America Is Still At War In Afghanistan

America’s war on Afghanistan has not ended, no not at all. They’ve just gone from murdering and torturing rural people to murdering and torturing everyone. Today 99% of Afghan people do not have enough to eat. Children and elders are starving to death. These are acts of war.

Siege warfare is America’s favorite warfare. They just set it and forget it. Since they have over 800 military bases and the ability to rain down death from above, they can besiege almost anyone. Since they control global financial systems, they can do it from their fucking computers, they don’t even need cavalry or siege weapons. But the effect is the same. People suffer. People die. It is war, most brutal war.

In the 1990s siege of Iraq, America and the White Empire (UK, Canada, the soggy ilk) killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, before arriving to kill them more directly. America has been besieging Iran and Cuba for generations. They are currently besieging Venezuela, even denying them access to COVID vaccines. It is absolute, rank brutality, and those citizens are barely aware of it. The American people don’t even remember why they’re mad at these people anymore. The Empire is at war with Middleasia and has always been at war with Middleasia. That’s what Big Brother told them and that’s all they know.

Hence when America said it ended the war on Afghanistan, the American people assumed it was over. Their media moaned about saving the women for a bit but now lets mothers watch their children starve. Like all their sieges, Americans don’t even fucking care. War is a farce that gives them meaning.

And yet, while America declared an end to war in Afghanistan, the war onAfghanistan has not ended. Despite negotiating with the Taliban, the White Empire froze Afghanistan’s funds anyways. Billions of dollars of their own money, now cut off. It’s the same as if brigands burnt the fields around the city, only it’s fucking bankers. And now the provinces of the White Empire like Germany or the UK proudly declare that they’re offering ‘aid’. They’re all fucking ghouls.

These white people won’t even come out and kill you. They’ll just haunt you forever. What makes White Empire’s sieges unique is that they don’t fucking work. If anything they entrench whoever they’re complaining about. In Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran the governments haven’t fallen for decades. By the usual logic of sieges this makes no sense, no one wants to park outside a city forever, it’s humiliating and costly. But for American sieges, this is kinda the point.

Attacking the weak is their definition of strength. They don’t give a fuck about you, they want to make an example of you. To show everyone else in the Empire what happens if you defy. If you irritate America, they’ll make sure your great-grandchildren don’t get medicine. And so everyone else is forced to enforce these bloody sieges as well, to participate in the crime. Wherever you live, it’s very difficult for you to even try to help. The Empire will sanction you as well.

With Huawei, for example, the White Empire province of Canada arrested a Chinese executive for supposedly violating American sanctions on Iran. What is the crime here? Why are Iranian people not supposed to have telecom equipment, and what does China have to do with America’s blood feud? The real crime is the siege, but the only enforcement is for defying it. The ghouls are running the graveyard.

And so Afghanistan starves. Wages haven’t been paid in months, children are begging on the streets for money no one has. Elders are dying in the cold, and the desperation of parents trying to provide is terrible. Please try to imagine it. Whenever I feed my children in plenty I want to fucking cry.

And through this all, through the second famine they’re causing (the other in Yemen), America proudly declares that they’re not at war. While it approves nearly a trillion dollars in funding for war, almost all of it attacking the poorest people on Earth. It’s still war. America is still committing war crimes. Siege warfare is still warfare, and the White Empire is still waging war; most brutal, terrible war.