Empire Doesn’t Care About Climate. They’re Guzzling Even More Fuel

This is an actual statement from the US government, from an administration that ‘follows the science’, unlike those naughty ‘climate deniers’ on the other side:

As you can see, both sides are deniers. Democrats are just more in denial about it.

Then there’s this from Elon Musk, capitalism’s climate savior. Here he is saying ‘Satan take the wheel’.

These are not serious people, and this is a serious problem. They just want to keep making money while appearing to do good. They have no intention of reducing consumption, actually changing, and least of all giving up power.

Empire’s ruling oligarchy only cares about the next quarter, and everything they say about the next quarter century is just lies. Empire has already wildly overshot their planetary limits, and their only solution is bullshitting us so they can emit some more.

We’re in a whole, and the only answer from the ruling empire is to keep digging. How bad is this hole? It leads straight to hell. As the latest IPCC report says: “Any futher delay… will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all.”

This is as close as scientists get to screaming. We have a very short window to jump out of a burning house. Do you know what these fuckers within White Empire are doing instead? They’re smoking cigars out the window. It is impossible to even salvage the planet until these people are overthrown.

White Empire are bunch of junkies and they’re junking the whole planet. They’d rather end the world than have a bad quarter.

The fact is that the oil shocks of the Ukraine invasion are an opportunity to reduce dependence on oil. Instead their solution is drilling more oil. They cannot fucking see a world outside the marketplace. Look at the Biden administrations long-term vision:

Their long-term vision is to produce fossil fuels at home. But the emissions all go into the same air! It’s absolute madness. They have the impetus to go for a Green New Deal, and instead they’re bargaining with collapse. And collapse doesn’t care.

These people are so deep into capitalist realism that they can’t see simply biological reality. It’s all markets and money, while we’re losing entire ecosystems, coastlines, and life as we know it. These people are fundamentally unfit for leadership, but unfortunately they’re there.

As they have shown us time and time again, with their pledges and bullshit, these people cannot be trusted. Every statement about climate change is just vanity papered lightly over greed. At every turn, they prioritize want over urgent need.

Look at all the times these dipshits have held meetings (never in global majority countries btw), and look at all the good these meetings have done:

Via Doctor Vive

Fucking nothing. Bumpkis. Emissions have only gotten worse. Every single year is the hottest ever, but these people won’t blink until we’re in hell. Even there they’ll be chatting with the devil about using electric brimstone. Even Mephistopheles would be like ‘who are these people?’

The fact is, as Jason Hickel goes on about, that we cannot continue this path at all. There has to be degrowth in the global minority (the North) and sustainable growth on completely different measures (health, education, life) in the South. The problem is that we can’t change path with the great Satan at the wheel.

The historical reality is that the violent people that invaded out of Europe and still violently control the world. This is who I call White Empire. If this bothers you, please think for a minute. Just don’t be white. Join the human race.

White Empire is the military and financial force that runs the world, and it’s not some hidden conspiracy. They have over 800 military bases, wage countless wars, and their military is the highest single emitter. Their dollar is the reserve currency, and it uses sanctions (sieges) to control fossil fuel flows.

Climate collapse is not some external problem these people can be convinced to solve. They are the problem. They are the historical and current cause, and given their suicidal performance on COVID-19, they will never see reason, they will never adapt, they’ll just keep making money as more and more of us go into the ground.

We have to understand that, at a fundamental level, White Empire is the root cause of climate collapse. It’s now what but who. The fact is that they grew by genociding more sustainable civilizations, people who fucking told us where this would lead. All the war, all the racism, all the oppression, these are not disconnected events. We are talking about an ecosystem, and it is current power relations that are warping it out of shape.

Climate collapse is not some random thing, some chemical process, gone awry. We can’t change it by tweaking a few setting on capitalism. What do you think endless growth on a finite planet is? It’s just cancer. Capitalism isn’t broken, it’s working as intended. Haven’t you noticed. While we’re dying, they’re making even more money.

Climate collapse is the logical result of colonialism, extended to the sky. We cannot listen to or even talk to these people, as you can see, they make no sense. They just lie. Without overthrowing White Empire, I swear to God, we’re all going to die.