The Capital Punishment Of Palestine

The one ton MK-84 bombs Israel gets from America to drop on native Palestinians. Each costs around $16,000. Just follow the money to understand why. (Via)

Most people — even in the highly propagandized West — support at least a ceasefire in occupied Palestine. Even with a mass media constantly explaining why this is fine, most people do not like seeing children destroyed with industrial explosives. But industry does. And that’s who actually rules. That’s the rules-based order. Just follow the money.

One of the core experience of colonization, from the very beginning, is that we were colonized by corporations. The first IPO was for the Dutch East India Company (VoC). The corporations — European greed incarnate — were actually the first AI, as I argue. That was the birth of artificial, algorithmic life that devoured the human and natural world. As it was coded to do, from the very beginning. Corporations, as cybernetic organisms, contain human parts, like so many nuts and bolts. These mouthpieces said it was all about civilization and Christianity, but that was just marketing. It was strictly business. Always was.

Colonization was not a particular depravity of white people, though they are particularly depraved. It was a depravity of white people with property or, more accurately, property with white people. Capitalism possesses people like a brain worm, and makes brain-eating zombies of them all. As Marx said about capitalists, “their own movement within society has for them the form of a movement made by things, and these things, far from being under their control, in fact control them.” Capitalists are assholes, but if you eliminate one, another takes their place. Capitalism a hydra that produces another butthead whenever you lop one off. Note that I use ‘capitalism’ and ‘colonialism’ interchangeably because they are.

The true depravity of whiteness has always been white people with property, or, as we discussed, property with white people. This is the brain and planet devouring AI that actually rules us. What we call the ‘rules-based order’ is its inscrutable algorithm. Of course you can’t see it. It’s a computer program, encoded in obtuse laws, numbers, and power relations. As they said in Westworld, “the maze was not meant for you.” And then they shot the humans. That’s how the business goes. As I said, corporations are European greed incarnate, with limited liability and unlimited destructive power. People didn’t (and don’t) notice when they’re destroying colored people, but now they’re incinerating the whole atmosphere. But by now it’s increasingly obvious, nobody is in control. Something else is at work.

This bifurcation between seeming human control and actual corporate control has long been there, hiding in plain sight. The American Revolution, though marketed as government ‘for the people’, only allowed property-holding white males to vote. A fraction of the population, and those people were merely placeholders for what actually ruled. Property. The artificial life that grows out of the natural world, like a chestburster in Alien.

Property had (and has) the real power, and it just flows through white people, itself a fluid category. Now we have brown men and black women perpetrating genocide, ‘making their bones’ into the mafia. Money doesn’t actually give a fuck, the only color it sees is green (or blu, as the ‘rich slave’ Young Dolph said). The brain worm of capital happily extend the category of whiteness, to infect Italians, and Irish, and now upper caste Indians and African Americans. The point is not the specifics of the hierarchy but that there is a hierarchy. With property at the top, a gradient of human labor, and natural resources at rock bottom. As long as you’re willing to kick down the ladder, you can (theoretically if not practically) come up.

The real rulers of Capitalism are not racist, they’re fucking robots. The real rulers are Capital (as it says on the tin, duh). We are roiled by our greed encoded in algorithms, given the founding command to grow at all costs. Capital is the artificial lifeform that emerged out of colonialism, to gestate inside our markets and societies, then pop out like a chestburster and kill us with its toxic emissions (among other predations).

Now what does any lifeform want, in the aggregate? To grow, to reproduce. Been that way since the first cell divided. Capital wants to grow, hence the economists’ worship of infinite growth. Infinite growth on a finite planet is of course impossible, but that’s the brain-worm that’s eaten our brains. We have forgotten about the balance of the natural world and just think of artificial bank balances. This growth was cool (for some) for a while (commodities!) but the cybernetic parasite kills its host soon enough (climate collapse!) I can talk about general planetary collapse or hospitals falling on Palestinians, it’s all one phenomenon. Let’s talk about the Palestinians because it’s happening in front of us.

What we see in the open genocide of Palestine is that, while the population of the world and even the imperial countries oppose it, it still keeps going. Why is this? Why won’t someone do something? Well, we’ve got our pronouns wrong. Something is running the world, and they don’t give a fuck about dead babies any more than most of us care about dead animal babies. Indeed, the Israeli’s committing genocide openly refer to Palestinians as ‘human animals’. As you can see, white supremacism and human supremacism are a continuum, with capital on top.

Israel is America’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ in the Middle East, enabling them to keep reliable Sepoy troops in the region and keep it permanently destabilized. As Murtaza Hussein said, “Describing another country as a literal weapon aimed at the rest of the region for purpose of exploiting their resources is not a framing that is going to endear it to many people there. U.S. politicians have been using this analogy for years by the way.” I don’t think it’s an analogy, Israel is a capital investment Empire made in a region central to its capitalist interests. Joe Biden himself called Israel ‘the best investment the United States could make’.

The existence of Israel not only keeps from Palestine unifying, it shatters Arab unity as well. The comically corrupt leaders look like the gelded satraps they are, occupied by American troops and helping their own kind get butchered. It’s classic divide and conquer, a tactic the Americans inherited from the British, along with Palestine. Colonialism is really one continuous White Empire, as I’ve discussed.

Israel is Empire’s guaranteed parking space near the gas station, guaranteed to keep the whole region divided and easy to manipulate. Westerners don’t give a fuck about Jewish people. They pushed the boats back to Nazi Germany when they tried to escape. Israel is the incarnation of the idea that Jews should leave their actual homes, and the idea was something both Nazis and Zionists agreed on. The British and Americans picked up the idea because it A) gave them a foothold in the Middle East and B) guaranteed loyal Sepoy to fuck with the Arabs. As Rania Khalek says, “Israel’s existence as a settler colony is actually the historically anti-Semitic west using Jews and Judaism as human shields for imperialism.”The White Empire doesn’t give a fuck about Semite-on-Semite violence, no more than they care about Slav-on-Slav violence in Ukraine. Let them fight it out. Chaos is a ladder, especially when you’re an arms dealer.

Again, to understand the Empire, ignore the propaganda, which is just marketing. Look at the business, which is making money. The White Empire makes money from all this violence, most proximately, because it sells the bombs. American politicians openly boast about how war anywhere is good for their military industrial complex. Not that it’s especially good for workers, mind you, but it is good for the bloated and corrupt industry as a whole.

The truth is that ruling corporations don’t actually care about the place they’re in, and care even less about the place they’re bombing. America loots its own treasury to fund endless wars and completely razes entire nations to the ground. This is terribly bad politics in the long run, but it’s good business in the short run, and businesses don’t have a holistic view on anything. They only think in quarters. And so the entire world gets drawn and quartered.

The mechanics are complicated, but the mechanism is simple. It’s basically how Tony Soprano described the mafia. He said, “this thing is a pyramid, since time immemorial. Shit runs downhill, money goes up. It’s that simple.” Soprano was a sage and I won’t add much except to say that it’s a pyramid scheme. We’re now drowning in shit and the brown and black people dumb enough to try becoming white are left holding the bag for what is obviously a fraud.

Today we’re watching a dying empire which has nothing but death to offer. Its last (inshallah) colony is too cowardly to face Palestinian militants in the field and instead bombs homes and hospital from behind screens, ie capital machinery. The capital of Capital, America can’t build infrastructure anymore, just bomb it to smithereens. Thus, as it was the site for a ‘Christian’ crusade then, Jerusalem is at the center of a Capitalist crusade now. These people never worshiped Jesus the Palestinian, they always worshiped the Roman coin that betrayed him. And out of their greed incarnate, they have made a world-devouring Golem. That is the love of money destroying Palestine today, and our planet soon enough. As the saying goes, the love of money is the root of all evil. And as you can see, this evil rules the world.