Why America Is Losing To Yemen

‘The Promised Conquest and Sacred Jihad million-man march that took place in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.’ After they were bombed. Via

In the constant dance between sword and shield, offense and defense, chinks in the best armor always appear. Indeed, the ‘best’ armor is often its own worst enemy. China was overrun by Mongols on horseback, imperial Rome fell to ‘barbarians’, Nazi’s just went around France’s Maginot Line, and — today — imperial America is drowning in the Red Sea. We live in an age where a million smartphones can overpower billion dollar broadcasters, and in the same way, cheap drones and men with speedboats are putting the world’s ‘greatest’ naval power to shame.

The modern reincarnation of White Empire under America is being positively humiliated in Yemen. They’re trying to brute force their way through another genocide, and making an absolute farce of it. Yemen was blocking only ‘Israeli’ ships (to fight the Genocide of Gaza) and killing no one. Then America attacked Yemen with killing force, and everyone is scared to pass that way. The Americans blockaded themselves. These are bad decisions and it’s not even clear who’s making them. America’s War Secretary gave the orders from his hospital bed, its President is obviously senile, and its Secretary of State just wanders around the region, flailing and failing.

White Empire, under America, has taken L after L for decades now. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, not to mention ‘smaller’ atrocities that nonetheless killed millions of people. Even wars they claimed to win — like the ‘Cold’ War — are now being unwon quite dramatically (re: Russia). Now America can’t even field their own army, they have to hide behind proxies like Ukraine and ‘Israel’ and use privatized propaganda to lie about how well they’re doing. But they’re not doing well, these are all Ls, and you can only take so many Ls before actually, you know, losing.

As the saying goes, live by the sword, die by the sword or — more specifically — live by the sword, die by the arrow, live by the massed formation, die by men on horseback —greater Empires than them have been laid waste when technology changes and ‘barbarians’, ‘hordes’, and ‘terrorists’, suddenly become more efficient, more proficient, and make more ‘sophisticated’ militaries collapse under their own ponderous weight. We are at one of those points of great military change, and America has already lost this arms race. They lost Afghanistan to dudes in Toyota Hiluxes, they’re losing Ukraine to a superior conventional army in Russia, and now they’re losing the Red Sea to Yemen. They’ve simply gone too far down this current evolutionary path to change. They’re just going to die and be replaced.

Take America’s aircraft carriers, please. These billion dollar platforms firing million dollar missiles are increasingly just liabilities. Gone are the days when America could bomb Middle Eastern weddings with impunity. The consumer drones I first saw recording wedding videos now carry explosives, and threaten warships. America’s air defenses can easily shoot down these drones, but it’s even easier to release more and simply harry the Americans to death. America is spending a million dollars or more to shoot down $2,000 drones, which is both financially and practically unsustainable. Their warships can’t reload at sea. At some point, they just have to leave.

Then take America’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier,’ the garrison state of ‘Israel’. I put ‘Israel’ in scare quotes because it simply could not exist without constant violence, constantly supplied by America. As retired Israeli Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Brick said, “All of our missiles, the ammunition, the precision-guided bombs, all the airplanes and bombs, it’s all from the US. The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting. You have no capability… Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States. Period.” ‘Israel’ is able to behave with seemingly bottomless evil because it has unlimited weapons, but as America gets over-stretched, those limits will be tested. But we don’t even have to wait.

‘Israel’ can’t fight this war even with unlimited supplies of ‘lethal aid’. ‘Israel’ can bomb hospitals and kill children, but they can’t even find Hamas, who are literally underground. Resistance fighters pop-up, obliterate million dollar tanks with homemade RPGs, and disappear just as quickly.‘Israel’s’ army of TikTok reservists can murder stone-throwing children, but the children they didn’t kill have grown up and are humiliating them in open combat.‘Israel’ is winning at war crimes and losing the war. They’re already withdrawing from Gaza, having killed more hostages than they saved. They’re calling this another ‘phase’, but retreat by another name is still defeat. It’s going to take a long, bloody while, but the unsinkable aircraft carrier is sinking.

The commonality in both strategic defeats is technology, and because of a trend that you and I are familiar with. The triumph (or at least catastrophic irritation) of drones is the same as the triumph (or corresponding irritation) of smartphones. And, believe me, these are both battlefields. While White Empire still control its mass media, their propaganda doesn’t work anymore. Other people (re: Al Jazeera) have mass media of their own, and everybody has social media, including the people they’re bombing. Al Qassam and Surya Al-Quds (et al) produce their own videos, blowing up Israeli tanks at point-blank range. People see the videos on Telegram or Twitter, and Al Jazeera runs them on its own satellites. It’s not just the battlefield, the entire propaganda landscape has changed.

The trick of western, privatized propaganda, is that nobody even thinks it’s propaganda. It’s just ‘the news’. But that illusion is broken now. The lies are just too blatant and the omissions too obvious. An entire generation sees the mainstream media only when it’s being dunked on, no one watches the shit unless they’re stuck in an airport or something. All the aircraft and aircraft carriers only survived because they got free airtime from cable carriers, making them look like the good guys doing important things. Now they’re obviously just idiots doing genocide, and the lies don’t stick.

If propaganda is the raiment of Empire, the White Empire has no clothes, and everyone can see. They can no longer, as they say in Succession, ‘control the narrative.’ If you can’t control the narrative, you can no longer ‘shock and awe’ everyone into submission, you have to actually use your military to beat people down and, as we’ve seen, that doesn’t fucking work anymore. Even if Empire’s military did work, there’s rebellions everywhere now, they’re simply over-stretched. America recently fired off $500 millions worth of missiles at Yemen and then a million Yemeni people gathered to tell them to go fuck themselves. Which is all they’re really doing, from Ukraine to Palestine to Taiwan to wherever else they’re threatening. The Empire has no clothes and is just standing astride the world it used to command, masturbating furiously.

This is how it ends. All Empire end, and this is how the White Empire ends. Facing rebellions all over, losing face all over, and simply being overrun by the ‘barbarians’ while collapsing under its own dead weight within. I honestly thought American collapse would take a while, but — as is their wont — America is speed-running the ending. They are actively seeking out wars they cannot fight and certainly cannot win, like their corruption and cannibalization of Ukraine. Then — before the bodies are even cold — they’re racing into new wars, Palestine and now Yemen. They’re even trying to provoke the actual richest country in the world, China, which is just sitting back and following Napoleon’s dictate, “Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.” There’s a lot of people glad to see this Empire go, but no one more determined than themselves. They’re killing millions of people on the way out, and actively killing themselves.

At the same time, the poorest people in the world— with nothing to lose and even less fucks to give — are resisting. They’re showing the world that Empire is truly, as Hezbollah says, ‘weak as a spider’s web.’ And as Yemen’s Ansarallah says, with absolute balls of steel, “We swear, even if we turned into atoms scattered in the air, we will not leave Gaza. We will continue to target Zionist ships and those going to the Zionist entity. We will confront America, make it kneel, burn its warships, all its bases, and anyone who cooperates with it.” And they’re fucking doing it. After America and Britain’s brief flurry of neocolonial bombing, what did Yemen say?

“We are indifferent to the American and the British; we have faced them for nine years, and yesterday’s raids are the same as those we have been bombed with since 2015, with the same plane and the same weapons. We will remain alive, God willing, in the face of our enemies, whether we achieve martyrdom or continue to confront them on the battlefronts. We do not see confrontation with the American or the British as anything but life, for life is in confronting these tyrants and arrogant ones in the world.”

How do you fight this? More important, if you’re an American or imperial core citizen paying for this, why do you fight this? As US Congressman Hank Jeffries said, “I have what some may consider a dumb idea, but here it is: stop the bombing of Gaza, then the attacks on commercial shipping will end. Why not try that approach?” That’s literally all Yemen is asking for, and they stopped during the brief ceasefire quite reliably.

America considers it Israel’s right by proxy to commit genocide and think they can bomb everyone else into submission, but these people don’t submit to anyone but Allah. It’s their land and it’s their sea and these Ferenghi, these Carbon Crusaders need to just fuck off and stop bothering everybody. Empire is losing to Yemen for many reasons — historical and technological — but above all they deserve to lose. Their wretched White Empire has no place in the Red Sea or the Dead Sea or the Black Sea or even between the shining seas that border their own genocidal colony. How great that America is getting clobbered by the poorest people on Earth. Allahu Akbar. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. It’s been a long time coming.