How Biden Is Worse Than Trump

Comic from Eli Valley, who captures the grinning evil of Biden better than anybody

White Empire must always be judged on its intentions, never its actions. Well, I don’t believe in that shit and neither should you. Joe Biden’s actions are already worse than Trump’s.

America has truly gone from the frying pan to the fire and, this being a a global empire, all of us burn.

COVID Deaths

More people have now died under Biden than under Trump, and he still has years to kill

On Biden’s watch, more people have died in America of COVID-19 than under Trump. In 2020, Biden said “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths [220,000 at the time] should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

I wrote about this on January 10th, and since then at least 83,000 people have been killed. Each day that passes, at least a thousand more are in the ground.

Under Biden well over 500,000 Americans have been killed, and it’s only rising.Fringe positions like lab leaks and just letting infection rip have become mainstream on his watch. All of this American blood is on his hands. And that’s not all.

Biden campaigned on unequivocally making vaccines patent free, another triumph of bullshit over doing shit. In office he hasn’t done anything but talk a good game while blocking this reality. The US still hasn’t approved the South Africa/India proposal on the table, and so mRNA vaccines still remain whites only. The result? Millions of people globally continue to die. That blood is on his hands as well.

The truth is that Biden’s hasn’t changed Trump’s callous inaction on COVID-19. He just masked it with good intentions. There’s actually no daylight between Biden’s ‘get vaxxed and fuck yourself’ policy and the hated Trump policy of ‘it’s just the flu’. Now Americans are supposed to just live with it, and the government has forgotten what testing/tracing/isolating even is. Biden just crows about the economy.

Meanwhile thousands of Americans are dying every day. I’ll repeat this because it’s true and it bears repeating. More people have died on his watch than under Trump. And he’s still killing. For this alone Joe Biden deserves to be thrown out, as Joe Biden said in 2020.

Climate Collapse

Biden appointed a Native American as head of the Interior Department, signaling his good intentions. His actions, however, are collapsing the climate even worse. It’s like doing a land acknowledgment before still raping the land.

The American Prospect

Biden’s Interior Department has approved 34% more fossil fuel drilling than Trump in his first year. The budget for more fossil fuel extraction is zero, and America is already deeply in climate debt. But Biden is drilling more and more, while continuing to bloat the worst single emitter, the US military.

Just follow the bloody money. Corrupt arms dealers get much more than the climate funding in Build Back Better, which hasn’t even passed. It’s all hot air while the planet burns.

Biden lies about his climate intentions, but his actions tell the truth. He is actively making the problem worse.


Biden pulled out of Afghanistan, so America is ‘officially’ not at war. He, however, deployed a financial ‘scorched earth’ policy on the way out, which will kill more people than bombs ever did. It’s just another example of bullshit intentions turning into bloody reality.

In a final act of looting, Biden stole all of Afghanistan’s own forex, cratering the entire economy as effectively as an atomic bomb. No fuel, no food, mass starvation. It is one of the most brutal acts of siege warfare in human history. His gratuitous violence would make a Khan blush.

Over 95% of Afghan people live in poverty already, and with this devastating financial attack, millions will die. People are starving to death right now. It is a historical atrocity. And this is just one of many ongoing atrocities.

Biden continues to fund Obama’s brutal war on Yemen (which Trump also continued), making even more money for arms dealers by offering the poorest people in the world as human sacrifice. Pandemic-time sieges of Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela are ongoing. And of course Biden is playing footsie with World War 3 by lying about a Russian attack on Ukraine. The attack never comes, but the weapon sales do!

As always, to understand America’s actions, just follow the money. That tells you Biden’s real priorities. Despite technically not being at war, he has asked for more money for the un-auditable Pentagon than Trump ever did.

Stephen Semmler

While Trump, like a child, enjoyed dropping bombs now and then, he actively pulled troops out of Syria and was hostile towards NATO. Biden, as an ‘adult in charge’, has escalated American siege warfare and reinforced NATO, which is at this point just a white supremacist organization.

Unlike Trump, who was a hot-blooded idiot, Biden is cold-blooded killer. He’s killing people on a scale that the petty Trump couldn’t even understand.

American War On Itself

Biden came to office on the heels of the largest civil rights movement in American history, calling for defunding the police and actually funding cities. What was Biden’s response? He increased police funding, while continuing to underfund everything else.

Biden doubled the funding for police hiring, while delivering less than 8% of the social spending he promised. His promised new deal was a bum deal. He just lied. Nothing fundamentally changed and the situation people protested about actually got worse. The American response to social problems remains just beating and caging people into submission.

America doesn’t just occupy the world, it occupies itself. The second largest armed force in the world is also them, it’s the cops and prisons it devotes to beating and caging its own people. Under Biden this police state has only expanded, leaving it in good condition for when it inevitably falls into fascist hands.

Just Worse

Eli Valley

It goes on and on. Trump spewed endless shit, but Biden is even more full of it. Right now he owes everybody in America money.

Under Trump people at least got monthly relief checks and eviction moratoriums. With Biden that all stopped, even though the pandemic has only gotten worse. It’s not just that Biden did not deliver what he promised, he has somehow delivered less than Trump.

Biden has also escalated Trump’s Cold War on China, continued trade tariffs, and even politicized the Olympics. Biden even commissioned a study on the lab leak conspiracy theory. Anti-Asian propaganda is only increasing, as violence against Asian Americans increases correspondingly.

Eli Valley

On the border, Biden has continued reinforcing Trump’s wall, continued denying asylum rights, and even reopened the ‘kids in cages’ facility. All of those suffering people were just campaign fodder. Biden cages and abuses them with the same impunity.

On corruption, Biden is even more corrupt, in comparison Trump was petty. Biden’s Defence Secretary walked straight out of Raytheon, his Treasury Secretary is loaded on bank money, and his Senators are happily trading on insider information. Biden gives his own funders—especially arms and drug dealers—ample return on their ‘donations’ (white word for bribes).

Eli Valley

Everything is just worse, and Biden covers it up with just bullshit. Everytime things get really bad he adopts a new pet. It’s been two dogs and a cat now. By the end of his term the White House will be a menagerie.

The place is literally going to the dogs.

It’s tempting to think that Biden couldn’t be worse than the pet-less Trump, but the truth is that Biden is all appearances. His only appeal is not embarrassingly liberals. His public policy has been unmitigated disaster and tragedy.

Trump at least ripped off the mask of American hypocrisy and showed the rot within. Biden is desperately trying to paste the mask back on, but at this point it’s a death mask, a morbid rictus grin.

I understand people despising Trump and saying that anyone could be better, but at some point you have to stop judging Biden on what he says and look at what he does. The simple fact is that more people are dying under Biden, more looting is happening, and people have gotten less direct relief.

And it’s not just me saying this. People can see.

Via the sports gambling site Five Thirty Eight

Biden’s disapproval rating is now as bad as Trump’s was, and America’s zombie economy hasn’t even crashed yet. He hasn’t even lost total control of Congress. He has nowhere to go but down, and he’s taking the whole country with him.

Biden was elected to restore American democracy, but all he’s restored is American hypocrisy. And it’s too late for that shit. As Hannah Arendt said about Germany before the fucking Nazis, people no longer believe in ‘pious banalities’. America is on the same trajectory.

I’m sorry to say it, but just look at all the dead. Just follow the money. Joe Biden is not better than Trump, he just lies better. Biden is a dying man, presiding over a dying Empire, spreading death without and within.

Biden is just the exhumed body of ‘Yes We Can’, except the ‘can’ this time is the dust-bin of history. Next time Americans are going to vote for outright fascism, just to put themselves out of their misery.