How The US Army Has Been Defeated
Captured imperial military equipment on display in Moscow

The US military has three main branches, which have all broken. The US Army snapped in Afghanistan and now—by proxy—in Ukraine. The Navy broke against Yemen, and the Air Force has lost air supremacy in the Middle East. All the baubles on all the branches have been comprehensively stomped by Russia.

I'll cover each branch in turn, starting with the Army.


The US Army was once an ‘expeditionary force’ but now it's just an expensive farce. Under Bush the Younger, America was able to land troops on any continent, but under Biden the Old, they're monumentally incontinent. Under Bush the Elder, America could put boots on the ground in Iraq, but Biden the Senior can only yell at clouds in Ukraine. How the mighty have fallen.

In another time, the execrable Jonah Goldberg said, “every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” But those 'crappy little countries' like Vietnam and Afghanistan actually defeated America. What message does he think the world has gotten? America's war machine is going out of business, and Ukraine is its last fire sale.

The World War II Misattribution Error

Before we get to that, let's go back. The deep problem with the American Army goes back to World War II, and the fact that they think they won it. America deployed a huge amount of post-war propaganda against their own population, and their elites have made the mistake of believing it. As Biggie said in his 4th crack commandment, “never get high on your own supply.”

The United States did not win World War II, all the movies about saving privates aside. As the WWII Museum states, “For most of the war, 75–80 percent of the Wehrmacht had to be deployed in the East, a preponderance dictated by the sheer size of the front, and 80 percent of German war dead perished there: about four million of the five million German soldiers killed in World War II.” Growing up in America, however, you do not learn this at all. I certainly didn't. I thought the war was won by America and because of the Holocaust, none of which is true at all. America did a fraction of the fighting, a fraction of the supplying, and send Holocaust refugees right back to the camps. Through the magic of lights, camera, and action, however, they took all of the limelight.

As an example of how well the propaganda worked, just look at how mindfucked those donkeys in France got.


People in France who lived through WWII attributed victory to the USSR while people who watched movies about it attribute it to the USA. It's the same across Europe, and of course the USA. The victory lap after WWII was a stunning propaganda coup but, this ended up decapitating a generation of American brains. They learned nothing from history.

During World War II, the US Army went in very force light. Knowing that they didn't have enough warriors, they relied (over-relied) on aerial bombing and war crimes. As former Secretary of War Bob McNamara said, “If we lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals.”

The notoriously under-manned US Army in WWII relied largely on (mostly aerial) war crimes in lieu of war fighting. Because they literally could not get to the battlefield for much of the war, they relied on bombing, which at that time was incredibly inaccurate. They just lit entire cities on fire, most of which had little or no military significance. American today point to these war crimes as an excuse for 'Israel' but it's like, ‘no dude, it was bad then also.’ As former General Mark Milley recently said at some arms dealer conference,

Before we all get self-righteous about what Israel's doing, and I feel horrible for the innocent people in Gaza that are dying. But we shouldn't forget that we, the United States, killed a lot of innocent people in Mosul, Iraq. That we, the United States, killed 12,000 innocent French civilians—and here we are on the 80th anniversary of Normandy—on the prep fires for Normandy. We destroyed 69 Japanese cities—not including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We slaughtered people in massive numbers – innocent people who had nothing to do with their government.

What the flaming fuck are 'prep fires'? Lighting civilians on fire does not actually 'prepare' anything in military terms. Ask the Nazis how razing Stalingrad went for them. This is a uniquely American concept, which they foolishly thought worked instead of learning anything from the Soviets. They call this concept 'strategy bombing,' even though it has little or even negative strategic value. America did not and could not learn anything from the USSR, which meant that they do not actually know how WWII was won.

Sun Tzu said that if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will lose every war, which is precisely what America has been doing for decades now. But nobody told Master Sun how much money there was in losing, especially if the wars were on the other side of the world. That was the real lesson that America learned from World War II. That war was profitable.

Thus America applied the wrong lesson from World War II to Korea and Indochina where, unsurprisingly, it also didn't work. Because it hadn't actually worked in Europe either. Americans propagandized themselves, and millions of Asian had to die for their ignorance (and filthy lucre). America lost or drew those wars. It could have been another way, but westerners (it was all one White Empire after America conquered Europe) still haven't learned. Behold Professor John Mearsheimer's exchange with professional idiot Piers Morgan,

Morgan: How does any country defend itself from an existential threat like the Nazis without, by your categorization, committing war crimes?

Mearsheimer: Well, if you look at how the Soviets fought, who were basically responsible for defeating the Nazis in World War II, they did not commit many war crimes in the process of defeating the Wehrmacht. It was basically a ground war where the Soviets, the Red Army, rolled up the Wehrmacht. There were no bombings of cities, no dropping of nuclear weapons.

Morgan, of course, has never looked at how the Soviets fought. Very few people in the West have. It's nowhere in the education system, nowhere in their films, and nowhere in their media. They live, not in history, but in propaganda. And so they completely miss how WWII was actually won, as opposed to how it was spun. Americans (and even the Europeans and Japanese they conquered) swallowed the yarn about carpet bombing and nuking civilians and this has become a full-blown tapeworm, eating their brains like RFK Jr's.

American military elites thought they were exempt from the eternal law of warfare, which that you have to put soldiers in the field and sacrifice them. They thought they found a 'cheat code' in the form of mass murder of civilians, AKA industrial terrorism. Better killing through technology. The Americans missed the point that—without the Red Army doing the actual fighting for them—this didn't work. They also missed the follow-up points that it didn't work in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, or anywhere at all. Because war never came home, they never had to do their homework, and thus learned nothing and failed history.

The fact is that dropping millions of tonnes of ordnance on ordinary people has no military value and, in fact, only hardens resistance. It, of course, has monetary value, which is why the Americans keep doing it. All of those failed wars were very successful for their military industrial complex, which now specializes in dropping very expensive bombs on very poor people. Believing their own propaganda about World War II has corrupted their capacity to fight actual wars against people can actually fight back. Like the reincarnated Red Army.

The Last Last Empire

World War II didn't actually end in 1945. The Americans conquered Europe and Japan, assimilated Nazis into NATO and NASA, deported the Jews, and continued Hitler's project of fighting Slavs and Commies for another few decades. When World War II actually ended in 1991, Americans took another deep bong hit of its own propaganda, which they're still reeling from. Like Jesse in Breaking Bad when the ATM fell on that guy's head, they took street credit for something that just happened.

Russia fell over largely of its own accord, and to America's surprise and disappointment. That bitch-ass Gorbachev was a good partner to them, and they missed him. As former Ambassador to the USSR Jack Matlock said, “The point is that we did not bring down the Soviet Union,” argued Matlock, “though some people would like to take credit for it now, and some of the chauvinists in Russia would like to accuse us of it. It just isn’t true.”

Indeed, in January of 1991, Bush the Elder wrote to Soviet Premier Gorbachev, (via Serhii Plokhy's book), “No one wishes to see the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” wrote George Bush to Gorbachev in the same letter. He was not trying to mislead the Soviet president. Bush and his administration indeed did not intend to kill the Soviet Union by pushing for Baltic independence.”

As Anatolii Cherniaev from the Soviet side wrote, “What actually happened in the USSR that year was what happened in ‘their day’ to other empires when history exhausted their potential,” wrote Cherniaev in retrospect, summing up the outcome of 1991. By that reasoning, the Soviet collapse simply concluded a process that had begun in earnest at the dawn of the century and was accelerated by the two world wars: the disintegration of world empires and their disappearance from the political map.”

The interesting point here is that this is a process which would (and does) apply to all world empires. What goes up must come down. All of the world empires were collapsing due to larger historical and environmental forces and this just happened to the USSR before the USA. But they were both in the same queue. The collapse of the USSR should have put the fear of mortality in the US but instead they thought they were immortal, like fools. This is why one should never get high on their own supply. It feel great, but what goes up must come down.

The Blue Red Army

Americans really thought Russia was finished after 1991, and that they had finished them off. Sun Tzu said, “Warfare is the art of deception. So when you can, feign incapacity.” This is unnecessary with Americans. They deceive themselves with aplomb.

America treated Russia's red lines about NATO as so much cocaine and just snorted at them. Even in 2023, Europe's High Representative Josep Borrell echoed John McCain, saying, “Russia is an economic dwarf, like a gas station, whose owner has an atomic bomb.” This is a gross mischaracterization and, either way, it was his gas station. The White Empire has truly got high on their own supply, gassing themselves up while literally cutting off the gas to themselves. It is redundant quoting Sun Tzu about fools, but the Master said:

And so I say, “Know the enemy; know yourself, and you will meet with no danger in a hundred battles. If you do not know the enemy, but you know yourself, then you will win and lose by turns. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will lose every battle, certainly.

The White Empire knows neither the enemy nor themselves, a sure recipe for losing. European vassals don't even know what continent they're in (Asia) and their American masters are actually and metaphorically senile. In 2022, Joe Biden said, “As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble almost is immediately reduced to rubble. The Russian economy — (applause) — that’s true, by the way. It takes about 200 rubles to equal one dollar. The economy is on track to be cut in half in the coming years.” This wasn't even true when Biden said it (the ruble around 100 at the time) and the ruble went onto be the best performing currency that year. This year (2024) the Russian economy is growing faster than the US, Germany, and the UK. Maybe being a gas station with nukes isn't such a bad business model and Russia is really much more than that.

As Andrei Martyanov said in said in his book Losing Military Supremacy:

In fact, it seems this economy which was “left in tatters” [Obama] or was the economy of a “gas station masquerading as a country,” [McCain] is the only other economy in the world which can and does produce the whole spectrum of weapons ranging from small arms to state-of-the-art complex weapon- and signal- processing systems.

Now note that this was published in 2018, that's how long sanctions have not been working. As Martyanov continued,

It took the complete and embarrassing failure of the West’s economic sanctions on Russia for the West to recognize that the actual size of Russia’s economy is about that of Germany, if not larger, and that Russia was defining herself in terms of enclosed technological cycles, localization and manufacturing long before she was forced to engage in the war in Georgia in 2008.

Very few people realistically care about Russia’s Stock Market; the financial markets of Germany are on an order of magnitude larger. But Germany, not to speak of South Korea, cannot design and build from scratch a state of the art fighter jet, and Russia can. Germany doesn’t have a space industry, and Russia does. The same argumentation goes for Russia’s microelectronics industry and her military-industrial complex, which dwarfs that of any “economic” competitor to which Western “economists” consistently try to compare Russia, with the exception of US and China, and then on bulk only, not quality.

As was stated earlier, and is worth reiterating, third or second world economies do not produce such weapons as Borey-class strategic missile submarines or SU-35 fighter jets, or stealth SU-57 fighters, for that matter. They also do not build space-stations and operate the only global alternative to US GPS, the GLONASS system.

US sanctions against Russia had already failed multiple times, and yet they kept repeating them. This is one definition of insanity. Another definition is when your mental world becomes completely divorced from physical reality, which is precisely what happened to late-stage White Empire. What they call the 'rules-based order' is just free-basing their own propaganda and calling it a strategy. They didn't understand what the Red Army did and they don't understand what the reincarnated Blue Red Army can do. They know neither the enemy nor themselves, which is why they're losing Ukraine, certainly.

The Russo-Ukrainian War

In Afghanistan, they lost on points and had to retreat. This will probably mark the historical fall of American Empire, but I'll focus on the Russo-Ukrainian War, where they could not even show up. In the Russo-Ukrainian War, the US Army has lost by default. They talked a lot of shit but never showed up. The American military is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Somewhere deep in their deep state, America knows that they can't take on Russia. The Russian Army has now been rebuilt to the point that it's stronger than the America's. America's vaunted military budget is just a measure of corruption and it literally cannot manufacture enough artillery anymore. Just like in World War II, the Russian military has better matériel, more experienced men, and more ability to muster both on the battlefield. America has not moved physically closer to Asia, and their military-industrial complex has depreciated into dust. The American military has been bombing weddings for so long that they've missed their own funeral.

America's military thinkers are functionally brain-dead now. They have an entire class of professional idiots across media and think tanks and in the government itself. America has been felled by a fatal case of what Bryan MacDonald calls Russophrenia, “a condition where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world. Since 2013, instances of this ailment have reached epidemic-like proportions in certain parts of Washington, London and Brussels.” At some deep level, however, they at least have some self-preservation. As much shit as they talk about Russia, they won't confront them directly. Which is an L.

For all the noise America makes about Russia, they are fundamentally too scared to take the field themselves. Not just because it could go nuclear, but because America would also lose a conventional war and they know this. Many of America's nukes are literally too old to be used reliably, and they don't have any reliable response to drones and hypersonic missiles. They're hiding behind proxies because they're pussies (as in pusillanimous).

You can see the inherited and, I suppose, inherent difference in fighting styles between modern Russia and America. It's the same pattern they followed in World War II. America goes in force-light (or in this case without forces at all), while the USSR/Russia actually put boots on the ground. Russia has pointedly not carpet bombed Ukraine because it has little strategic value. They have certainly bombed, but they bomb targets, unlike the Americans who generally bomb everything and ask questions later. Russia has followed the classic Clausewitzian doctrine of engaging and destroying the enemy troops, even at the cost of many dead Russian soldiers. Where they have bombed 'dual-use' infrastructure—like energy—it has been years into the war, not the first thing they do like the Americans in Iraq. There are massive military casualties in Ukraine, but not massive civilian casualties like in occupied Palestine. Civilian casualties are actually collateral in the Russo-Ukraine War, as opposed to the main course consumed by 'Israel' and America (same thing).

America has tried to equip and train the Ukrainian Army in the American/NATO model, and it doesn't work against someone that can actually fights back. Often on the same battlefields, they are learning how World War II actually played out. WWII was won by men and matériel smashing into other men and matériel, not by firebombing cities and killing civilians. And in the ruins of the historical USSR they are learning why that empire fell. Not because Reagan yelled at a wall, but because complex empires are prone to falling apart, including the White Empire they inherited from the British et al.

Please note that my point here is not that Russia are the 'good guys' here. I think Russia is sane and coherently run, but that's irrelevant in this context. Especially if you consider Russia an enemy, you should try to understand them, and not just imbibe your own propaganda. The enemy is a great teacher, but the greatest guru is facts on the ground, which are as follows. The US Army has been comprehensively defeated (or drawn) everywhere it took the field, and now it can't actually take the field anymore. They are literally a spent force.

The Depreciation Of The US Army

The fighting forces that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan simply do not exist anymore, they have depreciated into dust. America's military infrastructure is old and its young are too unfit and unwilling to serve. People often cite American military spending, but that's just a measure of corruption. They spend $90,000 for a bag of nuts and bolts. Like everything else in America, the military-industrial complex has been financialized—AKA cannibalized—down to the bone. They're as bust-out as Red Lobster. Unlimited shrimp and unlimited war crimes are done. I have gone into some detail about how the US military is physically falling apart and I won't expand on it further here.

My only point, as always, is look around. For all the noise America makes about Hitlers everywhere, where is their army? They're pushing proxies in front of them while their main force is actually retreating. America and their merry men are like the shrinking balls in Snatch. They're getting bombed in Iraq and kicked out of Niger right now. It takes them two months to build a landing pier in Gaza and their pre-positioning ships catch fire on the way over. The main sign of the US Army's failure is its absence. For all the fuss America makes, where the fuck are they?

I am old enough to remember when America was able to invade places just 'cause they felt like it, and we all had to deal with it. They were a truly 'expeditionary force'. Now they're just an [explicative] farce. The matériel has depreciated, the men have molted, and the budget is all corruption and interest payments now. America cannot invade countries, they cannot control sea lanes, and they cannot declare no-fly zones. That's all in the past. All branches of American military power have been broken, and when the bough breaks, the cradle shall fall.