government.”

He's so close. People will say ‘if you criticize 'Israel' you have to criticize America,’ like that's a gotcha, and they don't get it. That's right. Once you see one genocide you realize it's genocide all the way down, and all the way forward if we do not—as the brave Axis of Resistance is doing—resist, violently when they come for our children. None of the meaningless countries in the White Empire are redeemable at all. America, Canada, Germany, Australia, 'Great' Britain, they all need to go in the historical dustbin. They're all just Nazis that won who buried us in unremitting propaganda for decades about how they were good because they were better than Hitler. And they weren't even, they just didn't do it to White people was all. That's the only difference between Hitler's colonization of Europe and Britain's colonization of everyone. The only difference is if you white-out the colored people, and thus accept the invisibility and inevitability of White Empire. This is how the Long Genocide hides in plain sight, and goes on for so long.

The Long, Long Genocide

The Long, Long Genocide is really centuries old. The Europeans killed millions before they started killing each other, and have continued killing millions after from their colonial strongholds. They killed millions killed to create abominations like Australia, America, and Canada, before they set up violent borders and started complaining about 'illegal' immigration. They killed millions to make Europe rich, by making billions poor. This unbroken White Empire has beaten and bayoneted people to death, dropped nukes on them, starved children in their cribs, and used the highest technology for the lowest purposes. They've done it all, and it's all entirely normal. That's how much we've been in their thrall. Not for decades, for centuries now. But at some point we must narrow it down.

What I refer to by the Long (singular) Genocide is the post-9/11 wars starting in 2001. The bodies that the Costs Of War project counts. This alone is a genocide of historic proportions. The Nazis only ruled for 12 years and the Confederacy for four, but America has been committing this genocide for 23 years now. The grand finale (inshallah) in 'Israel' is an absolute orgy of colonial violence, livestreamed to the world because they want us to watch. This is the greatest display of public torture the world has ever seen. This is another Holocaust. Indeed, for future generations comparing 'Israel' to Nazis will be unnecessary. Future atrocities will be compared to 'Israelis,' and the Americans won't get away from blame either. Historically speaking, the self-anointed heroes of WWII are being revealed as the true villains all along, starting another genocide immediately in Palestine in 1947.

Timespace Oddity

When you hear the 'Israeli' historian Ilan Pappé talk about it, it sounds impossible that 'Israel' happened at all. It sounds like one of those historical oddities, like ‘how did that happen?’. As Pappé says, “More than 120 years since its inception, could the Zionist project in Palestine – the idea of imposing a Jewish state on an Arab, Muslim and Middle Eastern country – be facing the prospect of collapse?” When he says it like that, it seems obvious. Of course 'Israel' is collapsing, what an absurd idea, sustained only with massive violence and propaganda. The theft of fossil energy required massive energy, and now both are running out.

At some point, however, Empire gets tired and stops applying pressure and then the history bursts out and writes itself. And that point is now. The breaking point was the Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th, when the brave men of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the PFLP wrote history in their own blood. You must have noticed, and no one has missed the genocidal orgy of incitement and extermination that followed, from across the western world, to the horror of the global majority. That pain you feel is the feeling of history changing, the only way it does. That feeling is the physical rearranging of billions of minds, rewriting old history entirely as old victors lose and the last begin coming first.

The Long Genocide is decades older than October 7th and the Long Long Genocide is your great¹⁵ grandparents' lives. The interminable genocide stretches back through the American through the British into the entrails of that inchoate beast called White Empire, which slouched towards Bethlehem long before 1947, but certainly most obviously then. Crusaders became Carbon Crusaders, and both eventually leave in the end. America is ending their reign atop White Empire with a murder suicide. Now we reach the obvious end, as is increasingly obvious. As WB Yeats said,

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

Yeats used the world anarchy in a scary way, but as Noam Chomsky said, “Anarchy as a social philosophy has never meant “chaos” — in fact, anarchists have typically believed in a highly organized society, just one that’s organized democratically from below.” If the falcon 'Israel' cannot peck out the heart of Palestine anymore, that's a good thing. Fuck the falconer. Let a thousand flowers bloom, some of them poisonous, but fuck the looters from White Empire, giving us lectures from different books while they only count money themselves. The meek will inherit a ruined earth, but the ruinors will be ruined. 'Israel' was the timespace oddity at the heart of White Empire, and now it's collapsing.

One For The Road

Of course, 'Israel' is an irrelevance and we're really talking about America here. America just has to go out like they came in—with massive genocidal violence. One last genocide for the road. After the beat-down in Vietnam and the BDSM humiliation of 9/11, they had to get their mojo back somehow. But the Hegemonic Herod cannot its fate by murdering the children of Palestine. They say the victors write the history, but America keeps losing every war. They're losing the plot.

Americans are going down ugly and history will remember them this way. They played the hero on TV for a few decades, but they'll be villains for thousands more. What America did before and after assimilating the Nazis was worse than the Nazis. The Nazis are just a footnote to the greater wickedness of White Empire, a convenient whipping boy. The Nazis at least historically fucked off very quickly. This is the Long Genocide and it's been going for decades now. It's part of a Long, Long Genocide that's murdered at least 17 generations of children.

Of course, it's one thing to think about history, it's another to think about his story, and her story, and I have seen thousands of people die right in front of me. Children are starving to death and having their heads blown off as we speak. I can't drink water or hug my children without feeling sympathetic pain. I feel like I've seen my own children die, over and over again. I can't deal with this shit, and history won't have it. The White Empire will lose, and the victors of the ashes will write the history.