How Russia Sank American Sanctions

Tyranny by teletype (touring a modern-day cargo ship)

An empire can be feared or loved, but they cannot be ignored. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. This is no different for empires as for men on Earth. For decades America has used sanctions and the fear of sanctions to rule the world. To get natural resources and labor, and cut out the competition. Sanctions (née sieges) are a very powerful weapon, one America used so often it doesn’t even register as siege warfare anymore. But sanctions are sieges, sieges are powerful, and now that power is gone. America shot their best shot at Russia and it didn’t work. Now everybody knows that American sanctions don’t work. If anything they make you more powerful.

’Tis best to be feared or loved, and nobody fears American sanctions now, and nobody ever loved them. They’re increasingly just ignored, which is fatal to imperial ambitions. Power resides where people believe it resides, and if people don’t believe in it, it’s gone. Sanctions are just magic spells cast through fax machines. That’s all they are. If people don’t believe in magic, the magic doesn’t work anymore. And who believes in American magic now? As BB King said, the thrill is gone. The imperial power to issue imperious sanctions simply doesn’t exist anymore. They were just ‘shadows on the wall’, a ‘mummer’s trick’. For a critical mass of nations, the lights have come on and the crowds have gone home. An Empire can survive and even thrive on being hated but it’s fatal to be ignored.

The Shitshow

America made a big fucking show about sanctioning Russia, but what do they really have to show for it? By vulgar GDP, Russia’s economy is growing faster than America’s now. By the less profane PPP, Russia has reportedly overtaken Germany. In terms of the real economy of natural resources and heavy industry, Russia is getting good prices and re-industrializing. They have things and they make things, which is what really matters*.

Data from the Imperial Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook, January 2024

Don’t take my word for it, even the Imperial Monetary Fund said Russia experienced “stronger-than-expected growth in 2023 on account of high military spending and private consumption, supported by wage growth in a tight labor market.”*I must pointlessly add that this is all ultimately pointless because the whole climate is collapsing, precisely because of thinking like this. However, in the proximate knife fight over bread rolls on the Titanic, Russia is winning hands down. They’ve got the butter and the guns.

Sanctions have improved Russia’s economy, and the whole world has seen the results. For an Empire trying to project economic power, this is not a good look. America’s big show about sanctions has turned into a total shitshow for the old capital of the White Empire, Europe. The American incarnation of White Empire has cut off their nose to spite their face, and sent proud selfies to everybody. They have shot off their own dick just as they started an OnlyFans. I could go on but I’ll stop.

The visibly decaying American President is the one who made such a big show about these sanctions in the first place. In a flight of absurd hyperbole, Genocidin’ Joe Biden called them “a new kind of economic statecraft with the power to inflict damage that rivals military might.” He proudly said the ruble was reduced to ‘rubble’ and made up an easily Googleable number to make his point. Biden said the ruble was trading at 200 to the dollar, when it was actually ≈100 at the time. It strengthened all the way to ≈50 before stabilizing. Biden was wrong then and he’s only gotten more wrong with time.

The ruble ended up becoming the highest performing currency of 2022. NATO basically ran out of bullets while Russia’s war machine modernized. Russia’s economy lapped Germany’s and is now outperforming America’s. Yes, let’s prove that. Vladimir Putin has said, and the World Bank has said that Russia is bigger than Germany now. Not on every metric, but on GDP in PPP terms, using current dollars. What is this measure? As Russian economist Sergei Guriev said, “GDP, PPP is often considered when we talk about defense spending,” which is what we’re talking about. Get the data from the Imperial Bank yourself, or look.

World Bank data showing America’s successful attack on Germany. Via

People have eyes and they know what’s going on. America poked Russia with Ukraine and broke Ukraine. Then they hit Russia over the head with Europe and broke Europe. What is the point of being an ally (re: vassal) to this Empire if they’re just going to human sacrifice you? And pointlessly too. America sacrificed Ukraine’s population and Europe’s economy to do what exactly? Improve Russia’s situation? What’s the lesson here? Lies about Russia’s imminent demise aside, what does Russia’s impressive survival and thrival show? The lesson is that America fucks over its ‘allies’ and that it’s far better to resist or just ignore them.

Imperial Monetary Fund data, via The FT

Just look at how America is only surviving by cannibalizing Europe. Empire is eating its ‘allies’, while the BRICS countries are prospering. What looks more attractive, dying for Empire, or living in a multipolar world? Most of the world’s population is ignoring Empire as much as possible, or in open rebellion when they have to.

Russia has defeated America in Ukraine. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Palestine are defeating it in the Middle East. People are ignoring American sanctions, shooting American shipping, and killing Americans. Nobody talks about this openly, but the Empire is facing open rebellion, on multiple fronts. And they’re losing. Russia has shown that you can ignore American sanctions and improve your country. Yemen and Iraq have shown that you can scratch Americans and they bleed. There’s blood in the water now. There’s a whole Red Sea full of it. It’s spilling into the North Atlantic Ocean. Historically speaking, America has already been defeated. Like the Nazis were defeated after Stalingrad, they’ll still kill millions of people, but it’s over. It was over as soon as they stopped advancing. America, like the Nazis, has begun its long, bitter retreat.

The people that still collaborate with late American empire look like total suckers already. Europe is piously not buying oil from Russia and instead buying “Indian” oil at a steep markup. They look like total schmucks. Meanwhile America blows up Germany’s pipeline for good measure, and then blames it on another ally (Ukraine). American allies look like total ‘cucks’.

America acted like they were taking this huge step by sanctioning Russia, but it was a step right onto a rake. On camera. While wearing a clown outfit. America’s pantomime of a President said (in March 2002), “these economic sanctions are a new kind of economic statecraft with the power to inflict damage that rivals military might.” This is just a masterclass in hubris, speaking loudly and carrying no stick, to invert Roosevelt. Biden is talking about some great Brahmāstra weapon, a spell that has the power to slay enemies. And then it’s just a puff of smoke and his pants catch fire.‘Economic statecraft,’ my ass, it was stagecraft. Like The Wizard of Oz, America can’t actually do anything. It’s just a show.

The historical fact is that America said sanctioning Russia would work and it didn’t work. Biden said Russia’s economy would be “cut in half in the coming years,” and those years have come and gone. Russia is growing faster than America now.

They finally fucked around and found out, and they did it in public. For an empire, this is humiliating, and for an empire, humiliation is fatal.

By sanctioning Russia — literally the largest country on Earth — America actually picked on someone their own size. Economically speaking, that’s how much Russia has improved, and how much America has declined. Russia’s active duty military is now larger than America’s, and their military industry is superior in both quantity and quality. To add heroin to hubris, America is also threatening China, a country which is already richer (PPP) and has longer life expectancy than them. To add bath salts to heroin, America is also openly genociding Palestine. America isn’t projecting strength here, by taking massive Ls all over the globe and murdering children. They’re just advertising the fact that their Empire is dying.

Look around in 2024, and what actually happened, after the hyperbole? America damaged Europe’s economy and killed Ukraine’s menfolk and destroyed their democracy (no elections now). America advertised this campaign with huge fanfare and broadcast it to the globe. And sanctions were their Brahmāstra, their superweapon “with the power to inflict damage that rivals military might,” as Biden said. Well, Biden was talking shit. When the propaganda wears off, history is written. Countries are simply writing American sanctions off.

Now most countries in the world — except pathetic Europeans — simply ignore America’s sanctions against Russia. Or they profit from them and laugh. India is importing Russian oil, slapping “INDIAN” stickers on it, and selling it to the dumbass Europeans at a markup. Border states are doing the same thing to move goods going into Russia. Hell, even America is ignoring the sanctions when it comes to uranium. And China doesn’t give a fuck. As Napoleon said, when your opponent is destroying themselves, why interrupt?

In the end, what did Russia really lose to American sanctions? McDonald’s? Netflix? Who gives a fuck. Russia has its own industries making its own money, and it has the rest of the world to trade with. It’s Empire’s loss. At this point, it looks like you can just defy imperial sanctions and actually improve your country. Meanwhile if you listen to the Americans, you break your own country. That’s all America has shown, and it’s not a good look.

Sanctions are just one more item in the sordid striptease that is American decline. Increasingly, people can see that the Empire has no clothes. And has shot itself in the foot. And is eating children. This is the fall of White Empire. It’s so fucking evil, and so fucking stupid.