How Europe Became A Sacrifice Zone

George Grosz, Eclipse of the Sun, 1926

If you look at a map, Europe is not a real continent. Europe is in Asia, with just an imaginary racist line separating them from the horrible hordes of us. If you look at a map of military bases, European countries are not real either. The whole place is occupied by America, with just an imaginary sense of superiority separating them. America runs the military and economy of Europe, into the ground if it wants. America blows up German pipelines at will, commits European resources into wars, sanctions the resources they depend on. European countries are just America’s henchmen, and you know what happens to henchmen when the boss is in trouble. They’re the first to get shot.

America — which actually rules the White Empire now — has started not one but multiple wars in Asia. This is understandably causing blowback in Europe, because Europe is in Asia. When America sanctions Russian energy, it’s actually Europe that gets cut off. When America militarizes the Red Sea, it’s again Europe that gets cut off. America actually makes money off these misadventures, while Europe pays the cost.


Today, Europeans have to pay more for American energy and American weapons, because America is fucking around with much stronger Russia. America has been shoving NATO up Russia’s ass for years, and Europe is where the shit hits the fan. Now Europe has to take the refugees, Europe has to empty its armories, and — if things really pop off — it’s Europe under the nuclear cloud. The ‘Europeanization’ of Ukraine just means that Europe gets fucked while America fucks around.

The only people really hurt by sanctions ‘on’ Russia are the Europeans. Russia’s economy is doing better than Europe’s, and America keeps buying Russian uranium and whatever. Europeans, however, are forced to buy marked up Russian oil and gas through India, buy more expensive American gas, and import not enough gas via Qatar. This is all wholly inadequate and the result is that Europe — especially Germany — is deindustrializing fast. Manufacturing and heavy industries that require fossil energy are simply leaving and Europe’s ‘green economy’ (which actually depended heavily on ‘natural’ gas) is strangled in the cot. America fucked around, but Europe found out.

Middle East

Now take the Middle East — part of the Mediterranean world that Europe also inhabits — where America is also messing about. Because America insists on ‘Israel’ having its genocide, Europe is losing Red Sea access, which they more than anyone else depend on. Now, Europeans have to pay more for everything because America is defending genocidal ‘Israel’ against an ethical embargo by Yemen. Yemen was only blocking ‘Israeli’ ships, but since America started bombing them, now the whole Red Sea is blocked up, especially to American and British vessels. America took a limited problem that could be solved by just not genociding Palestine and aggravated it by starting another war they can’t win. Who cares, right? It’s only the henchmen that take real damage. America keeps having brain farts, and Europe is where the shit comes out.

Now European factories — which were already deindustrializing because of energy costs — are ‘pausing’ because they can’t get parts. And the Qatari gas they were (not) replacing Russia with is also more unreliable. Meanwhile the reason for all this commotion is a horrific genocide that Europe’s unelected leaders have genuflected in front of, reminding the whole world why we hate Europe. And Europe doesn’t even get the power-trip of committing genocide this time, they’re powerless. They just get the consequences and condemnation.

Europeans think they’re better than America but they’re literally America’s bitches with better cheese. They have no actual control over their economies or their militaries and they have to sacrifice both whenever America wants. They’re just vassals, fed propaganda about how great the White Empire is while the lights go out. They think they’re ‘defending democracy’ while they’re run by an unelected coal and steel cartel (the European Union, née the European Coal and Steel Community). They talk about ‘defending western civilization’, but the world knows damn well that’s just genocide and theft, and that it’s controlled by America now. Europe is just America’s sacrifice zone. They’re political pawns with cardboard crowns.

Historically, no one deserves it more than Europeans, but you have to feel bad for them. The fact is that Europe (and the UK) didn’t ‘win’ World War II, America conquered them. America took over their colonial possessions and the ‘continent’ of Europe too. Europe is not the boss, they’re merely henchmen to the Americans now, and you know what happens to henchmen when the going gets tough. They get tossed in front and shot. That’s precisely what’s happening to Europe. The racist line around their imaginary continent is crumbling and their imaginary sense of superiority is gone. They’ve been run by Donald Trump — the ugliest American imaginable— and will be again soon enough. How embarrassing. All that’s left of European pretensions is some delusional peninsula of Asia, occupied by some dumbasses from America, turned into an imperial sacrifice zone.