How Empire Uses Starvation As A Weapon

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. From left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest; the Lamb is at the top.’

Everyone in the world — except for America and Israel — supports food as a human right. There have been multiple votes on this in the UN, with only America and Israel voting against. America’s reasoning is that such a right could threaten profits, and would imply ‘extraterritorial obligations’, which they reject. But ‘extraterritorially’ is precisely where Empire uses famine as a weapon! Starvation is a vital tool in Empire’s apocalyptic arsenal, which is why they vote against food as a human right. It’s precisely this right they intend to violate!

Before it left Afghanistan in defeat, for example, America first looted the coffers of foreign exchange, plunging the whole population into hunger, and many into starvation. The reasoning was that they were seizing this desperately poor country’s money to give to the victims of 9/11, despite no proper legal process happening and this making no sense. Most of Afghanistan’s population was born after 2001, yet America demanded mass child sacrifice because they got hit back for once, by completely different people. This is the ‘rules-based order.’ People get starved out of spite.

In the theft from Afghanistan, you can see how the definition of terrorism is weaponized. The very allegation — coming from the worst people on Earth — is used to terrorize colored/poor people through murder, torture, and starvation. You’ll see this again and again. After spending 20 years replacing the Taliban with the Taliban, America cut all innocent civilians off from much humanitarian aid, as collective punishment. America didn’t even want the place anymore. It was a siege without purpose, the people were just expected to die out of spite.

In the same way, America and its bitch Saudi Arabia starved the entire civilian population of Yemen for nearly a decade now. That population is still food insecure. Now — that Yemen has dared resist an open genocide — America has re-designated the ruling Ansar Allah group ‘terrorists’, once again cutting the population off from food aid. What is their crime? Trying to stop a genocide, by blocking ‘Israeli’ ships without killing anyone. For that their children must die.

Again and again, Empire uses famine as a weapon. Sometimes just as revenge. Sometimes for profit. Sometimes they just forget and don’t care. These are classic colonial famines, like the British did to India after World War II (on the western front, the good guys didn’t win).

After killing millions and displacing tens of millions in this century’s Terror Wars alone, America ‘designating’ anyone else a ‘terrorist’ is a killing joke. They are the terror, and always have been. They’re merrily riding all four horsemen of the apocalypse into the sunset, telling us it’s a ‘rules-based order’, and to be grateful for their ‘leadership’. In truth it’s just conquest, coups, and famine, followed by death. It’s invasion, destabilization, and starvation, followed by not just death but parents watching their children die, and not being able to do anything about it.

This is the horror of starvation, and they make the whole world watch. If you can accept that colored people also have feelings, this is terror most plain. These are not just war crimes, these are crimes against humanity, these are crimes against our animal spirit, and Empire does it with impunity. Until now, at least, when ‘barbarians’ like Ansar Allah and Hamas are battering down the gates. More power to them, because the power that rules us is evil and insane.

For the last 400 years we have been ruled by an evil White Empire, which adds insult to injury by constantly lecturing everybody. However, you can just look at all the UN votes they vote against or veto to see their true face. Everyone else votes against the embargo of Cuba, but the US wants to punish those commies for generations. Everyone in the world votes against Nazism, but the US votes against because they want to support actual Nazis in Ukraine. These cover-up colonizers are forever on the side of misery, using profit and power to justify what is just hatred of the poor and greed. What I call White Empire (because what’s the difference between America and its bitches, really) uses food as a weapon quite willfully.

In Palestine now, for our final example, the ‘third phase’ of ‘Israel’s’ genocide of Gaza is just famine. A planned and executed famine. ‘Israel’ targeted and destroyed hospitals, bakeries, water supplies, pharmacies, and everything needed to sustain life, especially among a population with at least 5% casualties. As former National Security Council member Giora Eiland openly publishes in ‘Israel’ (via):

The international community warns us of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and of severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this, as difficult as that may be. After all, severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer and reduce casualties among IDF soldiers. And no, this is not about cruelty for cruelty’s sake, since we don’t support the suffering of the other side as a goal but as a means.

Now ‘Israel’ is withdrawing in military defeat to the Resistance, but is still able to inflict famine and disease as collective punishment on civilians, as intended. It wasn’t indiscriminate bombing, they targeted hospitals and food supplies on purpose.It’s old school biological warfare, a genocidal siege. This so-called ‘strategic bombing’ is an American tactic, carried out by its barking bitches.

America was never prosecuted for its massive war crimes during World War II, so they just kept doing it, from Indochina to South America to the Middle East. But what they call ‘strategic bombing’ is just carpet bombing of non-military targets. The ‘strategy’ is killing and starving civilians into submission and — while it never actually works — they make lots of money on bombs, war profiteering, and theft, so they keep doing it. They keep getting away with it, so why not?

This wretched Empire is not even afraid to give the whole world the finger at the UN. Food as a right lol, it’s their right to use food as a weapon. They see no need to justify themselves, the ‘rules-based order’ means never having to say you’re sorry. This is why it’s only right — as enshrined in international law — that the oppressed take-up arms against them. To fight conquest, to fight corruption, to fight famine, and to fight death. To fight all the horsemen of the apocalypse, galloping in on aircraft carriers and through international bureaucracy. White Empire is dying, mashallah, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight them all the way. So Allah be with the Resistance. It’s time to finally put this wretched Empire out of our misery.